Beauty Review: Aveeno Positively Radiant Intensive Night Cream

Thursday, August 29, 2013
Aveeno Positively Radiant Night Cream Blogger Review
Aveeno Positively Radiant Night Cream Blogger Review
Aveeno Positively Radiant Night Cream Blogger Review

Beauty Review: Aveeno Positively Radiant Intensive Night Cream thanks to Aveeno

Hello, life saver. I recently was introduced to Aveeno's Positively Radiant Intensive Night Cream and I can say it's going to become a permanent resident on my make-up counter.

Let me remind you what my life is like. I work part-time as a casino croupier. So I work at any hours of the day - night shift, day shift, the dreaded morning shift (4am-midday) and the afternoon shifts. Work can be so unpredictable meaning my sleeping patterns are always compromised and I can lose out on alot of sleep. Like, who wants to finish work at 12PM then head home to sleep during the day in hot muggy weather? Or sleeping from 6am-2pm when the world is up, about and bustling?
This also means I do blog work at any time of the day. I'm usually up until 4am doing work or pushing for a deadline. And then I squeeze in social events, fashion events and family events.
Although I like to call myself somewhat of a free spirit I can be chained to my all-over-the-place lifestyle, with too many deadlines, in between work-and-recovery modes. So you can guess that sometimes my skin just isn't the best?

I woke up last week and closely inspected my skin in the morning. I don't have many clogged pores or crazy pimples, yet I do notice my skin tone is super uneven and I have dark circles under my eyes. So I thought, I get bad sleep, and I know it contributes to my bad skin most of the time, so I should really aid my body into helping repair it more easily.

Hello again, life saver. I cleanse my skin every night, then apply the Aveeno Night Cream in generous amounts. The oil-free cream wasn't heavy, that's what I liked the most.
It goes on smooth and once its on it doesn't feel heavy and thick on the skin, feeling fully absorbed. After a couple of nights, waking up in the morning to see my face doesn't scare me anymore. My uneven skin-tone on my cheeks started evening out (from teenage years of popping pimples) and spots started to disappear. The texture is even smoother, I'm starting to use less BB cream.
The best thing though, is that my dark circles under the eyes aren't as dark any more. No more Panda Face. Aveeno Night Cream has perfected the technique of processing soy beans that retain the integrity of the proteins to provide immediate and long-term benefits making dull, uneven skin more brighter and radiant.

Huzzah to me! I can go clubbing tonight (there's an event at my work place) and yes its a Thursday night, but for shift workers, this is our Saturday night, so hush. At least Aveeno Night Cream is on my side.

Watch Viewings: Fossil Group's Spring Summer 2013

Friday, August 23, 2013
Karl Lagerfeld tokidoki Watches 2013
Karl Lagerfeld Zip Cuff Watches 2013
Karl Lagerfeld Pop Watches 2013
Fossil Spring Summer 2013 Watch and Leather Range
Fossil Spring Summer 2013 Watch and Leather Range Fox Pouch
Fossil 2013 Spring Summer Animal Charms Leather Band
Adidas Watches 2013 Summer Spring
Adidas Watches 2013 Summer Spring
Marc by Marc Jacobs 2013 Watches Truman
Marc by Mar Jacobs 2013 Watches Icon Cut-Out
Diesal Watches 2013 Spring Summer
Diesal Watches 2013 Square Daddy
Diesal Watch 2013 Little Daddy
Michael Kors 2013 watches Spring Summer
Michael Kors Classic Heritage Emerald Watch 2013
Michael Kors Slim Runway Watch 2013
Armani Exchange Watches Summer Spring 2013
Skagen Watches 2013 Spring Summer
Skagen Watches 2013 Spring Summer

Watch Viewings: Fossil Group's Spring Summer 2013 feat. Karl Lagerfeld, Fossil, Adidas, Marc by Marc JacobsDiesalMichael Kors,  Armani Exchange and Skagen

I arrived at the FOSSIL GROUP Summer and Spring 2013 Watch Showings and I absolutely fell in love. Although up until recently, I didn't care much for watches - I had a simple black watch I wore just so I could keep up with the accurate time at work and to not need to check my phone all the time (an annoying and fiddly task). To me, a watch was just a practical item and not something I'd use to create a fashion statement with.

But stepping foot into these showings - my thinking has changed. I fell first in love with the Tokidoki/Karl Lagerfeld clock figurine as the glasses light up with the time digitally; and how iconic is the hair tied back and the sunglasses look Karl has going on? It's mini-karl!
Another trend I love is the introduction of Emerald/Jade colours coming into the collections of Marc by Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors, with the combination of square faces and gold touches, another trend popping up among the watches.
The standout for me though is the cutout shapes in the Marc by Marc Jacob's Icon Cut-Out faces - who can resist stars, hearts and birds being featured in watches? I am a huge fan of the tiny star cut-out, I can imagine it being matched perfectly with my Pandora star charm, a gift from a dear friend of mine.

For mens and for a sporty vibe - think Diesal and Adidas. Adidas has an exciting display stand where watches are lined up in rows (like Skittles) with an illuminating colour changing backdrop, highlighting the many bright colours in the range. Diesal has monster huge faces being featured, note the Daddy Square and Little Square faces that sit so manly on the wrist like a Boss.

Thanking FOSSIL GROUP for a pleasant visit. I made so many mental notes on what to buy next for my new fashion statements. I also noted to tell the boyfriend what I wanted for our four year anniversary, and what he should get me from his trip to Hong Kong (he does owe me anyway for leaving me for a week to drink and gamble ludicrously!). I already started sending him photos of the model and make of each watch I want so that he just CANNOT get it wrong.

Welcoming Myself Back; wearing Royal Aquamarine, Sistaco and Zoie Boutique

Tuesday, August 20, 2013
Royal Aquamarine The Hearst Sunglasses Zoie Boutique skirt
Royal Aquamarine The Hearst Sunglasses Zoie Boutique skirt
Sistaco Rags n Riches Taupe velvet/gold chain collar
Zoie Boutique Staple The Label Run The World skirt
Zoie Boutique Staple The Label Run The World skirt
Royal Aquamarine The Hearst Sunglasses Zoie Boutique skirt

Wearing: Staple The Label 'Run The World' Skirt thanks to Zoie Boutique; Topshop jumper (cut off sleeves); SES Cardigan (I cut off the beads); Mollini Shoes; The Hearst Sunglasses thanks to Royal Aquamarine; Sistaco Taupe Collar velvet Necklace thanks to Sistaco

Welcoming myself back! I've taken a two week break to focus on my training for my third game, Roulette. To those that have read my last blog post, I decided to give up on simple luxuries to get through a stressful 8 days of training. I am happy to say I passed with flying colours, and then I took a few days to clean out my room and car (littered with study paper and ramen noodle packets - student life eh?) and catch up on sleep.

To update everyone on what I've been up to: With my friend Betty, I baked an amazing checkerboard cake from the recipe book of The Australian Bake-Off TV show. We declared it an amazing success, especially since it's such a technical and complicated cake; I am prepping myself up for the GLOW RUN in Sydney at the end of August, its a 5km fun-run set at night, all contestants will be running on a glow-in-the-dark track with glow sticks and paint; I did my first PT session with a friend last week, my body is still recovering (dinosaur arms!) but I feel good about myself; and my boyfriend Hughie took me to Date Night last night, to an amazing Japanese French fusion restaurant and I had gourmet duck, sashimi, sushi and black sesame, mochi and coffee icecream  desserts. Hughie is going overseas for a buck nights soon so I am also making plans to pre-occupy myself while he is gone.

With a quiet week ahead of me now, let's see.... with my training over, I know I won't need to study for at least another 9 months. I am concentrating on filling my life with things that make me happy, and people with positive attitudes. I've taken to singing loudly in the car to my favourite songs without fear or for a care in the world, I've cut down smoking because now I realise I don't actually want it as much as I thought I did, I've said 'no' to alot of events I know I honestly don't want to go to (freeing up my time and concentrate on my true friends) and when I feel like dancing like a dork, I just fricking do it!


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