High Voltage at Stereosonic: Lee Denim shorts and Stanwells Fiori Di Capri

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Forever 21 Sleeveless top (similar here)
Lee denim shorts (similar here or here)
Topshop Blue Boots (similar rain boots here or here)
MAC Morange lipstick

I spent a fantastic day yesterday at Stereosonic, a music festival with some of the hottest music acts from around the world. LMFAO, Benny Benassi, Afrojack, Armin Van Buuren and Kaskade took on the main stage at ANZ Stadium.

There was alot of hope lost from Sydney-siders because the week during the weather was horrible! 
But I had faith, and Mother Nature came through. The rain cleared up at around 1pm, and the sun shone brightly. An amazing summer breeze came through at night to cool us down and we danced all night. My favourite act was LMFAO, especially their "Sexy and I know it" number (their speedos were awesome and on a large screen!) and "Party Rock Anthem" where everyone shuffled.

Another highlight of the day was wearing Stanwells perfume 'Fiori Di Capri' Perfume. Stanwells sent me some samples a few days ago and I've been wearing some of it each day. Great smelling. This one is done by Carthusia and Carthusia is one of the oldest perfume house in the world. It smells like Lily and Oakfield - a floral and woody smell.

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend - I certainly have!
Also there is a great blog in which tells you of all the great blog giveaways coming up called "Giveaway Scout". Check it out here!
Much love~
xx Natalie

Trying to pretend it's Summer here, in festival Azuki Indi shorts

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Azuki Indi Shorts (designed by Morgan Joanel here)
Paper Scissors lace top
Wittner studded sandals (similar here)
Gold Necklace (similar here)

I've been craving Summer for such a long time in Sydney, and Spring is pretty much the closest thing we have to it. Spring is here, but seriously, Mother Nature has been mad lately or something because we are experiencing rain and storms so far!

But despite all this, another sign Summer is coming to Australia are the music festivals. This year I'll be attending Stereosonic and its going to feature L-M-F-A-OOOO. So I am excited, and especially excited about the festival fashion. Girls don bright lipsticks, all year round tans, short shorts and tight tops, sandals and thongs, or gumboots. Love this time of year.

I'm wearing the perfect summer festival shorts from Azuki. The fun print and light cotton means I will stay cool while dancing in the hot sun. 
So I hope everyone is well, I am still hand cramping from dealer training school. Only 2 weeks left yay! Then i can resume normal blogging patterns :)

Much love~
xx Natalie 

P.S I LOVE these two-tone Theysken's Theory wedges!!
These wedges are EVERYWHERE I totally need to save for them!

Vintage dress is worn today with Stanwell's Miss Charming purfume

Monday, November 21, 2011

Vintage Dress (similar here and here)
Forever 21 wedges (similar here)

Today I wore this beautiful vintage dress for my friend's 25th birthday, I love my friend Anna so much, she is one of my best friends and we celebrated it with a big German dinner.
I was also contacted by Stanwells, a Designer Clothing Boutique from London, to review some of their perfumes they stock. They sent me a range so I tried Juliette has a Gun's 'Miss Charming' perfume today, as its crisp floral scent I thought went well with my outfit.

"The perfume of a virgin witch, docile and provocative, elegant and sensual. At first glance, the miss appears rather innocent.
But don't trust your intuition...If she's a rose, don't forget she got spines. A fragrance that makes up ingenuousness and lucidity.
Main ingredients: Moroccan rose, Musks and wild fruits."
Juliette has a Gun - Miss Charming perfume

This was the beautifully written verse on the card, and I thought it fitted my personality well. This fragrance is floral, and girly, but you can tell it had an edge to it. I also went onto the Stanwells website, and found some fantastic designer clothing - Sass and Bide and Nobody denim to name a few. It also does free delivery worldwide!

And furthermore, I apologize for my lack of involvement in the blogging world lately. I have been busy with work this past week, but I shall get back into normal swing soon. I still love you, my fellow bloggers. Send me a tweet!

Much love~
xx Natalie

P.S remember to visit the Stanwells website here!

In a beautiful Azuki bodysuit, it loves the Australian Sun!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bardot leopard skirt (similar here)
New Look fringe vest (similar here)

I've been so busy knee-deep in paperwork these days I can't find my laptop, my stolen time, my photos, my lipstick. I've recently been employed to be a dealer (part-time) so I could fund my clothing habits and blog, but the amount of paperwork and background checking is so much I reckon I can swim in it.
So I'm sorry about my lack of Twitter, Facebook, Blogspot and Instagram - part of the reason is because I've also been resting my hands because I'm now cramping in my fingers because of the chip handling training I have to do. So I'm in my first week of training, and I have had two days left in chip training before I learn games, but I swear it has been quite repetitive. Though I shouldn't complain, I'm being paid to play with chips all day and to take up an awesome challenge. 

Today I'm wearing a beautiful "Picket bodysuit" from Azuki designed by the beautiful Morgan Joanel, of whom I met from here.
It's such a great design, I love the cutout in the back, it's got such great detail, and its just so darn comfortable! Morgan is certainly a talented designer.

Hopefully in a few days my fingers will work well enough to keep up my blogging this week :)
If you'd like to contact me directly and just say hi (because I haven't had time to read all my comments so far!) you can email me on lucyandtherunaways@gmail.com, or twitter me @peach_tea_ I totally want to hear from you!

Much love~
xx Natalie


A beautiful tulle ballerina skirt for a beautiful Engagement Party!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ebay tulle full skirt (similar here)
Forever 21 dress worn as a top (old)
Zara strappy shoes

I will have to say - I had an excellent night last night. It was my best friend's engagement party at Attic Bar in Art-house Hotel, Sydney. Reeni and James have been together 3 years and now are happily engaged and we celebrated it in style.

I wore a beautiful tulle ballerina skirt (which is easily one my favourite items ever) and had my make-up done by Napoleon and the hair by my other best friend.

We had tequila shots, vodkas + cranberry juice and lemonade, tiny spring rolls and hot chips, plenty of cake (her cake was a Tiffany & Co. inspired one!) and danced to a medley of love songs! There was lots of dancing and shouting in the air thinking we knew all the lyrics to 'Love is in the air' by John Paul Young and 'Baby' by Justin Bieber. I am maid of Honor so I was also running around being DJ and helping prepare Reeni's make-up and hair. Reeni is the one in white at the forth picture down, beautiful bride-to-be.

Happy Engagement to Reeni & James!

Much love~
xx Natalie

After listening to some Fleetwood MAC, I wore a fur gilet for a 70s vibe

Friday, November 11, 2011

Mink faux fur vest/ Gilet (similar here and here)
Vintage pussybow blouse (similar here)
Forever 21 clogs
Rayban Aviators (buy here)
Topshop Bag (buy here)

Ever since I've started watching Glee, I found so many songs that I've listened to all my life, but sometimes didn't know the original artists. I've always loved "Songbird" - I heard it first from the movie Love Actually but after Glee did an episode based on Fleetwood Mac, I instantly recognized the song. Then I got the Fleetwood Album and have been listening to it for four months now.
After I put this outfit on, I instantly saw a 70s vibe. The clogs, fur gilet, pussybow blouse, and curly hair. My mom would be proud, she lived for the 70s and the 60s. 
Also, I've been finishing up ALL my paperwork for my new job, and I start training for 4 weeks next Monday. Wish me luck, my maths is quite horrendous, I often wonder how I got this Casino dealer job... I don't even enjoy gambling! But its only part-time, so I can still blog in my spare time and blogging is #1. Also I can continue to intern with my fashion blogger Morgan Joanel from Mojomade.

For this weekend (which already started for me on 11/11/11!!) I have a best friend's birthday party at a German restaurant, and another best friend's engagement party, and possibly, Sculptures by the Sea at Bondi Beach on Sunday. Possibly!
What are guys up to this weekend?

P.S I'm loving Morgan Joanel's blog right now, she has super wicked style. Check it out here.

xx Natalie

A day with the amazing Morgan Joanel from Mojomade and her Azuki collection!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Check out Morgan's blog here
Check out Morgan's video clip 'Devil's in the Details' here

It's not often I blog purely about special events - but I just couldn't resist this opportunity. As some of you may remember I was unemployed for a while after my job in the fashion industry. Well good news everyone, I've officially become one of them "slashies", that is someone who doesn't just have one occupation. I'm now a blogger/fashion blogger intern/casino dealer!

I've recently started interning with Morgan Joanel from Mojomade, also another awesome 'slashie' - Musician/blogger/fashion designer/model/Artist/beautiful/adorable/pretty etc etc and it's been lots of fun so far. Today I was invited to a press release for a collection she designed for Azuki (brand founded by Wish) and the pieces are full of rock-star attitude, beautiful detail and stunning fabrics. There is fringing, hand-drawn prints, studs and leather. It's perfect for summer festivals, for layering, casual weekends or just a gal who loves to stand out. 

I was fortunate to also receive a gift-bag, which included a beautiful beautiful leotard (which I will wear soon!) an Azuki style lookbook showcasing her entire collection and a CD with Morgan's beautiful music 'Devil's in the Details' song. I am super excited to start working again ( I also have four weeks full time training for Casino dealer soon, yikes!) and to find my life rolling forward again.

Check out Morgan's blog here
                          Check out Morgan's video clip 'Devil's in the Details' here

Much love ~
xx Natalie

At night, make your Asos Petite dress pop with flower power. Plus a giveaway on Mojomade!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

H&M Parka (similar here)
Sportsgirl flower corsage (similar here)
Forever 21 clogs

I don't often go to the city to take some photos, but as Sydney's weather warms up, and daylight savings come about (sun sets at 7.30PM now yay), its easy to find you spend your dusky-light evenings window shopping and strutting in heels. 
I was invited out by a dear friend of mine Betty, from Betty's Bites to eat at a birthday dinner in a Japanese place called Waguya, we ate lots of seaweed salad, takoyaki, chicken karage and green tea lattes, and burned it off by climbing concrete hills in my heels.

Tonight, I'm wearing a petite Asos dress with an opening at the back, and added a flower power pop and some bright lipstick. I also find myself loving my dip dyed hair more and more, when I walk by my reflection, I want it to blow dramatically when the breeze visits and pretend I'm in a shampoo commercial.

But I'm most excited about tomorrow, I'm going to meet Morgan again from Mojomade, she has a fantastic blog where she posts about her designs, looks and music. She has a Betts shoe give-away going on, I swear you will love these shoes (who doesn't love Orange?) and if you don't enter than you must be one of those poor few souls who have flat feet and can't wear heels :(

Click here to enter! 

Much love~

xx Natalie

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