David Jones Fashion Launch: Spring/summer Ranges 2012 (14th August 7PM)

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Fashion Event: David Jones launches their Spring/Summer Ranges 2012 14th August at 7PM via this link. 
(Images courtesy of David Jones and Lifestyle Media Group.)

One of Australia’s largest retailers, David Jones has just launched their huge 2012 Summer/Spring ranges showcasing some of the best Australian fashion brands. The fashion launch will also be streamed live on the David Jones blog where viewers can experience a night of fun, summer celebration and elite fashion as the event stars David Jones ambassador and supermodel Miranda Kerr. Also featuring on the runway will be Ambassador Samantha Harris and as well as Australia’s Next Top Model 2011 winner, Montana Cox, Jason Dundas and a host of Australia’s leading models all showcasing over 130 looks from this season’s hottest trends.
This live stream will give viewers a front row seat as they view collections from David Jones, which include elite fashion houses Josh Goot Alex Perry, Romance was Born, Dion Lee, Ginger & Smart and Zimmerman. Pencil it in your diaries ladies, 14th August 7PM is the night of this amazing fashion launch. And to get you in the buzz of it all, below are some videos previewing the ranges.

A Foolish Winter ensues for a Coussinet Necklace, Leather & Fur

Monday, July 30, 2012

Wearing: Coussinet Frond necklace (black) thanks to Cousinnet; Topshop 'Fleetwood Mac' top; Beginning Boutique pleated skirt; Sportsgirl boots; Illamasqua 'Ignite' lipstick (similar here)

I've been having the nasty habit of thinking that Sydney is still in Summer, and while I bare my arms and legs to the chilly wind I still maintain that I am not crazy. What is crazy though, is my hunt for a new house with the family. As I am writing this my mom is barging into my room insisting we put down a deposit for a house we saw this afternoon. Sure, I like it, but the small wardrobe worries me. But, there is always, always IKEA and I dream of making my new small room into a blogger's magical dream bedroom.

Today, I am wearing a Cousinet necklace that brings life to my simple neutral outfit. Still in denial over winter, I love that the necklace is made out of fabric so that when I place it over my skin it doesn't chill my neck. Can't say the same for my bare arms and legs though...

Animal Instincts featuring Storets Leopard shorts and Lodinatt bag

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wearing: Storets Leopard Culotte Shorts thanks to Storets; Topshop Leather Jacket; Topshop Fleetwood Mac shirt; Sportsgirl leopard Wedges; Boohoo cuff; Illamasqua 'Flare' lipstick; Lodinatt two level canvas bag thanks to Lodinatt

As you've been reading my life journey through my blog and twitter, I mentioned I'm in the middle of buying a house with my family. The perfect search for a room with a big built-in wardrobe is proving to be difficult and to be frank, it's all I care about really. I've seen some pretty crappy built in wardrobes these past weeks and my heart breaks when that crappy wardrobe is attached to a wonderful house. But I just can't imagine living my blogger career with a such a crap wardrobe! Surely I'm not asking for much, eh?
...As well as my house dramas, I am in the middle of a miscommunication fight with one of my oldest friends. If she is reading this now, I urge her to pick up her phone and reply to my messages. I'm sorry and want to amend our sorrows. Its all just miscommunication. So I really hope she is reading this and will call. I miss you and love you.

...Yet.. besides all my drama, the Lodinatt 'Two level canvas' bag here has been saving my fashion issues because of its handy shoe compartment - noone can tell, but I'm secretly hiding other shoes in this. It's awesome. I hate putting my other shoes in a plastic bag and placing it awkwardly in my other bag. My leather jacket look is a tribute to Alex Turner. I've been watching Alex Turner from the Arctic Monkeys perform at the London Olympics, and I am in love with him.  I hope he is reading this too.

A Coussinet Floppy Hat meets Sunny Sydney

Friday, July 27, 2012

Wearing: Coussinet Bacall Hat; Red Berry Pussy Bow shirt (similar here); Vintage leather Shorts; Forever 21 clogs (similar here)

Me, my mom and my sister are in the middle of searching for a house to buy and it's fricken driving me insane. The constant contact with different agents, house inspections, budgets, disagreements about house choices and the fact that my mom can't speak English well has left me so stressed.
The only relief I can find is taking outfit photos in the lovely sun. And the occasional beer. And now I am planning a run because of that beer (my thighs are jiggling) but I'm not looking forward to that.
At least though, the sun is shining in Sydney and I can bust out my sweet hat from Coussinet. Please sun never leave, I need you to cheer me up.

P.S. The winner of my Sheinside competition has been announced! It's Peta from The Sea and Me Change. Thanks Peta and for all the entries! Don't forget to enter my Personal Planner giveaway and Dahlia giveaway. Good luck!

Little White Romance: Beautiful Bridal Wear

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wearing: Custom-made Little White Romance Bridal wear; Siren Spark shoes thanks to Styletread
Make-up and Hair: Dee Tran from Little White Romance

All dressed in clean white, I feel a little bit odd as I am not a lady who is ready to get married. I always feel that when I'm ready to be married I would have magically transformed into a charming, disciplined, 'altogether' calm and mature lady. Yet as my age looms closer to the late 20s, I feel as though I will still be the way I am - passionate, impulsive, awkward, funny, still swearing and calling people 'bro' and answering the phone with 'wasssup'.

But its always fun to anticipate a future, and Dee from Little White Romance transformed me into a graceful bride/bridesmaid. Dee owns a clothing line where she custom makes bridal wear for women and creates beautiful bridal makeup and hair. For this look Dee pinned flowers into my hair, keeping my fringe strong while maintaining a messy updo. She then applied white and black eyeliner to create a winged eye with bold eyelashes. She had successfully turned a mere blogger/girl who says 'bro' into a beautiful bride. Thank you Dee!

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