On a rainy day its perfect to wear an Endless Wardrobe knotted top

Thursday, May 31, 2012

On a rainy afternoon, I found myself buying the BIGGEST umbrella on earth out of desperation at the nearest shop. In the city I was trying to avoid people left and right because I realized the size of my umbrella. The looks on people's face staring in horror at my umbrella size also dropped hints.

I managed to avoid disaster, and luckily I was wrapped up in my Endless Wardrobe knitted top. When browsing the Australian-based website I found that most items are "One size fits all" which doesn't worry me when picking sizes. Many of the photos are unique outside photos bringing a realistic view of where and how you could wear their designs (just like a blog!)

There are loyalty points and every purchase gives you points that you can redeem for a discounted price on the next purchase, and no time-frame limit for returns! Updating with new self-designed items every week, Endless Wardrobe will be introducing Seduce, Bebe Sydney, and Ladakh in the next few weeks, so its very exciting news for me.

xx Natalie

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Strolling through the park rugged up in a OASAP jacket

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Me, Margaret and Jacquii had just finished up at the AMPR blogger breakfast and so we decided to continue our breakfast at the Hyde Park Cafe. Margaret drank while I munched down on toast spread with homemade jam and ricotta cheese (highly recommended by the way). It was a beautiful Autumn day so we walked down the path and found a hidden area under a grande tree to take some fun photos. And I thought: this is where memories are made.

xx Natalie

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A Preview: Flaunt PR's Spring/Summer 2012 ranges

Tuesday, May 29, 2012
Boston Babe Spring/Summer
Mondo Jewellery 2012
Alexi Freeman Spring/Summer 2012 (The plastic cape and dress!)
Aquiesse Candles (in cute tins!)
E.L.F cosmetics (eye lip palette, where you can mix and match) 
Pacifica Beauty 2012
Mossman dress Spring/Summer 2012
WIllows in Bloom Gloves 2012 (beautiful colours!)

Flaunt PR showing previews Summer/Spring 2012

Last week, I headed to Swisshotel to preview Flaunt PR's summer/spring 2012 range. I found so many interesting designs and beauty products. I was loving Boston Babe's (1st photo) canvas loafer style shoes, the colours are nice and bright but I also love the navy.
The Mondo Jewellery (2nd and 3rd photo) collection included Swarovski  beads that Danielle Mondo were neon colours - definitely a unique concept and does not feature on any other jewellery. 
Pacifica Perfumes (9th & 10th photo) had an amazingly scented collection going on. I love coconut smells so I was drawn to their Indian Coconut Nectar solid perfumes and body butter. I'm keeping tabs on Melbourne designer Mossman as well - their mix of fun prints and laces are beautiful. I really want that lace dress (11th photo).
Too bad some of these ranges will hit stores starting late June/July. I can't wait to get my hands on some of these items.. got my credit card ready.

Thank you Flaunt PR for a great preview of these ranges.

xx Natalie

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Hanging out with Mr Cat; and he chooses to ignore me

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wearing: Twitch Vintage Cardigan; D&L Knit jumper; Love that Lilac skirt via Beginning Boutique; Steve Madden Phantum boots; Steve Madden Nat metal Envelope Clutch; Monique Friedlander handmade floral headband (Writer of Sneaky Peak Blog)

Here I am hanging with Mr Cat (formally named Simba). He's my best friend's pet but in truth I am highly allergic to these feline creatures. Once I'm in a room with cat fur my throat closes up and my eyes get watery. So how appropriate it is of me to meet Simba outside in open fresh air. I can be much more friendlier to him. Today though, he chooses to ignore me and roll around on the footpath - which is definitely fine by me!
I get to comfortably chill in my warm Twitch Vintage cardigan, and my beautiful headband in which I bought from Monique, writer of Sneaky Peak. When I wear it I feel oh-so-pretty.

xx Natalie

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Ordering hot dogs in Stussy and Romi Ya headband

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wearing: Stussy Varsity jacket; Forever 21 knit top; Ebay cotton skirt, Sportsgirl boots, Shop with Romi Ya baby spike headband; Rayban aviators thanks to OPSM

Me and my boy Hughie went out for a Hot dog run the other afternoon and my favourite hot dogs, of course, are from the famous Harry De Wheels. In Australia we have what we call the 'sausage sizzle'. Consists of a sausage cooked on a BBQ and wedged between two sandwich slices, sometimes accompanied with fried onions and BBQ/tomato sauce and its fricken delicious.
Yet, sometimes all I want is a good old fashion American style one. I ordered a chilli hot dog - a steamed sausage wedged between a bun, drenched in chilli and cheese sauce, then hot chilli (mince and beans) added to it. I think avocado or some sort of green relish is also in there. Anyways. It conquers my cravings. I had to eat it without shame because as you can imagined, all those toppings dripped down my chin. It beats a 3AM kebab run anyday. 

xx Natalie

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A cherished memory: Drawing chalk art for my birthday

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wearing: Sportsgirl metallic dress; Sportsgirl boots

On a sunny afternoon in Prestons, me and my friend John sat on the road overlooking a farm. We pulled out fresh Jumbo chalks and started to draw. John etched out "Happy Bday Nat(star)" - my nickname from John and I marked out balloons and flowers and shadows and ribbons - whatever shapes my childhood memories could recall. 

When cars drove past I stood on my drawing guarding our work from their wheels as they inched past. I wasn't going to let them drive over it. Holding chalks and sitting out in the sunlight, it made me forget all my troubles of the day. I only cared about the pretty colours and the shapes, and perfecting the drawing. It was nice start to the evening - John treated me to a birthday dinner because he couldn't make it to my party. I will definitely cherish this memory.

The cupcakes were a gift from my cousin, who baked these herself. I salvaged these from the birthday party, still intact and pretty. I almost didn't want to eat them because they were perfectly iced and perfectly sprinkled.

xx Natalie

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It's a steal: Yellow Steele and Purple Kennyya wedges

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Steele Amber Suede Ryder Skirt; Steele Blaire Pocket Tank; Steve Madden Kennyya Purple Wedges; Boohoo envelope clutch; Boohoo orange cuff; Sportsgirl Teal Cuff and ring

I recently purchased a new Vidal Sassoon 'Wave Envy' Iron and I've gleefully been using it to style my hair. Naturally I have straight hair and I style it with a curling iron to create curls. This hair iron though, is more like a big crimper and it gives me instant beach waves.   I feel as though I have woven up with perfect bed hair, and I just use some simple styling wax to keep it from frizzing up.

Hair obsession aside, today I'm wearing Melbourne designer Steele. When I felt this soft suede skirt I fell in love and took it home instantly. The girls behind Steele really know their fabrics and colours - it's fresh and feminine, perfect for the modern day girl. I love a bit of pop in my outfit so teaming this yellow/grey ensemble with my Steve Madden wedges really gives it a kick (and my new hair helps too).

xx Natalie

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