Camilla at Mercedes Fashion Week 2012 (The Runway Photos I took)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

(All photos taken by my on behalf of ClubQT)
More photos here on my Facebook Page here

My first day at Fashion week, ever! I volunteered to take runway photos on behalf of online store ClubQT, and I stood for the first time as media at a runway show. It was a new experience for me as a blogger because I usually am in front of the camera.. so to be suddenly thrown into a pit of rushed, hard-faced photographers, I had to learn quickly. 
I moulded myself so that my elbows, arms, legs and even my hair didn't get in the way of these photographers as I didn't want to experience their well-known short tempers. I crouched down and waited for the show to start. When it did, I was hit with a wall of light and colours. 
I call these models Camilla's geisha. The mix of Balinese, Japanese, Hawaiian and even Indian elements (I say Indian because my mom bought back these scarves from India which looked very much like the fabrics in this range) really worked well together. The hair, were Chinese and Japanese inspired, buns pinned together with chopsticks and tassels, yet Camilla also pinned these amazing strikingly long feathers to these geisha. My memories of visiting South East Asia back in 2009 came flooding back to me, so I personally loved this collection.
A unique thing I also found were those yellow/orange Nikes that one male model wore. I know that they are originally American but it adds a nice contrast to the rest of the Asia Pacific-inspired range.

For the full range of photos, visit my Facebook Page Album here.

xx Natalie


  1. These are beautiful! Amazing Nat!
    I'm not a big fan of Camilla, but her shows were convincing! Love it!
    ★☆Romiya Fashion Inspiration Blog☆★

  2. This collection is so wonderful! THe colors are breathtaking.
    Also, way to go on the photos! You did great!

  3. that first printed dress is amazing!!

  4. What an exciting experience! Your photos turned out so incredibly well. The collection is beautiful - all of the prints? Stunning! You really captured them well!

  5. Congrats! That is amazing--what a great opportunity! The pix are beautiful--love all the colors too. The first dress is my fav!

  6. I love this collection! the prints are so stunning and the colors are awesome.

  7. Great experience!!!
    Amazing post!!!!

  8. Colorful and crazy!

  9. Great pics! I love the colours and prints, but that last pic of the kids is so cute! They look adorable :)

  10. I love the shoes! I am a big fan of graphic prints and colour so when I saw this collection I saw myself waering a few of her pieces. Its nice to see her move away from the kaftan too.

    That male model is hot! :p

  11. Amazing photos~!! Can't wait for more updates of Fashion week <3


  12. Wonderful colors

  13. Such beautiful vibrant pieces! I love this collection!


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