An Engagement Announcement

Sunday, January 22, 2017
Engagement Announcement Jeep Wrangler
Engagement Announcement The Twelve Apostles Australia
Engagement Announcement The Twelve Apostles Australia GoPro

Photos taken by Hai using Gopro Hero 5 Camera

I fell in love with him a few months after I met him. And then a few months later he called me his girlfriend. Soon, we celebrated our first and second year anniversaries at nice restaurants or on special hikes. We were together for our 28th, 29th and now 30th birthdays. I swore his cargo pants will never grow on me, and he said he would never love my dogs. I did love his Jeep though, and he loved my freshly baked Anzac cookies.
When I first tried his famous fried chicken, my eyes went wide and I said "This is marriage material". He never let that go and for the next three years we had a running joke that I'd never get the secret recipe until we were married.
And I always reminded him I wanted to be engaged before I was thirty. He always said "I know" and kissed me. Then we decided to celebrate our 2 and a half year anniversary and 30th Birthday in Victoria. Hai proposed to me at Lake Reeve, a 10 hour drive from Sydney. When I said yes, he said "I also wanted to get engaged before I was 30, too". And inside the ring box, was Hai's secret chicken recipe.

I know what you read just now, probably felt like I put a bunch of messy sentences together. I don't know. I tried to think of a more poetic way of telling the story of how me and Hai fell in love and got engaged, but I'm stuck.
In the end, sometimes photos tell better stories than words.
You can see in these photos, that I love this man, and I love how happy he makes me. My world is a thousand times better when he is by my side, no matter how many times I declare I need "space".
We are adventurous, love to laugh together and adore the outdoors.

To finish off my randomly written blog post - I simply can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you Hai. I knew we were meant to be from the moment I realized I hated your cargo pants (and knew they were never going to go away). Thank you Hai, for asking me to be your wife.
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