I love Australian Brands! (And more striped dresses)

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Alive Girl Stripe Dress
Forever 21 wedges
Topshop bag
Rayban sunglasses
Christian Dior Lipstick
Diva Bracelets

Hi all! I would firstly like to say, Thank you so much for all the support. I am very grateful for all of you who understand my current work situation and support my resignation and decision. As some of you already know, I resigned from my current job this week (as an assistant fashion buyer).

This is one of the reasons why I haven't blogged as usual~ which is around 3~4 times a week. I've been so depressed lately that I for a while I lost my passion and wasn't myself, so I was wearing anything I found in my closet to work. Nothing blog-worthy all week. 

This weekend however, I made a small roadtrip to Ettalong, for a dear friend of mine. It was her birthday, and having something fun to look forward to, seeing some pretty beaches brought me back to life. Friends, family, food and beautiful places are the key to forgetting your troubles, even for a few hours.

I wore this beautiful stripe dress yesterday, from an Australian brand/supplier, Alive Girl. They do fantastic unique pieces. Wearing this made me feel so French (because of the colours) but also, feel very summery, because of the cut and floaty fabric. One day, I might start selling some of the clothing I wear online, as I've been getting lots of questions about where to buy the unique garments I wear. Watch this space. An online store may be opened soon, for you wonderful followers :)

xx Natalie

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Why have one Peterpan collar when you can have three

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Forever 21 denim shorts
Forever 21 clogs
Sportsgirl belt
Fossil Watch
Lime Crime Cosmopop lipstick

Hi all! You guys have certainly brightened up my day. Its funny that I'm not the only one that buys things because of music stars, I'm not alone! Your comments are so sweet, and I love you all.

I've been quite sad lately and have been depressed at work. I've been working as an assistant buyer for a fashion company for nearly 2 years now, but unfortunately the company is not for me. And I will resign this week. I think a break is needed for me, and I would like to find out what it is I would want to do in life.

It's most likely I'll stay in the fashion industry, since I absolutely love clothes and styling and design. I just hope an opportunity comes up soon, but in a new company that I'll love.

What industries do you guys work in? I would love to know!

Today I'm wearing a triple layer Peterpan collared shirt by Topshop, and some lovely denim shorts by Forever 21. I'm loving the collar on this, its so quirky and makes an outfit unique. I've also layered green on green clothing, in a montone fashion, and paired it up with a contrasting orange lip colour. It's been raining in Sydney so I took some photos against a green wall :)


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 xx Natalie

Trying to keep warm in Topshop thigh high boots

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Christian Dior Rogue lipstick
Hi all! Well well well, you guys seem to love Sailor Moon as well! I'm so happy there are other Sailor Moon fans out there , just like me :)

Today I'm wearing my thigh high boots. To be honest, I was enticed by this boot style because I saw Beyonce's "Sweet Dreams" video clip last year. She looked so hot, and I was convinced that buying these boots would make me look like her. (Oh how naive I was!)

Speaking of music influences, I've also bought lots of glitter eyeshadow because of Lady Gaga and Kei$ha.  I've got a pair of leather gloves because of Lady Gaga as well. A leather jacket because of Michael Jackson.. I loved cargo pants because of Sporty Spice and I've even cut my hair into a sharp bob after I saw Rhianna do it.

Tell me what you fashion items you've bought because of a music star?

Back to my thigh highs, I definitely love them,however, I haven't have much use of them yet. They are perfect for stomping around in the rain and wearing with an innocent cut dress. :)

xx Natalie

Even the wind loves my Striped Dress!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Into Fashion Stripe Dress
Asos Jacket
Sportsgirl belt
Forever 21 clogs
Asos Bag
Rayban Aviators

Hi all! After reading alot of your blog comments in my last post, it seems I'm the only one doing Zumba :( Am I strange? lol. But I will still recommend everyone to do it, its great fun! (go with your best friends!)

So who is a child of the 90's? I was born in 1987, so  by the time I was able to watch TV, I was watching cartoons from 1991-1992 onwards. My favourite kids shows were programs like Sailor Moon, Alex Mack, Arthur, Sesame Street, Hey Arnold, Pokemon, CatDog, Ghost Writer, Blue's Clues, Captain Planet......

Actually my most favourite were Sailor Moon and Captian Planet! The way that there were 5 planeteers runnning around trying to save the planet,  and the fact that they had magical rings that shoots out powers that control the elements were so awesome. It was so easily accessable for kids, to use their imaginations and imagine that they were a character from the show. You just had to have nice rings to wear. Favourite characters were the girls, can't remember the names but they were in charge of wind and water.

What were your favourite shows to watch as a child?

I'm reminiscing about my childhood days because I recently heard that there is a live-action movie coming out on Captain Planet. LIVE-ACTION! It seems so amazing, I can't wait to see what the producers come up with. The people who created Transformers are going to be helping produce this movie. It should be Epic, but I hope Captain Planet isn't ruined for me and other children of the 90's. Hehe

I hope you guys all love my dress. As soon as I saw it on the mannequin I just had to have it. It's so bold and unique patterns, and this is definitely my sort of style. Unfortunately it was very windy in Sydney, I think Mother Nature loved my dress so much she wanted it for herself, haha.

xx Natalie

My Secret Garden and my faux Fur Vest

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

White Monk fur vest
MAC "Goes & Goes" lipstick

Hi all! You've certaintly left some great comments in my last blog psot, I've gone and downloaded some of the games you've suggested, at the moment though, I am loving Pucca's Restraurant on iphone! Takes up so much of my time these days... hehe

This week I went to a charity event for Zumba. It was for the "Go Red for Women" Charity and the event was a Zumbathon at Penrith panthers Club. It was so fun. We danced for 1.5 hours and had three different instructers.
I went because my Zumba teacher from my gym asked us to come along, and she is my favourite instructer at my gym. Do you guys like to gym, and what are your favourite classes?

My favourite is definitely pump class and Zumba. I think I like the dance element the most - I used to do hip hop dancing a few years ago. My Zumba instructer though, is unique, she tends to really mix hip hop tracks from Pitbull and JLO etc into her classes and her dance moves are more hip hop influenced. Other Zumba techers tend to stick to the more Salsa feel to their classes. One of the best highlights was that we got the cheographer from The Lion King Musical teaching us Zumba, THAT GUY CAN MOVE! Wow!

Zumba aside, Do you guys like my chiffon dress? I love the cut, it's so ladylike. The sleeves are my favourite because its not often you find long sleeved dresses these days. And the fur vest I thought gives it an edge, an animalistic egde; also keeps me very warm :)

Enjoy your week everyone!
xx Natalie


Its always a fun weekend wearing Topshop top to bottom!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Topshop yellow top
Topshop pink cropped jeans
Topshop ballet flats
Topshop Bunny ears headband
Topshop dogtag necklace

Thankyou all soooo much for all your sweet comments! I've been visiting back all your blogs and have found some more lovely people to follow and some fantastic creative outfits.

It's the weekend here in Sydney, and I've taken some time to relax and enjoy myself.  My must-do things to do on weekends are to play video games, shop, catch up on TV and sleep, and eat, and go out with friends. On video games, I've been playing this pretty addictive Pikman game on Wii lately, and unfortunately my boyfriend has been kicking my ass (no mercy on me sigh). It's pretty cute, Pikman are these tiny aliens that you control and you get them to help you fight, pick up objects or destroy monsters. 

What are your favourite video/phone games you're loving at the moment?

Oh and another one I love is Sims 3. But I can't get into that now. I'll absolutely bore you. 
Anyways - I love my outfit I'm wearing today. I don't wear flats alot but I certainly enjoy these shoes. And the chiffon top I'm wearing is so pretty, it has an asymmetrical hem and is so floaty to wear. I bought my rabbit ear headband after seeing LV's beautiful bunny ear hats, but its kinda hard to wear. After I realised I was dressed in all Topshop I figured I might as well have some fun with my rarely used Topshop headband. I hope you enjoy!

xx Natalie

Aphrodite the Goddess of Love wears a white silk dress

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Seduce Dress (find similar dress here)
Mooreaseal vintage head piece (find item here)
Unknown chain necklace (find item here)
Mollini shoes

Hi all! You've left some wonderful comments on my blog~ thank you all for the lovely compliments!

I went to a costume party last weekend, its was a 30th birthday bash themed "HEROES AND VILLAINS". I went as a "hero" as you can see, as Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. It's such a perfect fit for me because I love romance and the power of love and all that mushy stuff.

Do you believe in the power of love?

Also had some fun playing with my friend's dogs. They are sooooo cute. Reminds me of my own dog Luna. Did you guys know, that I bought Luna as a black dog, with her black fur and black paws, then a few months later I cut her hair and she was suddenly white haired. I still don't know why....

Anyways, check out my friend's blog, she owns a food blog called Betty's Bites and she takes beautiful photos. She took mine today. Such a sweetheart <3

Courtesy of  Betty's Bites

xx Natalie

Protecting myself from my sunburt country with my floppy hat

Monday, July 11, 2011

What I wore today:
Sportsgirl floppy hat (find similar items here)
Topshop leather jacket (find similar item here)
Agent ninetynine tank (find similar items here)
Mika & Gala leather skirt (find similar item here)
Jeffrey Campbells Lita Boots (find item here)
Lancome Shade #118 lipstick

Hi all! How inspiring are you all. I've been reading through all your comments and finding such wonderful goals and dreams that you all want to be working hard for! Makes me want to keep working harder and harder in what I love.Thank you :)

Today I took a stroll in my sunburnt country. Anyone who lives here knows our native land. First, there are plenty of gum (eucalyptus) trees, light (almost yellow) drier grass, a bright burning sun, and kangaroos lazing around in our backyard (just kidding!). Actually, many people who visit always expect kangaroos and koalas hanging off trees in our backyards or rolling around in the grass... but this isn't actually the case for most of us. In truth I've only seen kangaroos in the outback behind fences and koalas in wildlife parks. 

What sort of things are native to your country? We have chants like "AUSSIE, AUSSIE, AUSSIE, OI OI OI" and our salty spread Vegimite (but I heard its British now?). We also have a hole in our ozone layer, so we get stronger UV sunrays. It has lead to us having a unique sun protection campaign called "SLIP, SLOP, SLAP" which I think is - SLIP on a t-shirt, SLOP on some sunscreen and SLAP on a hat.

It's pretty catchy and especially good for kids to learn around here. Today I'm displaying the SLAP part, I've slapped on a hat. And a wide one as well. Counts as extra super duper protection. 

And by the way, I absolutely want the bag from Kayture's blog, from this post here; or see below. It's such a nice colour, and the shape is so cute! I've found a yellow one here, WISHLIST indeed!

xx Natalie

Wearing this vintage head peice reminds me of what and whom I love

Friday, July 8, 2011

What I wore today: 
Vintage cashmere red cape (find similar item here)
Pink Rogue lace dress (find similar item here)
Mollini shoes (find similar shoes here)
Mooreaseal vintage head piece  (find it here or here)

Hi everyone! I've been reading everyone's comments and they are so lovely! You guys seem to have liked my "cute eggplant" look. Thank you. And you have all given me some great ideas on what to do on rainy days! 
 Today I'm wearing my new head piece I bought from Esty, I was so excited to get it in the mail! I found it on the Gary Pepper Vintage blog and she wore it so beautifully I couldn't resist. Absolute impulse buy! I hope you guys like how I've worn it. 

So, I know I write alot about shopping and fashion but I guess its what I know, live and breathe. If I don't write about what I love, you guys will be have been bored a long time ago, because I don't have passion for anything else. It's like this saying I recently stumbled upon..."I'd rather be a failure in something that I love than a success in something that I hate" (George Burns).

Its such a powerful quote it got me thinking. I love shopping and fashion, and so many other things, and through my blog I get to express it. Even if no-one reads my blog, at least I have enjoyed the journey thus far and it gives me pure happiness. I'd rather fail in doing this than being successful in something I hate (I cannot name it here because I don't want certain co-workers getting ideas, haha).
 Tell me, everyone, if you have read the quote above, and if you have thought about your passions in life? What are they? I would love to know.

.....And speaking of shopping, I saw Atlantic-Pacific's blog and found this absolutely darling stripe dress (pictured below), and I want it! I found the exact one here!

xx Natalie

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