Take your time, smell the fresh air and wear a River Island dress

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Siren strappy heels (similar here $128 USD)
Country Road leather gloves (similar here $116 USD)

Hi all! Hope you're all doing fine. Thank you for every single comment, I am so overwhelmed with the kindness. Blogging is so much more fun than facebook and twitter combined!

Today it was a peaceful day. Last time I blogged my head was buzzing with wedding ideas for myself and for my friend (but mainly for her, because she is actually engaged), and it was so tiring.
But now, with the sun shining, and the birds tweeting, and the Spring breeze sweeping through, I was able to clear my head. Having a lot of spare time, I finally finished up with my errands now, and I now have  the time to read. I love reading, but with my fashion job I barely got through a book's chapter. Now I get to catch up.
On my to-read list: Summer and the City (Candance Bushnell), One Day (David Nicholls), Catch 22 (Joseph Heller) and the Wicked Grimmerie book (which is a photo diary of the musical).

What books are you guys reading now?

One thing that makes me happy, is seeing little kids on the bus/train who have their kids buried in their books. When the last book from Harry Potter came out, I saw this everywhere in Sydney, and that, was a fantastic book.
I hope everyone has a great week!!

xx Natalie

It's raining here in Sydney! Need an umbrella and a nice coat for the Bridal Expo

Tuesday, September 27, 2011
New Look chiffon dress (similar here)
Forever 21 clogs
Sportsgirl beanie (similar here)
Country road leather gloves
DIY scarf
Topshop bag

Hi all! Hope all is well, I am visiting many new blogs, and so much awesome Auttumn trends I have to note for myself! I will be ready next year when you guys go back into Spring, hehe.

In Sydney, we had a few days of heavy rain, such a downer for Spring. but luckily for me, I was able to spend this wet day indoors, at the Sydney Bridal expo. Here, this is where all wedding flowers, cards, dresses, and cakes come to party. I went with three of my girlfriends, one of whom is getting married next year.
As soon as we walked in, we got attacked with bridal brick-like magazines, free deodorants and many many many flowers waiting to be admired and smelt. I never realized how much planning was involved for the wedding, and as maid of honor, I silently freaked out with my engaged best friend.

But on a brighter note, I at least dressed the part, and I got asked at least 9 times when I am getting married. I wore a bright array of colours, matching watermelon with my green coat, and wearing a yellow beanie to tie it in together. It's fun and playful, unlike the weather in Sydney.

What sort of wedding do you want? 

I hope this weather goes away soon. Have a great week!

xx Natalie

P.s I love these shoes: Gabriella Rocha Neve shoes $69.00 AUD

I wear a mink DIY maxi skirt, and suddenly I'm in the tropics

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Forever New sequin crop top (similar here)
DIY maxi skirt knotted (similar here)
H&M cardigan (similar here)
China Markets sandals (similar here)

Hi all! Thank you again for such beautiful comments, they really keep me going and making me believe that the blogging world can be kinder than most worlds.
I'm doing a quick post today, because I've got to head out soon to meet my best friends in the city. I'm wearing my maxi skirt that I sewn myself a few weeks ago, and is now perfect for the Spring weather in Sydney. I bought this fabric because it was a stunning mink color, and the silky heavy fabric was nice to the touch. I paired it with a crop sequin top (sorry for the bare midriff!) and a leather belt. My make-up is simple; a bright orange blush, with black and gold eyeliner and a pale pink lipstick (all my makeup is MAC). Standing around the tropical-like green plants really made me feel I was in India or south east Asia.

Speaking of South east Asia, my mom is actually staying in Cambodia right now until November, she rang me today saying there are crazing floods around the Mekong River and has to get around by boats. But she is safe, and she seems to enjoy it.

I need to go on holidays, hopefully New York soon <3
I'm off to meet my friends now! Have a great weekend!
xx Natalie

P.S I love love love this ASOS parka. I'm not in Autumn though :(

It's Good to be Green, especially in Topshop green

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Topshop mesh dress with black ribbon
Topshop leather jacket; Cue feather shoulder pads
MAC 'Morange' lipstick

Hi all! Thank you again for all the beautiful comments! I am in love with all the blogs I've been visiting, there are many fashionable people out there, and many make-up beauties as well!

Today, I wear a mesh slit dress from Topshop. Actually, I haven't found an opportunity to wear it, because while it was Summer in London, it was still Winter here in Sydney. So by the time I ordered it, it was not yet warm enough to bare it.
 Now I'm bringing out the big guns since it's been warm. Hair is up, bare legs, tanned skin, and bright colours. I plan to keep planning more picnics in the parks and 'forgetting' my jackets and cardigans at home, I also plan to keep shaving my legs on a more regular basis, haha.

I'm also wearing my favorite jacket - my Topshop leather biker jacket which I have customized with feather shoulder pads from Cue. I will always wear this jacket, whether its warm or cold.

I am now applying for many bar-tending jobs, I look cool enough to be one right?
And on a sweeter note, I am happy to announce I was the winner of Izzy's blog giveaway! I won a sweet coin purse, a beautiful vintage handkerchief and a great  Japanese hand gel. 
Thank you so much Izzy! Please check out her blog here: Views of Now.

Have a great week!
xx Natalie

Feeling Japanese with a spring Topshop Kimono

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Valleygirl singlet (similar here)
Paper Scissors Skirt
Forever 21 clogs (similar here)
Topshop "Brighton Rock" lipstick

Hi all! Hope all is well. Thank you again for all the sweet comments, they really make me happy!
I'm putting aside a lot of time to visit everyone's blogs, and every time I visit, I'm getting more and more fashion inspiration to feed off.

Well, good news, I passed my Green P's driving test here in Sydney; basically its the 2nd stage in your driving career. I am now considered less of a danger to society on the road. Other things I've been up over the past few days are: applying for many many bar-tending jobs and administration. No luck yet, but I have to hang in there. I'm not after a lot of money, but just enough to survive. I already know a lot of money won't bring me happiness, but just enough money to buy food and to continue blogging will.

Today it was a beautiful day (Spring here!) so I wore a beautifully printed kimono jacket I got from Topshop. I paired it with a mix of prints - polka dots, bright pink lipstick and a floral skirt. I'm not sure if I can pull it off, but many people tell me I can because I'm looking tanned all year around and tend to make bright colours pop. 

Another plus to a great new season is, new TV series are starting again. I'm looking forward to new How I met your Mother, Glee and Two and 1/2 men. But I'm REALLY looking forward to Glee. My dream is to be a Glee kid!

Have a great week!

xx Natalie

P.S I'm loving this skirt! I wish my boyfriend will buy it for me :(
ASOS Sequin Houndstooth skirt $100.62 AUD

A tweed jacket meets the cherry blossoms of the park

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tweed jacket (similar here): Blockout; Flower corsage (find similar here)
Blue chiffon top (similar here): Lovely girl
Lace skirt (similar here): Thrifted
Ballet flats: Topshop
Aviators: Ray-ban

Hi all! Hope all is well. I've been busy studying for my green P's test here. In Sydney, to get a full driving license, we have to do many driving tests and hazard tests and it takes a full 3 years to get to that final stage in driving. But nonetheless, I've been reading all the sweet comments from you guys and I'm loving them! Thanks for all of the lovely comments, and the comments for my dog! Luna also thanks you.

Today, I went to a great park in Doonside (Sydney), its called Nurragingy Park. One of my favorite things to do is have park picnics, especially in one that has feature gardens. There is something just so peaceful and romantic about it, I even witnessed a wedding by the lake, and witnessed another bride and groom taking some wedding photos near the cherry blossoms. 

During my break from employment, I try to think about what I want to do in the future. At the moment, the fashion industry in Sydney is suffering, and there is always alot of stress that comes with it. I'm hoping for a successful career change, maybe into hospitality, like bar-tending. Always wanted to be a travel-around-the-world bar-tender, and at 24 I think I'm still young enough to do it. Wish me luck!

xx Natalie

P.S I'm absolutely loving these shoes, I want them so much! Topshop I love you...

Taking my Chanel sunglasses out for a walk - and my dog also tags along

Friday, September 16, 2011

Stripe Maxi Dress (similar here): Paper Scissors
Cardigan (similar here): ESP Designs
Sunglasses (similar here): Chanel
Lipstick: Revlon bleach orchid

Hi all! Hope all is well. I have soooo many visiters to visit back from my last post, but I'm sooo determined to get through them all, thanks heaps for the sweet comments!

Today, I took my dog out for a walk. Her name is Luna, and she is 1/2 Maltese and 1/2 shitzhu, and my little princess. She loves to go out for a walk, but I swear, after about 15 minutes, she's a giver-upper, she gets so tired she plants her ass to the ground and refuses to budge. Then I grudgingly have to pick her up and carry her all the way home. Either she is very lazy, or she is very smart.

I am also wearing my other pair of sunglasses, I usually wear my ray-bans, but these are also very dear to me. I bought them when I was in France in 2009, from THE Chanel store, how very chic of me. They are possibly the most expensive thing I own - and the best feature I reckon, is the very obvious brand icon placement on the side, the "C's". Might as well show off that I own a little bit of Chanel!

On a side note: I was asked to be featured on a great blog "Trust you style" written by Mary Jo. Check out the sweet blog post about Lucy and the Runaways here. Thanks so much Mary!

Have a great weekend!
xx Natalie

Style Diary August 2011 - A collection of my favourite looks

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hi all! Hope all is well. Just a simple post to showcase my August looks (for Autumn in Sydney). After reflecting my style, I love bright lipsticks, pleated skirts, maxi skirts, and lots of colour, or just plain black. Hmmm, and I'm very girly.
Anyways, been wishing for a higher paycheck lately because I find myself online "window shopping". My favourite picks are showcased below. If I can't shop right now, doesn't mean you can't!

1. Asos Midi chiffon pleated skirt

                   2. Asos Peterpan dress is stripe print 
                      $91.48 AUD

3. Sperry Top-Sider - Brantpoint (Leopard Pony Hair)  
$100 AUD

4. CC Skye Pave Spear Ring in Gold $128 AUD

5. Old Navy Women's Canvas Surplus Vests $29.50 AUD

6. ASOS Swing Dress with Pussybow  $82.33 AUD 

I wish I had all these beautiful bright dresses and awesome vests and shoes and rings to accessorise with!!!

xx Natalie

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