Friends Forever

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Asos cardigan, Sadie dress, Asos Socks, Forever 21 clogs, Belt (from London), Diva Bangle

This morning, I woke up to a sunny but chilly day. Morning dew, bright sun, warm coffee.

Good, Good Girl

Sunday, April 24, 2011

What I wore today: Chicabooti top, H&M skirt, Topshop shoes

Today I pretended I was a good girl prancing around my boyfriend's elaborate green and purple mansion. Yups, green and purple house. Try and imagine it.

Baby, Its cold outside

Saturday, April 23, 2011

What I wore today: Asos Cardigan, Temp Belt, Chicabooti top, Miss Selfridge Scarf and Forever 21 shoes

What a lazy Saturday afternoon, a cloudy chilly day. Perfect for a cup of tea, watching DVDs and playing the Sims... or snuggling up with your loved ones.

Living on a Prayer

What I wore today: Topshop Denim Jacket, Forever 21 shirt, American Apparel White Tee, Zara Shorts, Forever 21 wedges, Aviators (from the markets), Pandora Bracelet

When I was, like 17, I owned a denim jacket and I wore it with everything. It was a darker cheap quality denim jacket (the type you get from a junk store) but I was so proud of it. I even wore it with my poly cotton baby pink top and my white flare pants (.....also poly cotton) .. all bought from Supre.. thinking I was extra stylish.....yeah... and I thought I was hip.
After a couple of years I threw it out thinking "this will definitely never come back in style", and boy, was I wrong.
Today, I style it better (hopefully), giving it a tough "boyfriend" look. After I styled myself, I threw on some old clothes and a cap purely for the purpose of protecting my hair from paint, and I spent the afternoon painting a friend's house. Painting is so rewarding!

Afternoon Delight

Friday, April 22, 2011

What I wore today: Topshop Dress, Foreverebony Cardigan, Forever 21 wedges, Asos socks, Temp Belt, Brass Necklace (a gift) and Chanel No. 5 Purfume

One of my favourite things about living in Sydney is that in mid- April, Mother Nature can still bring a sunny 26 degrees Celsius day into the middle of Autumn. The warm sun inspired me to wear floral today, and I picked out my new favourite dress. I love the border print around the hem area and the pretty box pleats that sit at my waist. The neckline is so ladylike - my buyer I report to loves to increase all the neck depths on her samples and its starting to annoy me, so I also wanted to teach her a lesson that there are other types of necklines out there! Grrr...

With a ladylike neckline and a cinched waist I felt so cute, so I tried out a new outrageous trend - socks with heels, or in my case wedges. Felt quite subconcious and wanted to hide my feet behind tables, but after I got one complement from my friend (phew!) I felt more confident. What are friends for aye?

The last picture is of me and my boyfriend, I don't know why I'm holding two cans of Korean drinks!

Grease Lightning

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I wore today: Red Lipstick; MAC Eyeliner; Topshop Leather Jacket; Forever 21 white tee; Forever New Tights; Forever 21 Wedges; Forever 21 feather necklace; black ring (gift from a friend)

One of my first splurge buys ever (meaning I spent over $150) was my Tophop leather jacket. I spent days looking for the perfect one scrawling through websites -I am the Queen of Online Shopping- comparing styles and colors until I settled on this one. Expensive, but pure perfection!
I was feeling particularly rebellious today (bad week at work...) and I guess the best combination of "bad girl attitude" are always leather, bold red lippie, black, black, black and messy hair. 
You can laugh at my newbie camera shots if you want to. The bad girl in me doesn't mind. :(

Little Red

What I wore today: Forever 21 dress (belt included); Chunky red cardigan (no label - gift from my mom); Topshop ballet flats; Chinatown "key" pendants on a leather thong from the Townhall Markets; Pandora & Diva bracelet(s)

Welcome to my first post. Total trial and error, I couldn't figure out the auto-focus and self timer on the camera!
 Today I'm wearing my new Forever 21 dress, its has a very sweet print of little red stars and flowers, so I worked a chunky red cardigan with this dress, and left the cardigan not cinched at the waist (what I would usually do) to give it a sweeter innocent look. My boyfriend thinks its an ironic look for me.. but I choose not to elaborate here..
I also completed my look with some messy curls and my new ballet flats. Love.

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