Little Red

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I wore today: Forever 21 dress (belt included); Chunky red cardigan (no label - gift from my mom); Topshop ballet flats; Chinatown "key" pendants on a leather thong from the Townhall Markets; Pandora & Diva bracelet(s)

Welcome to my first post. Total trial and error, I couldn't figure out the auto-focus and self timer on the camera!
 Today I'm wearing my new Forever 21 dress, its has a very sweet print of little red stars and flowers, so I worked a chunky red cardigan with this dress, and left the cardigan not cinched at the waist (what I would usually do) to give it a sweeter innocent look. My boyfriend thinks its an ironic look for me.. but I choose not to elaborate here..
I also completed my look with some messy curls and my new ballet flats. Love.

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