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Friday, April 22, 2011

What I wore today: Topshop Dress, Foreverebony Cardigan, Forever 21 wedges, Asos socks, Temp Belt, Brass Necklace (a gift) and Chanel No. 5 Purfume

One of my favourite things about living in Sydney is that in mid- April, Mother Nature can still bring a sunny 26 degrees Celsius day into the middle of Autumn. The warm sun inspired me to wear floral today, and I picked out my new favourite dress. I love the border print around the hem area and the pretty box pleats that sit at my waist. The neckline is so ladylike - my buyer I report to loves to increase all the neck depths on her samples and its starting to annoy me, so I also wanted to teach her a lesson that there are other types of necklines out there! Grrr...

With a ladylike neckline and a cinched waist I felt so cute, so I tried out a new outrageous trend - socks with heels, or in my case wedges. Felt quite subconcious and wanted to hide my feet behind tables, but after I got one complement from my friend (phew!) I felt more confident. What are friends for aye?

The last picture is of me and my boyfriend, I don't know why I'm holding two cans of Korean drinks!

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