Grease Lightning

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I wore today: Red Lipstick; MAC Eyeliner; Topshop Leather Jacket; Forever 21 white tee; Forever New Tights; Forever 21 Wedges; Forever 21 feather necklace; black ring (gift from a friend)

One of my first splurge buys ever (meaning I spent over $150) was my Tophop leather jacket. I spent days looking for the perfect one scrawling through websites -I am the Queen of Online Shopping- comparing styles and colors until I settled on this one. Expensive, but pure perfection!
I was feeling particularly rebellious today (bad week at work...) and I guess the best combination of "bad girl attitude" are always leather, bold red lippie, black, black, black and messy hair. 
You can laugh at my newbie camera shots if you want to. The bad girl in me doesn't mind. :(

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  1. great shots and the jacket looks great totally worth the $$ :O)


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