Morgan Joanel's Launch Party at The Backroom

Saturday, June 30, 2012
Morgan's Skull Printed T-shirt
Smile! Jacquii
Sexy Margaret
Morgan rocking One Teaspoon shorts
Romi  with her cute pink hair!

An Event: Morgan Joanel's (Mojomade) Launch Party and Gig at The Backroom

The beautiful Morgan Joanel, blogger/fashion designer/musician, has designed a range of t-shirts imprinted with her own sketches. The t-shirts are effortlessness cool, with cut off sleeves and long armholes so us girls can show off a sexy bra (take note of Morgan's DIY studded bra). I got myself a skull adorned with feathers print, although I was really torn between the Ox print. As well as that, Morgan treated us to a live performance with her band, reminding us why she is Queen of Rock. She was rocking the studs and leather One Teaspoon shorts.
I got to spend the night with Darren, Lauren, Margaret, Jacquii, Monique and Romi , we drank beer and cider, and danced to Morgan's music like true groupies.

A Fashion Event: Samantha Wills 'The Wanderlust'

Friday, June 29, 2012

An Event: Samantha Wills The Wanderlust Range 2012 @ Samantha Wills HQ and Icon Brand's skull candle (last photo)

When I visited the Samantha Wills headquarters last week to view her new Spring/Summer 2012 collection 'The Wanderlust'; I was told that this range was inspired by Samantha's experiences in travel. I can absolutely relate to that (having spent a month in Cambodia/Vietnam and 2 months in France) and I could see it clearly in 'The Wanderlust'. Beautiful leathers, bright Mediterranean coloured beads, mother of pearls encrusted with brass and crystals adorned the collection and it transported me back to my own traveling memories.

My most favorite memory: When I first rode a rusty old bike in Cambodia, 2009; I rode with a family friend down a dirt road, intending to buy some fried bananas for 10c.We were doing fine, when suddenly in the middle of dry season, it started to pour rain. Like buckets of rain, not a sprinkle. We had to turn back quickly and ride back in mud. Yet, I wasn't concerned, I was laughing. The rain was warm against my skin despite it being so heavy that my vision was blurred. I even hit a tree on the way back and couldn't help but feel gleeful. My family friend was laughing at my bad aim in the rain, yelling at me in Cambodian (and I didn't understand her). We made it back muddied up and flopped ourselves on the temple floor and found my sister frantically trying to unload the overfilled rain water tanks into bottles to save water (water was scarce in rural Cambodia), as it was being wasted as it overflowed onto the mud.
It really was one of these moments I felt true freedom. I wasn't worried about hair, makeup, my clothes, or getting my phone wet or getting sick, this is what I would usually think about in Sydney. I was just truly enjoying the moment. That simple act of riding a bike in the warm rain and sharing laughs with your friend really was liberating.

Anyways back to Samantha Wills. She really hit a spot with me as I viewed this range. She was inspired by her travels; she helped me relive them...

P.S Please click on the photo and click 'like' for a chance for Lucy and The Runaways to win a gorgeous necklace from Samantha Wills to giveaway!

Some Love for Disney Couture, Beginning Boutique and Tattoo Stockings...

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wearing: Beginning Boutique I Spy Navy Blue Dress; Asos Oversized Denim Jacket; OASAP belt; Disney Couture Starter Chain bracelet; Shop with Romi Tattoo Stockings; Shop With Romi Lace Nail Stickers; Sportsgirl Petra Shoes; Nine West Clutch

Tonight I will be attending Morgan Joanel's Launch Party at The Backroom, and this is my outfit. It's a little warmer today so I'm braving a dress and rolling up my sleeves to show off my Disney Couture bracelet. Right now I'm wearing a Starter Charm bracelet sporting a castle charm, which can be worn with 12 more Disney charms. It's all made with 14k Gold or silver plating and cute Swarovski crystals.
I can't stop staring at my wrist, the bracelet is so beautiful and I have a childhood connection with Disney (my favourite movie is Beauty and The Beast!) so it reminds me of Beast's castle.
 I am the official band photographer for Morgan tonight so I will be there with a drink in my hand (Disney Couture Bracelet in check) snapping away at Morgan's band and outfit details. Finally get to have a night out!

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