Animal Instincts featuring Storets Leopard shorts and Lodinatt bag

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wearing: Storets Leopard Culotte Shorts thanks to Storets; Topshop Leather Jacket; Topshop Fleetwood Mac shirt; Sportsgirl leopard Wedges; Boohoo cuff; Illamasqua 'Flare' lipstick; Lodinatt two level canvas bag thanks to Lodinatt

As you've been reading my life journey through my blog and twitter, I mentioned I'm in the middle of buying a house with my family. The perfect search for a room with a big built-in wardrobe is proving to be difficult and to be frank, it's all I care about really. I've seen some pretty crappy built in wardrobes these past weeks and my heart breaks when that crappy wardrobe is attached to a wonderful house. But I just can't imagine living my blogger career with a such a crap wardrobe! Surely I'm not asking for much, eh?
...As well as my house dramas, I am in the middle of a miscommunication fight with one of my oldest friends. If she is reading this now, I urge her to pick up her phone and reply to my messages. I'm sorry and want to amend our sorrows. Its all just miscommunication. So I really hope she is reading this and will call. I miss you and love you.

...Yet.. besides all my drama, the Lodinatt 'Two level canvas' bag here has been saving my fashion issues because of its handy shoe compartment - noone can tell, but I'm secretly hiding other shoes in this. It's awesome. I hate putting my other shoes in a plastic bag and placing it awkwardly in my other bag. My leather jacket look is a tribute to Alex Turner. I've been watching Alex Turner from the Arctic Monkeys perform at the London Olympics, and I am in love with him.  I hope he is reading this too.


  1. Rumours, best album EVER!

    Great post. We should work together some time soon.


  2. I love your leopard shorts!<3


  3. u are amazing!

  4. you really look amazing.
    love your style:)


  5. Another great look Nat! I'm loving the leather jacket with the t-shirt and the shorts, very rock and roll indeed! Your hair is looking vibrant!

    Nora Finds

  6. Love the look!
    You look amazing!

    Hava e Fab weekend!

    Mr Kane

  7. oh dear. this is SUPER COOL!!! love the wild instinct on you, those blacks with leopards are super cool!!

    My Random Thoughts

  8. You look so stunning! I absolutely love animal prints on you. Beautiful look!

  9. Man, those leopard print shorts are SO cool! I absolutely love how you've styled them too. Stunning as always :)

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    Trendy Teal

  10. Hahaha that stuff about having a "crappy wardrobe" cracked me up!!! :D You are so right LOL ;)
    And you look fabulous - love the shorts and the jacket!!!

    Thank you for your comment on my blog dear. Hope to see you again soon! :)

  11. these shorts make me crazy!!!

  12. Those shoes! They are so chic! I also love the splashes of orange you threw into this look.

    Despite the difficulties of house-hunting, I bet it is really exciting! I can't wait until I'm ready to purchase my first home. Like you, I'm thinking one of the most important features are the closets. LOL! Best of luck in your hunt.

  13. great outfit! love the skirt! xx

  14. Gorgeous outfit, love the shorts! x

  15. amazing look! I love your shorts and shoes! everything!

  16. Love how you have worn your lodinat bag, I like the animal print! :)

    Hope that your house hunting gets successful soon, and that your friend calls :)

  17. Aw...sorry to hear about your friend troubles :/ But you're buying a house, so that should be exciting (or just stressful lol).

    Anyway, I like this outfit a lot. Your hair is AMAZING and those shorts are too :)

    xoxo Azu

  18. gorgeous!!

  19. That bag definitely is great! Love it! Haha indeed a great possibility to carry some flats!

  20. so pretty photos, love your shorts&hair!


  21. So cute :D Love your outfit! You're gorgeous.

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  22. UAU! love your blog.
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  23. Le motif leopard va très bien avec ton teint de peau :)

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