Lazy Sunday Markets with Chicnova

Wednesday, September 25, 2013
Chicnova Stripe Sweater Loose fit Drawstring shorts Fashion Blogger
Chicnova Stripe Sweater Loose fit Drawstring shorts Fashion Blogger
Chicnova Stripe Sweater Loose fit Drawstring shorts Fashion Blogger

Wearing: Chicnova's Beige Batwing Sweater in Stripe and Loose-fit Dog Print Drawstring Shorts thanks to Chicnova ; Cali and Cale Shelly White Sandals thanks to Cali and Cale

Lazy Sundays. After a weekend of partying I still can drag myself out to lazily browse the markets on a Sunday. These mornings I don't mind snuggling up to my loved one with smudged/no make-up on my face and knotted up hair.  I know he still loves me even if I scare myself in the morning mirror. And I usually complain horribly about how his stupid blinds let in sunlight in blinding streaks and I always wake up groggy and grumpy. But on Sundays, I don't complain at all. Hmmm.

So the boyfriend took me to 'Trash and Treasure' Markets at the Grand Bazaar. Ugliest Markets in the world.. literally trash everywhere (people selling lots of queer door handles in plastic bags, car batteries and ugly ceramic dolls on the bare concrete) but then there were some beautiful items. Things like antiques from old wars, beautiful glass jars and wood shelves. But yeah, mainly you had to SWIM through alot of crap to get to the nice things - Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.. (God I love Ellen).

And so as the weather is moving out of Winter and into Spring I can afford to show off one part of my body this week, and I opt for a cosy sweater and loose-fit shorts (Sunday means lazy eating too) and even though I know for a fact I didn't exactly brush my hair for these photos, I really don't care, because god-dammit, it's Lazy Sunday.


  1. If you can drag yourself at home with ugly sweatpants and unwashed hair, and he still tells you you're beautiful, he's a catcher :D
    Love the sweater ^_^ And this Bazar sounds interesting!

  2. He's a catcher for sure :)! You look gorgeous, as always :).


  3. nice look!



  4. Haha it's the weekend - you're entitled to be lazy and not bothered enough to get made up. This is a cute casual outfit - perfect for weekend shopping. I like the printed shorts. Hope you and the bf had fun treasure hunting :)

  5. Good outfit.


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