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Tuesday, October 7, 2014
Milanoo Long Sleeve Off The Shoulder White Lace Dress
Jeanswest Megan Denim Jacket
Milanoo Blogger Fashion Jeanswest Megan Denim Jacket
Milanoo Blogger Fashion Jeanswest Megan Denim Jacket

Wearing: Jeanswest's Megan Denim Jacket thanks to Jeanswest; Milanoo's Long Sleeve Off The Shoulder Lace White Dress thanks to Milanoo; Steve Madden's Boots

The life in a nutshell these days: I work as a croupier part time, I blog part time - editing photos, taking photos and emails. I'm in the middle of finishing Once upon a Time season 3 (currently up to episode 16). I'm reading 'Happier at Home' by Gretchin Rubin. I'm trying to finish off Legend of Zelda's 'A Link Between Worlds' (I just unlocked the Lorule Kingdom). I spend alot of my free time with my boyfriend while he plays PS4 and I eat dinners with him. I am now comfortable with my manual driving and I don't freak out at hills anymore.. but I still have trouble launching off in first gear. When I'm at home I like to pet my dogs. I msg my bestie Betty and boyfriend all day, every day. I am applying for new jobs, trying to find a way out of Casino Life and back into Design or Buying. I still sleep at odd hours and I get headaches once in a while when I get broken sleep (which is often).

But most of all, everyday I work on trying to forgive myself and to be a little lass hard on me. I am harsh on myself when people try to bring me down. I tend to believe these people and their immature behaviour and harsh words towards me are what I deserve.
So that's something I'm trying my best to rise above from everyday. I'm also trying to follow this life lesson - "I am practising being kind instead of right."

 So, with life I try to sift through the bad and good and concentrate on the good. Like this cute lace dress from Milanoo. It was an easy online purchase - and I do find quite joy in online shopping. Teamed with a denim jacket and boots I found myself walking in this pretty dress to a brunch date with Betty on a Saturday afternoon. Those moments are the good in life and I plan to keep adding them to my little Life in a nutshell.


  1. Love the lace and denim combo, you look beautiful!
    xo Hannah

  2. great outfit..i like lace and denim..


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