Wedding Bouquet Practice with Australian Native Flowers

Tuesday, June 27, 2017
Australian Native Wedding Flower Bouquet
Australian Native Wedding Flower Bouquet
Australian Native Wedding Flower Bouquet

Wedding Bouquet Practice with Australian Native Flowers from Flemington Flower Markets

With eleven months to go until the wedding, Hai and I have hit a slight lull. We've done alot of the hard work -  booked our Reception hall, our Ceremony location, celebrant, photographers, videographer, make-up & hair. I've also ordered my bridal shoes and once I have them I can order my dress with my final height in mind.

With my flowers, I wanted to make my own bouquets, knowing that just one can cost into the hundreds of dollars. I visited the flower markets in Flemington with Betty and once in there, most of the flowers reminded me of what I saw while on my monthly hikes with Hai and friends.

I drew inspiration from that and put together wattles, banksia, cotton, small white wax flowers that grew from thick dry branches, red willow leaves and eucalyptus leaves into a fancy bouquet and white ribbon.
I then added some purple flowers to bring it all together. and it cost me at least a third of my budget - only $32.

I'm extremely happy with the result and I keep imagining me walk down the aisle with these in my hands. I also kept these flowers for a few days to see how long it took to wilt. It took at least until the 5th day to see some discolouring and drying up, which is great news since I have to make these bouquets two days in advance.

For the next months I'll continue to practice making these bouquets - for my bridemaids and maid of honours, with the Australian native flowers theme in mind. Future ideas may include bunches of baby breath, in dusty blues (they have them coloured), silver dollar eucalyptus, and coloured banksia. So much inspiration coming from my own backyard. Watch this space over the next few months.


  1. I'm so happy for you!!! I didn't know about your wedding till reading your post now. Don't stress too much about it. Looks like you're going down the right path on your planning. I'll definitely visit your blog for more update on your wedding prep =)

  2. wow so happy for you! congratulations!!! dont be to stressed about planning (i tell my sister this every day as she is super stressed too) the big day is going to be just beautiful, i know it! hope you have a amazing week!


  3. This bouquet is just so pretty! You are so talented to have created that on your own! Your wedding bouquet will be absolutely gorgeous.

    Rina Samantha

  4. Wow those are really beautiful flowers!

    Nicole |

  5. Wow the bouquet looks darling, I love the result you got from the mix you chose. Great job and congrats on your future wedding! Thanks for visiting my blog recently and leaving a comment. I'll be following you from now on through G+. Let me know if you would like to support each other on other social networks. That would be great!


  6. It looks so beautiful! What an exciting time in your life. Enjoy the wedding planning!

  7. Congratulations!!! The bouquet looks so beautiful!!!
    Agnese & Elisa

  8. Congrats! Its so exciting and I love the flowers x

    Pink Frenzy

  9. wow so happy for you! congratulations!!! dont be to stressed about planning (i tell my sister this every day as she is super stressed too) the big day is going to be just beautiful, i know it! hope you have a amazing week!

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  10. A lot of congratulations to your wedding! Have a happy honey moon!
    Your whole life should be like this! Enjoy yourself and your marriage!
    Happy marriage!

  11. Oh, Natalie!
    I didn't know you will marry with Hai!
    I imagine beautiful you are walking with the beautiful bouquet at your wedding ceremony!!


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