Dessert Heavan at Bay Vista Parramatta

Monday, October 15, 2018
Bay Vista Parramatta Chocolate Pecan Pie
Bay Vista Ice Cream Bowls
Bay Vista Menu
Bay Vista Apple Crumble Waffle
Bay Vista Ice Cream
Bay Vista Cake Parramatta

Bay Vista Parramatta at Altitude Building, 1/330 Church St, Parramatta NSW 2150

Eleven weeks ago until the end of the year means I have around eleven more posts to blog. And I am starting to feel as though I am finally making a dent into my backlog.

And I also feel satisfied when I tick through my 'To Blog' list, even though I am exhausted from staying up to blog before the week is up.
Like today. I did a 10 hour working day on a Monday. A Monday. Officially the worst day of the week; and on Mondays I have to start work at 7.30am.
So tonight I can home at 7pm and immediately had a twenty minute nap, feeling distraught that I was already this tired on a Monday, then when I woke up I had some cheese and some boring brown rice with meat. I had to wash the dishes, pack my lunch, clean up after myself and do some mundane adult activities.

Now I am sitting here, writing this up. And my mouth is salivating at the desserts I ate a few months ago at Bay Vista. This was my first visit here and I remember how excited I was to study the extensive menu. And when the desserts came out in huge portions I remember cheering with my bestie friends Betty, Jaye and Erin. From memory (as the menu always changes at Bay Vista) we had ordered the Chocolate pecan pie with a side of cornflakes, vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. Jaye had this magnificent ice cream bowl with caramel sauce and banana, and Betty ordered waffles topped with apple crumble with extra vanilla ice cream. Then we also had berry shakes, milkshakes and soy lattes to accompany the food.

And I remember specifically that this food, gave me comfort and an escape. It just reminded me that sometimes all you need is some good cake. Work is supposed to be a means to a life (a life outside of work), it gave me an excuse to hang out with my friends who just wanted to not care about their diets for a few hours, and it reminded me that I am lucky enough to go out and experience nights like this, even though right now I am here in my PJs blogging (and watching my husband pack his lunch for work tomorrow, bless him).

Anyways today is a short blog post, here to just reminisce some dessert from Bay Vista. Sometimes the photos I took are enough to convince people that the food here was delicious!
Hopefully I can get some good rest tonight and be ready for another 10 hour work day tomorrow. At least I can find some comfort in the fact that it won't be a Monday.


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  2. Your blog is amazing😊 photos are great have a nice week

  3. Nice photos! :)
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  4. Everything looks so delicious!
    xo, Jane

  5. Oh my! My mouth is watering is because I have a small addiction to sweets. That chocolate pecan pie looks delicious.

  6. Wow this looks so, so good! Thank you for sharing it xx

  7. The food looks delicious ! Such a lovely place.

  8. This post basically made me hungry. Yummy post here!

  9. Your food posts always makes me drool all over the screen!!!! Damn!

  10. Świetny post, wygląda pysznie :)
    obserwuje i zapraszam do mnie :

  11. All of the food looks so good! Dessert is always my favorite. I hope you're having a good week, even with the 10 hour work days!

    x Kara |

  12. hmmm this looks so tasty!
    The food looks amazing my dear :) And dessert is always my favorite choice :)
    Thanks for these tasty impressions.

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  13. Great post and beautiful photos, love it! :)
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  14. Omg i'd totally eat that right now! that chocolate pecan cake
    looks just so delicious!!! thanks for sharing :D
    kisses :)

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  15. sometimes all you need is a good cake- amen to that!

  16. I love such desserts! They look so delicious!

  17. Hahah boring brown rice. They are better than white ones at least :P
    I start work the same time every day 9:30-6:30 +- half hour so it's 9 hours a day for 5 days.
    If you love what you do then you won't complain :)

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  18. So beautiful post. I like all photos... kisses

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  20. oohh that ice cream looks so delicious!

  21. It looks so delicious.
    Have a pleasant evening.
    Xoxo Nancy :)

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