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Monday, July 20, 2020
Pretty Little Thing Outfit Purple Dress BlazerPretty Little Thing Outfit Purple Dress BlazerPretty Little Thing Outfit Purple Dress BlazerPretty Little Thing Outfit Purple Dress BlazerPretty Little Thing Outfit Purple Dress Blazer
Wearing: Lilac Dress and Blazer from Pretty Little Thing; Shoes from Zara
Photos taken by Hai with Canon D70 DSLR

Today I caught up with an old co-worker friend and he said: "You're different (in a good way). You seem so sure of yourself now".
In the past I would've said "nah" or say something nonchalant like "same shit, different day", shrug it off and just wave my hand in front of him to dismiss the subject.
But I agreed with him this time, appreciated his observation and said "yups" and continued with "I think working from home and the isolation I felt really broke me. It really forced me to re-evaluate how I spend my time and I learnt how much I value my friends and face to face contact". I came out of isolation feeling so sure of what makes me happy - my friends and loved ones.
Nowadays when I see my friends or get some outdoors time, I really appreciate it and make the most of it. Try and find pure joy in spending time with love ones. Let's be thankful for their existence.
Hai and I went to Mayfield Gardens over the weekend, and Hai took so much time and care into taking  photos of me while walking through the garden. But I stopped him many times to say "I love that you're taking photos of me, but let's stop and appreciate how still this pond water is. Look at that reflection". And we stopped to just admire the still water and peacefulness. I wanted to really appreciate the moment I had with him. Appreciate our existence.
Anyways, do you like my outfit? I wore this to a wedding before the Covid Pandemic hit. My favourite colour is purple. When I wear it, it also makes me happy.
Stay safe everyone x


  1. What a great monochrome outfit! You are so pretty in purple! :)

    i agree, iso really made me appreciate the small things in life more!

    Hope that your week is off to a good start :)

    Away From Blue

  2. This is such a gorgeous outfit! I absolutely love the head-to-toe lilac color. Such a pretty shade - I wish I had more of it in my closet! And that's awesome that quarantine has helped you grow in confidence and appreciate things more. :-)

    Miles of smiles,


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