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Saturday, October 24, 2020
Sandflair Jewellery Moonstruck Necklace
Sandflair Jewellery Moonstruck Necklace
Sandflair Jewellery Moonstruck Necklace
Sandflair Jewellery Moonstruck Necklace

A Sponsored Post: Wearing Sandflair Jewellery's Moonstruck Necklace, Abuba Ethreum Bracelet and The Bannough Bracelet (sponsored by Sandflair); Nasty Gal Daisy Dress and Denim jacket; Mooii Daisy NecklaceDr Martens Clarissa II Sandals

Hello friends, I hope you are all staying safe. Lots of things have been keeping me busy the last few weeks. I recently went blonde after a slight miscommunication with my hairdresser. I said 'Go brighter' and she must have heard 'Go blonder' so here we are. I actually am loving it though, it brightens my face and I get to try out different makeup palettes. I think I'm going to try and maintain it as much as I can. Life is short anyways.

So, away from the office and back again, I've been summoned into the office full time. Everyone at Costco are considered essential workers so there is priority to keep us working. 

I have been adjusting ok - picking out my outfits, going back to a regular gym routine, squeezing in dinners and trying to meal prep. But these past two weeks we have had our kitchen renovated and everything (including my hundreds of cups) are strewn everywhere all over the living room floor, kitchen and backyard. The mess is stressing me out. No gas connected means I can't cook too. I had to wash my dishes in the bathtub and get water from the bath tap. Such a weird mind fuck to do it because I feel so dirty doing it, but water is water, I guess.....

Anddd I have to put my cups into storage. I literally have like 100 of them. I worked in Housewares department for 4 years while at Costco so I tested so many samples and bought so much after learning about innovative cup designs so- I kept buying them for market research. But nothing like a kitchen renovation to realise how much junk I was hoarding. So I've put into storage around 60 and gave away around 20 to friends and family... But I really should address the mess.

Everyone has their own way of getting through the short days and long weeks. For me, it's music. The song I've obsessed about lately is 'Wonder' by Shawn Mendez. It's such an uplifting song with so many emotions through it I've streamed it like 50 times already. The film clip is wonderful as well, it makes me want to run out the office door. I want to dance through the forest and run across cliff edges... 

I've also been very active on Twitter after becoming a big fan of BTS (and ARMY) and connecting with fans all around the world has been so fun. It really is a wonderful community if you find the right people to follow and interact with. And now with my new phone (Pixel 5) I got a bigger battery I've hooked myself up with YT Music, IHeartRadio and Soundcloud to keep discovering more music.

If anyone has any artists/song recommendations please send them my way. I'd love to find more!! I love ALL music.

Anyhoo today's outfit and jewellery is inspired by healing nature, another thing that gets me through life. I love the moon and daisies so, here is my outfit. I wanted to get finger tattoos as well but my tattoo artist recommended against it for now as it won't heal properly due to everyone washing hands and sanitising so much. It's a new era for tattoos. 

Ok, I've had enough rambling for today. Back to my glass of wine. Stay safe in this chaotic world. Wish me luck on sorting out my cups. I love you all.


  1. Nice shots 😊 thanks for your sharing 😊

  2. Estou adorando visitar e ler seus conteúdos, são sempre os melhores!

    Meu Blog: Blog do Amaury

  3. Such a fun retro vibe to this outfit with the daisy dress and denim jacket and sandals - cute accessories too! :)

    Hope you get your kitchen sorted soon!

    Away From Blue

  4. This is an adorable outfit, Natalie! The delicate jewelry is not my style, but it's really cute with the daisy dress and denim jacket (love those sandals). Your hair looks fabulous! The colour really suits you, so I guess a lucky misunderstanding??

    That sounds like a cool collection of cups! You should do a whole wall of them all hanging, like an art installation - then you can take one off and use it, and hang it back up when you're done! And you can display them!

    I am really into Poppy lately - I love her mix of pop, metal and melodic, very different. I'm also digging Dessa, a female rapper/singer from Philly. She's incredible.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Your blonde hair and perfectly applied lipstick look very pretty,
    and so do the necklace and bracelets from Sandflair Jewellery!
    I love how that pretty daisy print dress looks styled with the light blue denim jacket,
    and like the wire-rimmed glasses. Great OOTD! You look fabulous wearing it.
    Best wishes for getting your kitchen renovations completed nicely with your gas safely hooked up again!

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    my Twitter

  6. Amei esse colar, lindo demais e muito delicado.
    Gostei demais da combinação do vestido com a jaqueta, acho que deu um charme no look.



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