Protecting myself from my sunburt country with my floppy hat

Monday, July 11, 2011

What I wore today:
Sportsgirl floppy hat (find similar items here)
Topshop leather jacket (find similar item here)
Agent ninetynine tank (find similar items here)
Mika & Gala leather skirt (find similar item here)
Jeffrey Campbells Lita Boots (find item here)
Lancome Shade #118 lipstick

Hi all! How inspiring are you all. I've been reading through all your comments and finding such wonderful goals and dreams that you all want to be working hard for! Makes me want to keep working harder and harder in what I love.Thank you :)

Today I took a stroll in my sunburnt country. Anyone who lives here knows our native land. First, there are plenty of gum (eucalyptus) trees, light (almost yellow) drier grass, a bright burning sun, and kangaroos lazing around in our backyard (just kidding!). Actually, many people who visit always expect kangaroos and koalas hanging off trees in our backyards or rolling around in the grass... but this isn't actually the case for most of us. In truth I've only seen kangaroos in the outback behind fences and koalas in wildlife parks. 

What sort of things are native to your country? We have chants like "AUSSIE, AUSSIE, AUSSIE, OI OI OI" and our salty spread Vegimite (but I heard its British now?). We also have a hole in our ozone layer, so we get stronger UV sunrays. It has lead to us having a unique sun protection campaign called "SLIP, SLOP, SLAP" which I think is - SLIP on a t-shirt, SLOP on some sunscreen and SLAP on a hat.

It's pretty catchy and especially good for kids to learn around here. Today I'm displaying the SLAP part, I've slapped on a hat. And a wide one as well. Counts as extra super duper protection. 

And by the way, I absolutely want the bag from Kayture's blog, from this post here; or see below. It's such a nice colour, and the shape is so cute! I've found a yellow one here, WISHLIST indeed!

xx Natalie


  1. Gorgeous look, darling!
    Love your leather skirt!


  2. The colors are amazing! I adore that skirt!!

  3. Such an amazing outfit!
    Great color combinations. Love the Litas!

  4. The outfit is simply dazzling! How you matched the color of the heels to the skirt is pure brilliance.

  5. ooh wow, you look so darling! I love that skirt sooo much. the little cutout designs are perfect <3
    I want to go to Australia.. my sister lived there for a while and loved it. I am from the United States, from Minnesota. Basically the summers here are SUPER hot & SUPER humid. and the winters are SUPER cold & SUPER dry. haha but I like it alright, the extreme weather is a bit of a bother sometimes though.. ^-^

  6. Such a fantastic look! Love it from head to toe! You look gorgeous! First time on your blog and absolutely love it :)


    Fashion Fractions

  7. I love those colors:) You look wonderfully in this hat

  8. Great leathershirt!!!!

    Kisses Anne

  9. Wow, your fantastic red hat it's wonderful on you!
    Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you!!

  10. What a gorgeous outfit love!!

    You should submit your outfit posts to The Wear to go Girls for a chance to be featured best look of the week! All you have to do it share your looks and include where you wore it to. :)

    p.s. thanks for visiting my blog. :)


  11. such a pretty skirt and hat. love the details.

  12. Everyone has these amazing JC lita boots! Do you think they are worth the splurge? I sometimes wonder if I would even be able to walk in them! haha


  13. The hat is just gorgeous and actually, it made me love the entire outfit ;x

  14. 1. You have amazing legs.
    2. That leather skirt is way too perfect for me.
    3. I am super jealous now.
    4. Those shoes are effing fierce.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  15. Whoa, I have always wanted to try a leather skirt! Yours is amazing.

    I just love how the color of your hat and top match PERFECTLY.

    your shoes = FIERCE


  16. I love this outfit! Leather skirts have been appearing on tons of runways, so you are very on trend (as always) and yours is really pretty! I love the hat, and you pull it off very well! I'm not really sure what things are native to the u.s, which sounds stupid because i'm sure there are lots of things, but I just can't think of any! Oh, this year we had a no-fry friday, and we had the slip-slop-slap logo printed on posters all over the school and we all got stickers hehe. Except they compared each one to animals, like pigs slop on mud to protect themselves from the sun and turtles slap on their shell (well, not really hahah) to protect themselves. It was actually a very fun day, and did raise awareness! Anyway, love your outfit! If you have time, please check out my fashion blog and follow it if you like!


  17. Gah, I'm in love with this outfit! How the hat matches the top, how the skirt matches the heels, how the jacket matches the shoes, and just how adorable each piece is.... lovely! :)

    --Megan//The Martian Tide

  18. Want that skirt and hat!


    x Your Sydney neighbour

    Kel @

  19. lovely skirt and great hat! following for sure

  20. natalie you are truly too cute for words. look fab in the delightful outfit as per usual, missy!

  21. Your look is gorgeous! I love your leather skirt, I want to buy one myself:) And your color combination is perfect!

    Following you now on Bloglovin and Google, I would love it if you followed me back!

    Stories and Sequins

  22. funkiest floppy hat ive come across. there's something magical about the look

  23. u look so wonderful!i love the campbell shoes and the skirt!amazing dear :) u have a lovely blog.i am following you.hope u will follow me back if u like mine :)

  24. Loving the red infusion, it's definitely the colour to wear this season :) ox

  25. This entire outfit is beyond adorable!!! I LOVE that hat and skirt!!


  26. I've been looking forever for a good floppy hat! Apparently they're hard to come by! Love the one you're rocking! Gorgeous!

  27. That "SLIP, SLOP, SLAP" campaign slogan is pretty catchy! I'll have to ask my sister who's living in Melbourne right now if she's heard of it.

    Your hat is really cool -- great color and style. I love the skirt too!

  28. ohmy!! i love your floppy red hat!!! very beautiful!

  29. I love love love your shoes!


  30. omgosh you just style all your outfits so well! :) love that skirt! sun protection but still fashionable! love it :)

  31. great hat!

    Check out my new post if you have time :)

  32. I'm following back! Your outfits are amazing.
    I love the floppy hat and the leather skirt :)
    Would love to visit Australia someday<3

    Much love from Los Angeles!

  33. very nice note. All the styling is great. greet and invite you to

  34. I LOVE big hates for the Summer!

    You look gorgeous, very elegant :)

    Virginie ♥

  35. Ouh what a style you have!!! Awesome =) And thanks for your comment ;)

    This is my other blog:


  36. Good choice!! I have the same shoes and I absolutely love them!!
    Please, take a look at my blog :)

  37. You look so sweet and sexy at the same time ( :

  38. I am SO in love with this outfit! I'm also a new follower. :)

  39. LOVE everything about this outfit.
    the photos are amazing, and you are just simply gorgeous!

  40. I love this, the colours are amazing and I love litas!
    Thank you for your sweet commment!

  41. I love this look! You pull off the wide brimmed hat very well!
    And thanks for visiting my blog!
    <3 Carrie


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