Instagram Photo Series Part 1

Tuesday, August 28, 2012
Bronte Beach SydneyThe Bogey Cafe Bronte Farmer's Breakfast Sydney
Bettys Bites Macaroons Pink Yellow Katoomba Ruined Castle Iphone Fisheye Lenes
Burwood Sashimi Salad Sushi SydneyHotpot Sydney Fisheye Lens Iphone
Passionflower Instagram Ice cream Sundae SydneyChinatown Night Markets Instagram Sydney Toy USB
Instagram Photos Part 1 (going left to right): 1. The Bogey Hole Bronte Beach Cafe's Farmers Breakfast; 2. Bronte Beach; 3. Me at Katoomba's Ruined Castle using an iphone fisheye mounted lens; 4. My friend's home-made macaroons; 5. Sashimi Salad at Burwood; 6. Me and the boy at Hotpot using an iphone fisheye mounted lens; 7. My accessories - Disney watch and 8 other reasons bracelets and rings; 8. Strawberry bruscetta at The Ex Lounge Bronte; 9. Passionflower's Ice Cream Sundae; 10. The Chinatown Markets - toy USBs on display (all photos taken during August 2012)

This is my first ever 'Instagram collage' for the blog. To be honest I've been very resistant about sharing my Instagram photos here because I personally like using DSLR photos and leaving the iphone photos for my Facebook Page and Twitter. And I've been on Instagram for almost a year now before the 'hype' happened.  Yet I realised I couldn't carry my heavy DSLR around no matter how strong I think my shoulders are so I have captured special moments using the iphone more often than I have thought. 
Like for example, my fisheye photo from Katoomba (photo no. 3). It was extra windy that day and I would've put my life at risk if I had attempted a 'selfie' photo using a chunky DSLR. I would've have, definitely been blown away or my arms would've snapped under the heavy weight. Like I've mentioned plenty of times, I am a clumsy, clumsy girl. So DSLR + selfie + windy day on the high peak of mountain = natural disaster.

To see more photos, follow me on Instagram: @lucyrunaways. You'll find too many snaps of food and sometimes lovely glimpses of my Sydney lifestyle... but mainly it's all just snaps of food.


  1. beautiful photos :) You got a new follower in Instagram ;)

  2. Great photos!
    Following you on instagram now, can't wait to see more :)

  3. I love your blog. I follow you!

  4. aw love this! i really like seeing peoples instagrams! :) x

  5. Loving your instagram collage! That icecream tower is mind blowing!If only i can get my hands on that!


  6. Great pictures dear!!!

    xx from

  7. I love these! they are so nicely presented too! how perfetly wonderful.

  8. Lovely photos, you should post more often from instagram


  9. Amazing photos, thanks for your comment!;)

  10. Nice fotos! Amazing blog!

  11. Instagram is too addictive, isn't it? Super loving how your insta-photos are a variety of different and random things... kind of like mine! I'm @sabbyagogo there if you're interested. :)


  12. Hi! Thank you for your comment! ;)
    I really like your blog so I follow you now. :)♥

  13. Really nice pictures!

    X Petra


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