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Saturday, October 20, 2012
Mambo Australia Swimwear 2012 Rayban Wayfarers
Mambo Australia Swimwear 2012 Rayban Wayfarers
Bondi Beach Lunch Chips and Steak
Mambo Australia Swimwear 2012 Rayban Wayfarers
Mambo Australia Swimwear 2012 Rayban Wayfarers

Wearing: Mambo Swimwear; OASAP hat; Coussinet Colombo Bracelet; Boston Babe Shoes; Ray-ban Wayfarers thanks to Smart Buy Sunglasses

There are many pros and cons to working shift-work hours but a big pro is getting to go to the beach more often than others. Here I am on a Wednesday soaking up the sun and working on my tan (as I am in a constant tanning war with my boyfriend).
A con though is not being able to go out on weekends. I have worked my way around this by making my weekdays my weekends and forcing my 9-5 worker friends to 'live' their life 'yolo style' with me. I now make them come out to dinner/drinks with me on a Wednesday and pretend it's a Saturday.
Screw sleep! I used to have a 9-5 job and I found that a little lack of sleep here and there doesn't hurt much. All that matters is the journey and not the destination...!!

P.S Thanking Smart Buy Sunglasses for these Ray-bans, they make my summer ('yolo') life just that much more stylish and easier.
P.P.S I think the word 'yolo' is quite ridiculous but I use it in context to explain that I have friends who use that '9-5' job excuse all the time and it just annoys me.


  1. Very cool outfit, Natalie! Plenty of arm candy to go along with your sweet looks and your sweet swimsuit. Cool hat as well.

  2. Cool beach look. Love those sunglasses and I like your hat too!

    Daria from

  3. Great pics, you look great :)

  4. I wish I was there right now, you look lovely xxx

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  6. beautiful!! Kisses!

  7. Thats so lovely!

    Inspiring blog do you have here.

    we can follow each other if you want.
    (via gfc, bloglovin, facebook).

    Lots of kisses,


  8. love the color of your swimsuit! super cute, im new to your blog!!

  9. I wish it was that warm still over here ><
    cute beach look ^^
    Do you wish to follow each other?
    xxx, Lara

  10. Great pics - wish I could wear a bikini here :D

    ♥, Nina

  11. You look hot Natalie.

    The color is divine on you :-)


  12. Ooooh-la-la NAT! So so so hawttt! Love that color on you - really great on your skin tone! Fab fab fab!! Can't wait for summer now!! Your body's smokin!! You are such a hottie Nat!

    Nora Finds


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