Instagram Photo Series Part 2

Friday, December 7, 2012
Pacifica Beauty Body Butters CoconutLotus mendes Gold Rings collection 2012

Food Breakfast Sydney Yoghurt and fruitFujifilm Polaroid Films Photos

Sunset SydneyNikon D60 Retro Skateboard Sunset Sydney

Kit Cosmetics Glitter NailpolishHoly Basil Sydney Thai Food

Sculptures by the sea Bondi Beach 2012Blacktown Drive-in Sydney Cinemas

Instagram Photos Part 2 (going left to right): 1. Lotus Mendes Gold Ring Collection 2012 2. Pacifica Beauty Body Butters Range  3. Sydney Yoghurt with muesli and fruit 4. Me and my friend on Fujifilm Polaroids 5. Sydney Sunset 6. Sydney Sunset with Nikon D60  7. Kit Costmetics Glitter Nailpolish 8. Stir Fry Cashew Chicken at Holy Basil Canley Heights 9. Sculptures by the Sea Bondi Beach 2012 10. Me at Blacktown Drive-in Cinemas

It's been a delightful time for me and my iphone so far. I've eaten at plenty restaurants, watched sunsets, went to Sculptures by the Sea and painted my nails too many times. Follow me on Instagram @lucyrunaways for more micro blogging updates :)


  1. Une agréable publication...

    Gros bisous.

  2. nice nails!

  3. Lovely!


  4. Hello dear reader! I want to inform you that I have created a new blog because of technical problems with Rebelission. Please switch to!
    The old blog will be deleted in the next few days.
    xoxo P.P
    PS: very interesting post my dear! instagram is great!

  5. Love your pics :)


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