Music Festival wild child fever still kicking on with Sportsgirl

Monday, December 17, 2012

Wearing: Sportsgirl Printed dress; Asos leopard sunglasses; Steve Madden boots thanks to Steve Madden; Silver Amour Cuff and Studded Cuff thanks to Beginning Boutique

Ugh, I thought I was over the music festival season especially after I've attended 3 music festivals over 3 weeks this year. But the memories of those summer days has stuck with me and I still find myself bopping my head to Calvin Harris's 'We'll be Coming Back' and Kanye West's 'This Shit Cray'.
My body still hurts from all the dancing, my tan is still golden, my make-up wants to be bright, my ears still hear music and my head wants to don cat ears.
So when I picked up this festival print Sportsgirl dress, it fuelled all the memories with fire and my desire to be a wild child dominates yet again.


  1. That dress is perfect for summer! Really like the print :)

    Your sunnies are awesome too :)

  2. Love the dress! I want it so badly! And even the hairband. It suits on you. Hihi :)

  3. Wow, very cute look! ❤

  4. Love love love love!! I want your dress and these pictures are gorgeous !!!


  5. Cute ears and that dress is really pretty!

  6. i love your dress esp the patterns on it. reminds me of summer.

  7. these photos!!!! too cute. love the dress


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  8. Hey! I love your cat ears! And the dress is so cute!
    xoxo anna

  9. That dress looks super cute on you!

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