MBFWA Sydney 2013 Street Photography (Part 2)

Thursday, April 25, 2013
MBFWA 2013 Street Style Photography Sydney Mercedes Car
MBFWA 2013 Street Style Photography Sydney Blogger Jacquii
MBFWA 2013 Street Style Photography Sydney
MBFWA 2013 Street Style Photography Sydney
MBFWA 2013 Street Style Photography Sydney Blogger Suzie Bubble
MBFWA 2013 Street Style Photography Sydney Blogger Romi
MBFWA 2013 Street Style Photography Sydney
MBFWA 2013 Street Style Photography Sydney Blogger Yan
MBFWA 2013 Street Style Photography Sydney Blogger Oh That Boy
MBFWA 2013 Street Style Photography Sydney
MBFWA 2013 Street Style Photography Sydney
MBFWA 2013 Street Style Photography Sydney
MBFWA 2013 Street Style Photography Sydney Blogger Margaret Ye
MBFWA 2013 Street Style Photography Sydney Blogger Margaret Ye
MBFWA 2013 Street Style Photography Sydney

MBFWA 2013: Street Style Photography (all photos taken by me with my Nikon D60 50mm f1.4 lens)

I've been stretching out my blog posts more and more and I realised I really need to stop ignoring my emails and start finding my passion for blogging again. Blogging, can be the greatest distraction and my outlet for expression and creativity. And I really need to get back on that band wagon.  The truth is: I am trying to avoid a complicated situation that I know I must face in the next month or so and I am absolutely dreading it. Tim Tams, tea, Rom Coms and my love song dedication playlist will have to help me through it. As well as the comfort of my friend holding my hand and pulling my hair back if I fall apart. 
Blogging and my email response shall be in tip top shape during the month of May as I need to dive head first back into work, work work. I need to be strong and focused and ignorant of my complicated situation. Ignorance is bliss and that would be my motto for the coming weeks.  With this plan, I should, well I'm hoping that I will be better, much better by the month of June...
As for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia 2013, credit again goes to these amazing bloggers whose gave me permission to capture their amazing style. Jacquii from Couture Caddy, Romi from Romiya Fashion Inspiration Blog, Yan from PARFASSEUX, Khoa from Oh, The Boy and Margaret from La Petite Mademoiselle.


  1. There's a lady in the [blogger?] group photo that has the most mesmerising blue eyes. Um...
    Hang in there Nat, whatever your cryptic complicated situation is. It too shall pass. Have fun and keep your head up ;)

  2. So much gorgeousness (does this word even exist?) -- amazing styles everywhere!

  3. Great pictures xx

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  7. Beautiful photos! Wishing you the best for the upcoming month :( Hope it all goes smoothly for you.. Was a fellow Running Bare Party-goer today and came across your blog via their instagram! Always excited to find other Australian bloggers..

    Following you via GFC,

    Aanie from The Active Mum

  8. Come back to blogging! Here, let me jumpstart/try to inspire you!

    I have a blogging challenge going on now at: http://thedailysavant.blogspot.com/2013/04/snag-that-style-challenge.html

    ... and also a giveaway at: http://thedailysavant.blogspot.com/2013/04/midnights-mojo-druzy-ring-giveaway.html

    See if the challenge gets your creative wheels turning again. It has definitely helped me rework the way I get dressed!

    : signe

  9. amazing looks!
    have a look at our latest post, we're hosting a giveaway to win double passes to Fashion Weekend Sydney! hope to see you there!

    lots of love from the casper&pearl girls – a little Aussie fashion brand
    casper&pearl blog

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  11. Such an inspirational post! loveed it!



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