Introducing: Online Store Little Party Dress

Thursday, April 18, 2013
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Introducing: Australian Online store Little Party Dress

Browsing through the endless stores on the internet, it’s sometimes hard to find that one-stop shop for unique and fun party dresses. The idea behind this very affordable store, Little Party Dress, was so that women can find that stand-out dress that we know needs minimal accessories for that special occasion.

We speak to store owner and founder of Little Party Dress (LPD), Kelly:
“I started LPD as an eBay store in November 2010 whilst I was working full time in advertising. I began a Facebook page to promote the eBay store, and as my Facebook fans grew, so did my business! It was a juggling act for a while, slowly cutting down my hours at my 'office' job to focus on LPD. I launched the actual LPD online store in May 2012, and from then it was evident I couldn't work 2 jobs, so quit my job in advertising to work solely on LPD! I'm literally a one-woman show, working from home. Everything to do with the business is done by me! From choosing which dresses to stock, taking photos, answering customer enquiries, managing my 55K + Facebook fans page, and posting out the dresses! Every customer gets a very personal and hand-on experience.”

Personally browsing the store, I found so many cute dresses I knew would suit my next night out on the town. There are classic little black dresses, neutral coloured dresses for a more demure look and sexy dresses in big pops of colour. Wow, what a range. Store owner Kelly sure does have a ‘hard’ job picking out such lovely styles for her customers!
Check out ‘Little Party Dress’ for your next outfit for the weekend!


  1. Lovely dresses - I like the cream and red one! :)

    Away From Blue

  2. Beautiful dresses.
    Martha Zuniga.

  3. Those dresses are gorgeous, we will definitely check out the site!

  4. Thanks for highlighting the dresses available at this online dress store. The information will surely make it easier for many readers to pick stylish little party dresses without putting any extra time and effort.

  5. Although just a little party but must still look use your best party fashion | Leadis

  6. Lovely dresses - I like the cream and red one! :)
    online beauty store

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