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Tuesday, June 25, 2013
Stonemen Underwear Briefs Ducks Womens Mens
Stonemen Underwear Briefs Ducks Womens Mens

Wearing: Stonemen Briefs in Ducks Print thanks to Stonemen; Sistaco Ice Ring (cream/silver)c thanks to Sistao

Hmmmm, it's been raining lately here in Sydney and I'm always wishing I could laze around and play Animal Crossing on my 3DS all day.  Whatever I'm doing, I'm also fantasizing myself being snuggled up in bed with a loved one drinking cups of tea and we both hold hands while we read books and listen to old school music (think Frank Sinatra, Something Corporate or Red Hot Chili Peppers). This is how corny I think my life should be. To accompany my lazy and comfortable lifestyle during the depths of Winter I'm also on the lookout for comfy wear for those days in bed. I looked to Stonemen Underwear to fulfil this specific need.
I fell head over heels for the Stonemen range (view it here). I mean, how can anyone not love the snuggly boyleg shape? The Stonemen range brings us unique prints inspired by natural landscapes, earthy hues and images that create a sense of freedom with a retro twist. I'm wearing the Ducks printed brief and it's clearly my favourite for the season. Its safe too say you guys are so very lucky to see me in these because I'm just too darn comfortable being in bed and playing blanket fort and playing Animal Crossing! I dragged myself out just for these photos. And now they are done and uploaded, I'll see you when Winter is over! (haha, jokes....)


  1. cute prints! Very sporty yet whimsical

  2. Very cute and they look über comfortable too!

  3. Very corny indeed :D Love the sexy panties :P

  4. So cute and cool at the same time!

    Daria from

  5. such a nice print!!<3

    new outfit on:

  6. Cool. Cute and comfy looking. Love the prints so much.

  7. You have bought them! Wow!


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