Dove’s Interactive ‘Colour Live’ Experience + A Giveaway!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013
Dove Interactive Colour Live Experience Hair Care Australia
Dove Interactive Colour Live Experience Hair Care Australia
Dove Interactive Colour Live Experience Hair Care Australia
Dove Interactive Colour Live Experience Hair Care Australia
Dove Interactive Colour Live Experience Hair Care Australia
Dove Interactive Colour Live Experience Hair Care Australia
Dove Interactive Colour Live Experience Hair Care Australia
Dove Interactive Colour Live Experience Hair Care Australia

Dove’s Colour Live Interactive Experience thanks to Dove’s Haircare (Sponsored by Nuffnang)

As all my readers out there know, I care a lot about my hair. I maintain it daily, to keep the colour fresh, vibrant, smooth and healthy. It goes hand in hand with me: Vibrant healthy Hair makes for a very happy and enhanced Natalie for the world.
So I was very happy to be introduced to Dove’s new Colour Radiance Hair Care range. As a fan of their gentle and moistening soaps, I can tell that Dove had also kept that sort of ‘Caring for your body and hair’ concept in mind while formulating the Hair range.

The other night I attended Dove’s Colour Live Interactive Experience here in Sydney. There me and a group of bloggers were introduced to the Dove Hair Care team and they talked about their love for the new range and how colour is vital to everyday life. 
Colour has different energies and it can not only be seen, but also felt. The colour psychologist mentioned that choosing colour that resonates with you enhances you (and I could totally relate to that!).
The bloggers and I were then split into small groups to talk one on one with a special Colour Therapist. Our colour therapist educated us on the four L’s when it came to wearing an All Black outfit.

“When you wear black, always think about the Four L’S:
Lips, Lashes, Lids and Lobes”

That is, think about the colour of your lipstick, also enhance the lashes and eyelids, and think about wearing some jewellery on your ears and body. This gave us all something to think about, since black is such a dramatic backdrop on most people. Then when it came to choosing colours to wear, you have to think about those that enhance your body and not distract. When you try on clothes, if you face the mirror and close your eyes for a few seconds, and when you open them and the eyes drop to the colour straight away, then it’s not the right colour for you.
After getting my colour assessed, I was told I was a ‘Cool’ coloured person as opposed to a ‘Warm’ one. It’s important to determine which one you are so you can choose colours that are right for you. I can also wear bright colours as well very easily. With that in mind, I now know that I can pick hair colour that has cooler tones rather than warmer tones.

So I took home the Dove’s Colour Radiance Range home and tested it out on my freshly dyed hair (dark brown with violet and chestnut hues) and I can say confidently that I was impressed. The Hair Range did not strip away my colour as I fear most shampoos would, instead it kept the feeling of my ‘just coloured’ hair.
Of course, I could ‘see’ the colour’ but I also ‘felt’ the colour. My hair felt healthy, smooth and not heavy. I could tell it was nourished, knowing that nourished hair kept colour vibrant for longer.
One thing I noticed was that this range included a new first dual-stripe Daily Treatment Conditioner for coloured hair that helps replenish lost nutrients. It delivers the new Vibrant Colour Lock to each strand, keeping hair feeling healthy and helping prevent colour vibrancy from fading. This conditioner you use daily. And I was sceptical at first because washing frequently dyed hair can really overwork the hair and strip the natural oils and nutrients. But I found that Dove was so good for my hair, doing the exact opposite.

So all in all, I was so impressed with the new Dove Colour Radiance Range and also with the ‘Colour Live’ range. After the event I re-evaluate my wardrobe when I got home. I DID notice that I have more ‘cool’ tone colours at home and I was drawn to blues and greens. Even my choices of pinks and oranges were cool based. It also was the same for my choice of lipsticks (I have 27 and counting)! So now I know I am more drawn to cooler tones for my hair colour and I have confidence I can maintain my healthy hair with the new amazing Dove Colour Range.

Dove and Lucy and The Runaways is proud to announce a new giveaway to all my readers and Dove Hair Care Lovers. The prize is a special Dove Colour Radiance Hamper which includes:

Dove Colour Radiance Lower Sulphate Shampoo
Dove Colour Radiance Lower Sulphate Conditioner
Dove Colour Radiance Daily Treatment Conditioner
Dove Colour Radiance Leave In Conditioning & Care Spray
Dove Summer Glow
Dove Original Anti-Perspirant
Dove Purely pampering Body Wash
Dove Indulgent Nourishment Body Lotion
Dove Gentle Exfoliating Beauty Cream Bar

To enter, simply answer below, with your full name and email (for contact purposes):

"What appeals to you most about the new Dove Colour Radiance range?" 

Open to all Australian Residents only and the give-away will end July 8th. For Terms and Conditions please click here. Good Luck!


  1. Merci pour ce billet de partage...
    Gros bisous

  2. Good insight Lucy. Something to think about

  3. The new Dove Colour Radiance range is all about protecting and providing the aftercare needed for newly coloured hair! With the new Dove range, I'll definitely be more obliged to colour my hair without feeling as if it'll damage my hair afterwards and, of course, my new hair colour would be brighter and bolder than ever! :-)

    You're amazing Natalie! This post definitely has given me more thought as to what colours suit me rather than just choosing something from the closet.

    Jess Yap

  4. lovely post...and what a fun event! I'm pretty sure that black is not my colour...but I'm not sure about the rest.

  5. Great post Natalie, some good insight into colour here, the event looked like it was pretty cool! Being a Redhead, I'm one with a twist of passion (or at least Dove says so!)

    Will be looking out for this Dove range, I love the sound of a product that keeps my hair healthy but protects colour too!

    Thanks! xo

  6. I am upsetting about my hair when I saw your blog, thanks.
    Although I am suspicious of
    this conditioner , but I'd like to have a try.

  7. dove's hair colour shampoo looks great. i just died my hair too and i think this shampoo will keep my colour looking fresh all the time

    betty pham

  8. this product is great for coloured hair i will definitely use it again

    bhupesh madan

  9. this range sounds suitable for me as i am a regular hair dye using person


  10. i would be interested to see if this product does wonders for my dry coloured hair

    peter oreivov

  11. Id like to try the product for myself im very interested
    Ian hoang


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