On the Road Again with a Mazda MX5

Saturday, July 13, 2013
Mazda MX5 1997 Model Roadtrip Blog Westralian Auto Finance
Mazda MX5 1997 Model Roadtrip Blog Westralian Auto Finance
Mazda MX5 1997 Model Roadtrip Blog Westralian Auto Finance
Mazda MX5 1997 Model Roadtrip Blog Westralian Auto Finance
Mazda MX5 1997 Model Roadtrip Blog Westralian Auto Finance

On the Road Again: Roadtrip with a Mazda MX5 1997 Model. Bought to you by Westralian Auto Finance
Wearing: Blue Juice dress; Jeffrey Campbell Oil Slick Solitaire Heels via Nasty Gal; Leather Jacket (borrowed from John Lor)
Photos by: John Lor of Wide Open Throttle and JOHNLORSPECIAL

On the road again... any excuse to escape my problems and troubles in the world. Me and my good friend John simply packed up a few warm jackets and our cameras and music and headed out through the National Park last week. It was a simple adventure.
When I see these photos I remember my glee when I felt the wind sweep through my hair and the sun shine brightly down on us as we drove. I was sooo happy.
Come this week and I'm freezing sitting at home and simply not in the mood to head out and fake smiles for everyone. I was given a Good-bye letter this week by another dear friend of mine. I don't think I've recovered from the shock of it all because those last moments with that friend I didn't know we were saying our very last goodbyes.

Come this week, I am torn between trying to be happy and trying to let it all out and dwell in my sadness. But I've been through this sadness with my friend before. We go through plenty of the sweetest and beautiful ups but sometimes we do have downs. This week was definitely a downer. Yet I'm getting stronger as the years go by so the tears creep up on me less and less. 
As I head out again tonight to a noisy and crowded club I hope I can for a moment, forget my quiet pain, hold my close friend's hand tightly, and forget for a moment that life does go on. Smile again and think about those mini road-trips with my friend John and note that a good Runaway is just a phone call away.


  1. wonderful pictures. you are looking gorgeous!
    maren anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  2. Very nice pictures!
    nice outfit!


  3. oh taking a road trip is so much fun and so relaxing!

  4. Gorgeous photos, love the colors! Also, obsessed with that dress. Amazing.

  5. Your words sound so sad and aching... But how can your friend say goodbye to you in "just" a letter? Or did I get anything wrong?
    But I wish you all the best and that happiness may be your companion again soon!

    I visited the National park, too, when I was in Australia a few years ago :)

    Love, ina


  6. Sometimes I also wanna do this! Roadtrip to escape my problems :)

    How are you dear? Hope you're doing fine.
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  7. Great blog :D
    Follow for follow?


  8. Beautiful pictures and outfit, you're so pretty! Hope you'll feel better soon.

    Followed back! xox

    A pretty world

  9. Great Pictures and you look so amazing <3

  10. The pictures are incredible! You have an awesome blog. How wouldn't i follow back! Newest follower on GFC! xxx

  11. beautiful dress, beautiful pictures! Kiss!

  12. wonderful photo, i love it

  13. That road looks fun to drive down!!
    You're killing it with the blue dress and jacket combo. My favourite colour at the moment - cobalt!!


  14. Waaaaauw pretty!



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