Waiting to Roar

Tuesday, October 1, 2013
Chicnova Tiger Print T-shirt Topshop leather jacket
Chicnova Tiger Print T-shirt Topshop leather jacket
Chicnova Tiger Print T-shirt Topshop leather jacket

Wearing: Chicnova's Loose Round Neck T-shirt with Tiger Print thanks to Chicnova; Paint It Red's Drive On shorts thanks to Zoie Boutique; Topshop leather jacket; Silver Armour Cuffs thanks to Beginning Boutique

These past few weeks I've been distracted by friends and their dramas, long hours at work and beautiful company. I've been on top of most of my blog work (which I am so proud of) and because of that I see an uncluttered future in which I can plan more adventures and outings. 

But for a few seconds a day, when I walk through my front doors I sometimes have small hope. I rummage through the junk mail to see if a long-lost letter is sandwiched in there, a long lost email is hidden in spam.. or if I have phone reception in case a message was meant to be sent to me at that very moment... 

It's just a few seconds and its a fleeting moment but it always crosses my mind without a doubt. I hope for the day I reduce it to zero seconds. I prefer to not taint a perfect day with sad thoughts, especially when I feel that the other doesn't get sad or thinks about me. I feel very forgotten when I experience this... 

This is when I dress fierce. Dark lips, dark hair, dark clothing. Sometimes I imagine that even though on the inside I might have a couple of weaknesses; on the outside I at least look aloof and as tough as nails. On show today is my new tiger print t-shirt I picked up from Chicnova. It can represent my tough exterior while I mend my almost-fixed interior. Let's hope I can walk through my front doors one day without stopping. Roar.


  1. Wow. Those photos are so good. I am speechless!
    W O W !!!

    X, www.overdivit-fashion.blogspot.de

  2. Lovely post, I feel like you some days and yes those are the days you should not hide indoors but dress fiercely and show the world what you made of!!!
    Love your blog!!!


  3. Those shorts are incredible - seriously bad ass outfit.

    x The Pretty Secrets

  4. you look amazing!!! love your top!!!!

  5. rock chick. awesome, the shorts are great & your lippie color is pretty wicked

  6. Love the jacket and t-shirt! Fantastic look!


  7. Amazing jacket, love it!




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