My Christmas Wish List for 2013!

Thursday, December 19, 2013
Lucy and The Runaways Christmas Wish List 2013 BlogLucy and The Runaways Christmas Wish List 2013 BlogLucy and The Runaways Christmas Wish List 2013 BlogLucy and The Runaways Christmas Wish List 2013 BlogLucy and The Runaways Christmas Wish List 2013 Blog

Happy Holidays! Christmas is around the corner once again, and I've composed my favourite things for the season. Remember, I live in Sunny Australia and we celebrate Christmas in the hot sizzling Summer, so don't get confused. I spend my days at the beach or park eating char-grilled corn and lamb chops!

#1 Funkita Underwear: This Melbourne based swimwear company has released a new range of underwear this silly season! The prints are bright and cute, with a comfortable design for your body.

#2 Frank Body Coffee Scrub: This is the perfect body scrub to get your skin smooth and silky for summer. The ex-foliating formula consists of lovely things such as coffee, almond oil, brown sugar and orange to target cellulite and removing dead skin cells

#3 Surf Ski N Dive: This store has some cute Summer Christmas gifts (pineapple candle!) in stock right now. Surf Ski N Dive stock the leading brands for the surf, snow, street and skating culture for years now so you're sure to find the perfect gift.
#4 Personal Planner Personalised Diary: Personal Planner this year has bought the perfect gift for the new year. You can order your very own personalised diary where the front photo, colour, design, layout and size can be customised in just minutes.

#5 Limecrime Velvetines: I'm always a sucker for lipsticks. Limecrime has come up with this magical formula for a lipstick that goes on wet and dries matte, leaving a velvet finish with bold and opaque colour. Currently comes in Suedeberry, Red velvet and Pink Velvet.

#6 Stonemen Underwear: The underwear this year comes in designs inspired by cities of the world and their skylines and landscapes. The underwear never disappoints and is as comfortable as ever.

#7 Sunseeker Swimwear: This swimwear is just amazing. This year they have released a range with is bold and colourful, with amazing cut out details that hug the skin comfortably. Perfect for the beach!

#8 Jelly Bean Sandals: Jelly Beans are back! These retro babies have been revamped and revitalised this year. These comfortable and summer sandals now come in neon and pastel colours, in glitter and in leopard prints and more!

#9 Stain X-ile Stain Removing Pens: Ever laugh a little hard with that drink in your hand or piece of marinated meat and accidentally drop it into your lap in the heat of the moment? I have. And a little water and tissue is sometimes not enough to remove annoying stains (especially on white). Well with Stain X-ile, a convenient pen tool, I can now remove stains easily and fast once its out of my handbag. So handy, especially since its safe to use on fabrics.

Well that rounds out my Wishlist for the year. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. Happy Christmas!


  1. Bonjour,

    Un billet très original !...
    Je vous souhaite aussi un merveilleux
    et faire en sorte que ces quelques jours d'hiver soient des temps heureux !

    Gros bisous à vous

  2. Great blog! Would you like to follow each other on GFC? I'm already following on Instagram.
    Happy Holidays


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