A guide to my Auburn Blonde Hair: BHD (Buy Haircare Direct) Hair Products

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A guide to my Auburn Blonde Hair: Schwarzkopf's Repair Rescue Sealed Ends and muk. deep muk 1 Minute ultra soft Treatment thanks to BHD (Buy Haircare Direct).

Taking care of my hair is always a priority to me. I do plenty of damage to my hair when I lighten it and bleach it down for blonde highlights or when I had my balayage a few months ago. To take care of my Auburn blonde hair (hair dyed using De Lorenzo Hair dye and thanks to Pagna -@pagnakoladas Instagram) I use plenty of nourishing hair products.

Thanks to BHD (Buy Haircare Direct) I was sent a hair care package that included Schwarzkopf's Repair Rescue Sealed Ends and muk. deep muk 1 Minute ultra soft Treatment.

Schwarzkopf's Repair Rescue Sealed Ends- I colour my hair once every 8-12 weeks and when it's bleached it's bound to bring some split ends. I tend to sit in front of the TV when I'm bored and clip away at my ends and it is sometimes quite frustrating to keep finding split ones.
I started applying Schwarzkopf's Repair Rescue to my hair. Not only does it act as an anti-frizz serum I also feel my ends are noticeably softer to the touch as soon as it's in. And it has a nice pleasant smell. When I brush my fingers through my hair I find it is less tangled because my hair is less dry. I always had frustrating huge knots in my hair!
I can just feel the nourishment in my hair after a few days and I love that the product doesn't feel heavy. It has to do with the special Biomimetic Repair Technology - it mends split ends and prevents them from occurring, recreating a healthy hair surface. I'm not sure how it works, but it does and I use it every time I style my hair. It currently takes place of my hair serum because I find I only need this to smooth out my frizzy hair, and it just so happens to be a bonus that it repairs my ends as well.
RRP: $18.50 but on BHD it's only $17.90 (save 3%).

muk. deep muk 1 Minute ultra soft Treatment - This treatment has been quite a lifesaver. I haven't used one in a while, because I haven't found one that works so well. All you do is shampoo and towel dry your hair and coat the muk. treatment over your hair for 1-2 minutes then rinse. I love it because I feels light in texture and hair comes out not feeling heavy (if you know what I mean). And as you can see in my photos my hair is shiny and glossy. To be honest, because my hair tends to be quite dry, I try to rinse it out with cool water to minimise frizz. Hot water sometimes increases that frizzy and harsh texture in my hair.
Combining this muk. treatment (which I use every second time I wash my hair now) with my cold water rinse treatment has really increased the softness and shine in my hair these days. Really happy with that result especially since my hair these days is coloured from root to end.
RRP: $23.95 but on BHD it's only $21.90 (save 9%).

The photos of myself is the day after I've just washed and styled my hair using these products - as you can see my hair is shinier, glossier and looks healthy. Feels healthy too.
Thanks Buy Haircare Direct - this online store has an extensive range of hair products for any hair type. They stock premium brands such as Redken, De Lorenzo, Schwarzkopf, NAK, Goldwell, TIGI and many more. The service is quick and accurate and with only $6.95 flat rate shipping or even better - free shipping for orders over $100 you're sure to get quality items at great prices. And like me, if you needed some advice on getting the right products for your hair (or just want to browse new hair trends and tips) you can check out the BHD blog here.

And here is a special discount code for my readers thanks to BHD (expires 30/06/2014; use these codes at checkout)!

5% for orders over $50 - runaways5off14
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  1. Your hair are absolutely fantastic and si i' m very curious to try these product!



  2. Boa escolha de produtos.
    Bom fim de semana.

  3. Gostei de passar aqui. Vou ficar.

  4. Very pretty!!
    Great products!


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