Happy Easter with St Frock!

Sunday, April 20, 2014
St Frock Only You Maxi Dress Black Nine West Heels
St Frock Only You Maxi Dress Black
St Frock Only You Maxi Dress Black Back Bird Tattoo
St Frock Only You Maxi Dress Black

Wearing: St Frock 'Only You' Maxi dress thanks to St Frock; Nine West Austin Heels thanks to Nine West; Into Fashion Blazer; Upbeat Jewellery Star Cymbal Pendant Necklace thanks to Uncommon Goods

Happy Easter everyone!
This year I hope everyone gets many Easter eggs and a relaxing holiday. I've taken some time out to spend with the family and later on reward myself with a Lindt chocolate bunny (from gymming alot).
It's also Cambodian New Year and the celebrations goes on for about a week. And this year I actually took part in celebrations. I haven't been for years and every year I feel guilty because my mom puts in so much effort in making a table for offering and heads out to Temple. And I know she spends days planning it and I always make up some excuse like I have work or I've already made plans with friends. Guilty as charged.

Yet, earlier this year around about February, I had one of those life-changing moments that led me to find some emotional clarity and to change my priorities. Or, I guess, grow up.
I've always secretly wondered whether I've been really lazy and just prefer to be selfish all these years. But now my priorities have changed and I've started to take baby steps. Spend time with family, take care of my body, invest time in the good friendships and be honest and more brave when it comes to my relationships. These are some of things I've done that I'm proud of so far:

  • Wake up on time to pray at my mom's table of offering for Cambodian New Year
  • I prayed not for myself this year, instead I prayed that my mom and aunties to find peace at home and good health
  • Instead of staying at home and doing things for myself, I drove out to spend time with my visiting Uncle and family and squeeze work in between
  • Go to Temple to pray and pay my respects
  • Woke up at 4am to head out into the freezing cold to compete in my first Triathlon in a relay team
  • Found a new appreciation for Running
  • Take my new-found emotional clarity and trying to not let my past define who I want to be from now on. Communicate my honest opinions/feelings; take responsibility for my actions and, learning how to let go.
Hopefully, these are the first steps to a healthy new beginning. I feel better already - a clearer mind and a lighter heart.

And once again, Happy Easter. This time also marks a new hair style for myself, going shorter and lighter and I really love it. I'm wearing a beautiful 'Only You' dress from the fun, fresh and current St Frock store, complete with a halter neck, leg split and a perfect back design to show off my birds tattoos. It's been a while I've worn something so sexy and I guess if I feel good about myself on the inside I can feel good about myself on the outside too. Thanks St Frock! <3


  1. Sweet pictures and a great outfit - beautiful dress! :)


  2. nice dress :) so cute





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