Introducing: The Jelly Beans Jelly Jacket

Friday, June 13, 2014
Jelly Beans White Out Jelly Jacket RainCoat
Jelly Beans White Out Jelly Jacket RainCoat
Jelly Beans White Out Jelly Jacket RainCoat
Jelly Beans White Out Jelly Jacket RainCoat

Wearing: Jelly Beans Jelly Jacket in White Out thanks to Jelly Beans; Jelly Beans Sandals in Milk thanks to Jelly Beans; Sammy Dress heart printed dress thanks to Sammy Dress

It's getting so much more chillier these days in Sydney. I feel it the most when I work at night and walk out after shift to feel the icy air hit me in the face and send chills down my spine through to my hands and feet. Then there is the rain that comes to drench my clothing and freshly styled hair.. then the water soaks into the fabric and successfully makes me smells like a wet dog (Anyone else have these issues?!).
I often have huge dilemmas about what to wear as I have limited 'water-proof' warm clothing. So when Jelly Beans sent me this Jelly Coat from their new range, all my #firstworldproblems were solved. Nice big sleeves to wear over a warm coat at night and a hoodie for my hair makes me feel super secured and snug. And the jacket is as cute as a button as well, with it's piping and pockets. These jackets also come in blue and black. Thank you Jelly Beans!


  1. love those milk white jellies!!!


  2. OMG this is the cutest jacket ever!!!! It's so playful! Love it ^_^

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