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Saturday, March 18, 2017
Surfstitch Rusty Wayside Backpack
Surfstitch Rusty Wayside Backpack
Boohoo Kimono Jacket Asos Stripe Tee
Boohoo Kimono Jacket Emu Australia Jacana
Surfstitch Rusty Wayside Backpack
Surfstitch Rusty Wayside Backpack
Dotti Hat Emu Australia Jacana
Dotti Hat Emu Australia Jacana
Surfstitch Rusty Wayside Backpack

Wearing: Surfstitch's Rusty Wayside Backpack (sponsored), Emu Australia's Jacana Sandals (sponsored), Boohoo Kimono, Asos Stripe Tee, Boohoo Skirt, Dotti Hat

March marks the beginning of a cooler Autumn season, its when daylight saving kicks in and wedding season is at its peak.
I've been learning alot about weddings lately, as I'm trying to plan my own. I learnt that March is the most popular month for us Aussies, followed by November then September. I think it's to do with the cooler, more ideal weather and that Easter is just around the corner.

Me and Hai decided against this popular month, as we don't want to be fighting with other brides for services and venues. So we chose May. Hai proposed to me a few days before his birthday back in January and we will then tie it in by getting married a few days before my own birthday in May. We felt it was a sweet sentiment.

So here's what has been achieved so far in the last two months: we've only managed to book the Reception, we're fighting for our ceremony location (Park owners think the area is going to go into construction and won't be completed by May next year). my first choice for celebrant is already booked out and the photography service I want won't let me book more then a year in advance. It's been abit stressful as of late.

To distract myself from my wedding worries, I go back to what I know - clothes, shopping and small road trips. I recently got myself a pair of some beautiful Jacana sandals from Emu Australia that I love to show off. The shoe is comfortable thanks to the fine leather sole. I love the cross-over strap design with the contrasting zebra print strap at the front.

Another shopping gem I found is the Rusty Wayside bag from Surfstitch  As a lover of backpacks (guilty!) I was looking for one I can easily take from day to night. The leather-look vinyl with the washed, weathered texture was perfect for this.

As I get older, I've been gravitating towards alot of black clothing. I might be feeling its a mature look for me and will suit the big 3-0 that is coming my way. But even though I am wearing black, I stay conscious of keeping my outfit interesting by wearing an assortment of textures.  And wear a hat. A hat is always interesting!


EMU Australia


  1. I love wearing black!
    Have a good weekend

  2. Beautiful outfit and great photos:)

  3. Beautiful dress! And great photos!

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  5. Nice look.
    Love your dress.

  6. That's a very cool look, dear!
    Hugs, Traude

  7. So stylish look!
    Have a nice evening!
    Gil Zetbase

  8. Great post!

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  9. Great post! Thanks for sharing!


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