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Monday, May 16, 2011

What I wore today: Lovelygirl Chiffon Blouse, Lovelygirl Pants, Jacket (gift from Mom), Belt (from Europe), Diva Necklace, Diva/Markets Bracelets, Forever 21 Shoes, Christian Dior Lipstick

First day back at work, and still recovering from my hangover from my birthday party. Can you tell...? 
Also, I am trying out my new birthday present Christian Dior 'Rouge Ara' Lipstick. It's so smooth and silky and makes my lips pop. Love it love it love it! Thanks Susan for the lovely gift :)


  1. the jacket is gorgeous! I love the print so much. I really like your hair-it's like Betsy Johnson!

  2. why thank you Amber for the kind comments :)


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