Love Letters for the Month of May

Saturday, May 11, 2013
Love Letters for the Month of May


I've never regretted a single moment with you. Although it was all a lot of fun and games and we never tried to be too serious, I always found that the happiest part of my day was meeting you and saying "hello" and the saddest part of my day was looking back at you and saying "goodbye". Dearest, I love you. I now know that I've loved you all along. And I know as I write this that I am completely in love with you and I will still love you in the future. I was just stuck before; I couldn't find the words to place my feelings or figure out why I would sometimes go bat shit crazy on you. But now I know why.

I've always just known that I was so happy to have you in my life. Yet now, obviously it is the time to let you go, and to let you have the life you want and for you to be happy. I don't know if I really contributed to your happiness but it seems like you will be happier without the burden of what we had.
So I want you to be happy, and that's how much I care for you. I am willing to let you go, let us go, for that very reason. So I'm finally, letting go.

Always yours..


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x Natalie

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