A New Life

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Photos: Taken by me using Canon D70

Well, it's been a minute since I've updated this blog. 

Eight months ago, I gave birth to this beautiful baby. And with that the last two years have been full, chaotic and humbling. There's alot to unpack here - I moved out, I got pregnant for the first time, I carried to full term, I gave birth, the Covid-19 Pandemic came down on us with full force and lockdown was at its strictest. Working from Home became normal as the Delta and Omicron variants hit our shores. Masks were always debated on social media. Vaccinations were a debacle and we were scared that Australia couldn't get vaccines fast enough.  

There was so much fear spread by the media we felt it was a bad idea to go grocery shopping and we had to constantly get PCR tests just to visit the mid-wives for my pregnancy. It was a crazy time. It still is but now its of a different kind. 

It was at the birth of my child that my life flew off the chaotic scales and at double the speed. My purpose in life shifted, my priorities changed, my eyes opened up, I waded through so many physical and mental challenges and only recently I am starting to feel like myself again. It was not exactly how I imagined my life to be but I still can appreciate that I can load up the camera and capture beautiful moments like these. 

I want to tell my stories in depth but I can't fit it all in this post. For now I will share these photos of Hailey as a new born. More to come.

Sunsets at Lake Illawarra

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Sunsets and Pipi Shuffling at Lake Illawarra

The photos I took of this adventure a year ago reminds me of simpler times and simpler thoughts. I used to look forward to a simple outing with some hot chips, time with friends and the prospect of being outdoors.
This year when the pandemic hit, looking forward to these sorts of things now brings about a pang of guilt. Like the world is in lockdown and I am doing the selfish thing by heading outdoors when I shouldn't be. Although NSW has really relaxed its laws and we can roam more freely than others, I still feel like I have a sense of duty to be at home. 
It coming down to having a balance of staying safe and doing what's good for your Mental health. For my own health it has always been a good escape from home, get lost in the world. I recharge quickly indoors then I need to be outdoors. I am trying to tame that part of me. So blogging old memories helps, it helps alot. 
It's for my own selfish reason, but it gives me hope. And hope is one of the only things that is encouraging humanity to work towards a brighter future, one that is without this soul-sucking pandemic. 
Wear your masks and keep social distancing, let's keep hoping we will have a vaccination one day. When that day comes, lets all head out to shuffle for pipis and enjoy an amazing sunset with our own eyes, basking in the warmth and feeling a warm breeze; and not from at home through a blog photo.

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