Introducing: My Mountain Tattoo

Tuesday, February 6, 2018
Tattoo Mountains Nature Ink
Tattoo Mountains Nature Ink
Tattoo Mountains Nature Ink

Tattoo designed by me, Tattoo inked by Alex from Cabramatta Ink

With just under three months to go until the wedding, I've barely had any time to sit at my computer to edit photos and just do what I do - blog. My life for the past year has been spending hours researching dresses, music, pre-wedding photo locations, ties, wedding gifts, celebrants, Asian ceremonies, stationary..... and I'm burnt out.

Yet fnding the inspiration for my tattoo came to me easily, and it was the easiest thing to do while planning this wedding! Amidst my crazy schedule, I found time six months ago to get this tattoo for my thirtieth birthday.
All I did was think about the hikes I've done and all the time I spent outdoors. The mountains and trees came to my mind easily as I drew it into my art book. Then I thought about freedom, and a bird was sketched.

I then spent the next few weeks hiding it from my mom. Yes I am thirty and engaged but there is still a certain amount of respect my mom expects and no matter what, she would not react well to this tattoo. But as the weeks draw closer to the wedding, my mom and I have been spending more time together as we work out the details of the Asian wedding ceremonies. I'm pretty sure she has noticed it by now but has not said anything. The wedding is clearly the priority which I silently appreciated.

I also was surprised that my mom agreed to walk me down the aisle. Even though she raised me for most of my life (my mom and dad are divorced) I knew that it was important to me, but I didn't realize it was also important to her. It warmed my heart.

These are some of the better moments of this wedding planning. The amount of stress that comes with it is enough to make me want to burn my wedding planner and hop on a plane to fly somewhere (and I have a massive fear of flying)! But... these days I just keep glancing down at my tattoo and try to furiously remind myself that I will see mountains and trees soon. Mountains and trees. Mountains and trees....

And then it will be all worth it in the end. Soon I'll be hiking towards those mountains and trees with my rose gold wedding band and smiling at the memory of my mom walking me down the aisle.

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