For Spring: Slip on a colourblock dress, Slap on a flower, Slop on some killer heels!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Stylist Colour block dress (similar here or here)
Zara strappy heels (similar here)
Sportsgirl flower corsage (similar here)
Sportsgirl leather belt (similar here)
Rayban Aviator sunglasses (buy here)
Elizabeth Arden Exceptional Lipstick - Hot Pink (buy here)

Hi all! Hope you're having a fantastic Halloween. I celebrated my Halloween earlier this week so I didn't dress up this weekend. You can check out my sexy cat costume here! What did you guys wear?

Thanks again for those lovely comments, especially since it was my 100th post! I am always visiting everyone's blogs, so I shall visit yours soon. For my 101st post, I am wearing an outfit to celebrate Spring. I modified the famous Australian Summer slogan "Slip (on a t-shirt), Slap (on a hat) and Slop (on some sunscreen) for my own Spring version. I hope you like it.

But, I do feel like I'm all alone, with all my blogging friends from the Northern Hemisphere in Autumn and I am the only one dressing for Spring. But oh well, I will still have fun, even if its on my own.
Today I played laser tag with my friends, it was so much fun, and I become quite competitive sometimes. I chose the laser tag gun named "Karma" because everyone knows Karma is a bitch, and boy did I kick arse in that game. :)

xx Natalie

My 100th post (yay!): It's a hot day, perfect for fish and chips and a striped dress!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Paper Scissors Stripe Dress (similar here or here)
Vintage Cardigan (similar here)
Target Sandals (similar here)

Helloooooo all! I'm so excited, this is my 100th post. I never thought I would've made it to this point, and also to have kept continuing with my blogging adventures.

I started this blog in April 2011 as a way to express my creative outlet, the kind I wasn't allowed to express whilst I was working 2 years in a fashion buying company. After my first post, I immediately was accepted into the kind blogging world and have made so many new friends and found such great inspiration.

Thank you all! You guys are the sweetest, most supportive and most encouraging people.

Today I'm wearing a striped dress (my favourite kind) with a vintage cardigan and wearing my favourite lipstick colour. I am also eating one of my favourite foods - hot chips in this case (my other favourite food is Japanese Curry) on a hot Spring day. Already feels like Summer in Australia though!

Have a great weekend everyone, its already started here in Sydney!

xx Natalie

A Halloween to remember and a sexy cat costume! (Plus a blogger interview)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Unknown strapless dress (similar here or here)
Mollini nude shoes (very similar here)
Nekochii cat ears (similar here)

Hello all! Thank you for all the comments, everyone seemed to have been able to relate to me from my last situation I was in, and I thank you for the kind support and words!

I had an early Halloween party this week, and I dressed up in a sexy black and pink dress and matched some cat ears to it, and tied a black ribbon to my neck. Hope you like my outfit. As you know in Sydney Halloween is not celebrated as elaborately as America so I couldn't go all out, just decided to dress up less dramatically. If I could get away with it, I would've put on a big cat suit with those big paws and meowed my way on the streets. Even though I'm allergic to cats.

I am doing a quick post today, because I don't want to distract from my blogger interview that I had going. From my first give-away, I was meant to feature four bloggers, but Damar couldn't get her pictures and answers ready in time. But now she is ready so please see below :)

Blogger Interview number 4: Making My Own Fashion (continuing from my first give away..)

Damar from Making my Own Fashion, a fun and unique style....

 1) Can you tell us a little about yourself and your blog?
My name is Damar and I am a fashion designer and passionate about the creation, with the fact that we have the power to transform ANYTHING around us into something better, and my blog is a bit of that, Making my own Fashion, where I usually transform fabrics into pieces of clothing,  I also include a bit of trashing and a touch of photography ...
2) How you first got involved in with blogging?
I opened the blog in April 2011 looking for a way to show my designs in a more entertaining and personal way... working on this idea emerged Making my own Fashion, as its name says, I make my fashion .. I have so much fun doing the posts, most of the photos are taken by myself, behind each one of the pictures is on an incredible run. Runs ... has become my exercise and has helped me to explore and discover aspects of myself that I never knew existed ...

3) Name some of the bloggers whom you look up to and why?
My favorites blogs are, Aminta (Aminta's fashion) because she has a very unique style and gives it to each post a passion that is contagious. The Audrey Leighton blog (be Frassy) for the way she handles the business side, the "Mis papelitos" blog because in each post she reinforces that there is no limit to age for have fun with fashion ... I also like "Take only memories" and "Marmalade style" because they have some incredible photographs ...

Thank you Damar, and have a good Halloween everyone!
Can't wait to see your costumes!!

xx Natalie

Empower yourself, wear what you want, even if its thigh high boots

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Vintage loose knit jumper (very similar here)
Cashmere leather skirt (very similar here)
Louis Vuitton sunglasses (very similar here)
Gold multi-chain necklaces (similar here

Hi all! Hope everything has been fantastic. I'm so grateful for EVERY single comment I've been getting~ I read every single one. But I have been so busy last week, with interviews face to face, phone interviews, preparing for my blog, preparing for parties and ...being sick. I'm currently sitting in my bed with my dog at my feet trying not to cough all over my laptop.

Anyways~ thank goodness I took these photos just before I got sick. I shall now attend to everyone's blogs and thank you all.

I had an interesting time taking these photos for this post. I went into the city earlier that day and I was perfectly dressed for the environment. However I came back to my area (which is a much quieter and conservative one) and bought some ice cream. While I was walking around I got lots of "weird" looks from the locals. It was a bit intimidating and I felt self-conscious. I think I felt  they thought I was "over-dressed" or too "loud". 


But then, you know, I just took a deep breath and thought, "These people don't know who I am, they cannot judge me on my looks or what I am wearing. I am a good, kind, compassionate person no matter how they look at me". That, and I also had a Madonna song in my head. And we all know Madonna believes in being self confident and to not take crap from anyone else.

In conclusion, I was being stared at because I was in a leather skirt, had dark lipstick and had leather thigh high boots. I was getting "looks" but I should never let it get me down, because I was being myself.  Sometimes its easy to forget that message, but I have to remind myself every day, and everyone who reads this post should remember this message too.

xx Natalie

Food Diary September 2011 - My monthly tribute to Sydney's finest

Saturday, October 22, 2011

1. Chilli fish dish at China Star Restaurant (Parramatta)
3. Pad See Ewe at Home Thai (Sydney)
4. All you can eat desserts at TK Something (Canley Vale)
5. Waffles with chocolate sauce and ice-cream at Lindt Cafe (Darling Harbour)
6. Hand-chopped chocolate chips for Brownies recipe 

Hi all, Every month I do a tribute to Sydney's finest foods and restaurants. All photos are taken by me and are not edited. Hope you enjoy, and please take some time to check out all the restaurants websites.
You can also check out my other two popular food posts for July and August.
I dare you not to drool ~ hehe

xx Natalie

Mash up with prints: Topshop kimono and floral dress

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Topshop floral dress
Asos socks
Forever 21 clogs (similar here)
Topshop flats (in last picture)

Hello Hello Hello! I hope everyone has been well. Thank you for the great comments, for the last post. But the best people you have to thank are those fantastic bloggers I interviewed! They are great! If you want to learn more about them, please visit: The Electric Heart Girl, Hummingbird Girls and Autumn-Castle

I'm in a better mood lately, because I'm finally getting some job interviews lined up. I won't go into too much detail right now, but its FOUR this week, including an awesome internship with a fellow Sydney blogger (I'm hoping to get this one the most). I've done 2 interviews now, I have another 2 to go. Wish me luck!

When I was feeling down, my boyfriend was constantly trying to cheer me up (sweet sweet man). But, he has INSISTED I take some photos out in the city at night, he claiming the lighting is *awesome* and that the photos will look better. But as a per-caution I made him take some in the sunlight. I hope he doesn't see that I only took one photo from our night shoot. Teehee 

Hope you like my mix of prints. I love this Topshop dress. You know those special dresses you leave on the hanger on your door so you can stare at it all day knowing you're saving it for that 'special occasion'? Well this dress is that one. Beautiful floral border print!

xx Natalie

PS I was featured in Isabella's Views of Now blog. A fantastic post. Thanks Isabella!

Interviewing three very precious fashion blogs and the winner of my first giveaway!

Monday, October 17, 2011
Fashion Blogger Interview: The Electric Heart Girl (also my give-away winner!)

Tenzin from The Electric Heart Girl , the blogger with edgy style...

1) Can you tell us a little about yourself and your blog?
 I am the girl behind The Electric Heart Girl, named Tenzin Kelsang, 19 years old, Tibetan girl.
Obsessed with fashion as fashion makes me happy, loves everything related to fashion.
My blog is my personal style, things which inspires me and a lil bit about my life.

2) How you first got involved in with blogging?
Right after my high school, I had one yeaar gap from studies and it was then when I realized my love for fashion. I had been little too obsessive about fashion blogs and street-styles around the world and one day I wondered why I didn't have my own, I had my friends and sisters and sometimes I would drag my brother to help me take some photos and it was fun that I decided to start posting personal styles on the blog.

3) Name some of the bloggers whom you look up to and why?
I  love Rumi Neely from LA, Aimee Song from LA, Natalie Suarez from NY. They all have their individual unique styles. These three bloggers truly inspires me. Bloggers all over the world, really has a wide spectrum of viewpionts, inspirations and opinions which very much inspires me as well as excites me. :)

Fashion Blogger Interview: Hummingbird Girls

Jennifer and Annalise from Hummingbird Girls, beautiful girls, beautiful vintage...

1) Can you tell us a little about yourself and your blog?

Hello! We're Jennifer and Annalise of Hummingbird Girls. We are two twenty somethings with a love for vintage, antiques, and thrifted finds. We love mixing vintage pieces with current trends to create a unique look. Reconstructing vintage items into a more fashion forward look is also a passion of ours. You can find us in thrift stores throughout the West looking for the best vintage to add to our closets (or possibly to yours!). Our blog chronicles our personal style as well as our thrifting adventures.

2) How you first got involved in with blogging?
We have been close friends for many years and share a mutual love for thrifting, antiques, DIY, and vintage. We launched Hummingbird Girls in December 2010. Although we have been selling vintage clothing and accessories through the San Francisco Bay Area since 2008, the blog became a vehicle to share our personal style with a larger community, Most of our content focuses on vintage, thrift, DIY, and fashion inspiration. To us, creatively shooting vintage is just as important as styling an outfit. Most of our photographs are taken within a three blocks of both of our apartments. We are constantly inspired by buildings in our neighborhoods (The Mission District and The Panhandle), local parks, and vibrant colors. These things often influence our wardrobe.

3) Name some of the bloggers whom you look up to and why?

There are so many bloggers that we admire. Since we are from San Francisco, we are inspired by fashion from the city. Some of our favorite Bay Area bloggers include A Fine Day for Sailing, Fancy Fine, and Mousevox due to their eclectic mix of vintage, thrift, and newer pieces. We also adore A Thought is the Blossom and Foxtail and Fern.


Fashion Blogger Interview: Autumn-Castle

Aelie from Autumn-Castle, a classy girl with a twist...

1) Can you tell us a little about yourself and your blog?

I'm Aelie, I'm 24 and I live in Sydney with my boyfriend and my cat.  I love fashion and would describe my style as classic with an alternative twist.  My blog is called The Autumn Castle, and I post my outfits, my recent purchases, the occasional beauty post, and bits and pieces from my everyday life.

2) How you first got involved in with blogging?
I started this blog nearly 12 months ago, although I had been blogging for about a year before that.  I was inspired by all the gorgeous blogs by members of the Vogue Forums, and wanted to start one of my own, to document my wardrobe and my style.  It's been a great way to define my style, and be inspired by the styles of other bloggers.

3) Name some of the bloggers whom you look up to and why?
Some of the blogs I look up to include Dead Fleurette, for her dedication to the ultimate capsule wardrobe, and the amazing outfits she can create from a small number of classic items.  Modern Legacy, for her fantastic style that seems so effortless, and Heart & Bleecker, for her collection of loose dresses and ankle boots!


Thank you all of these bloggers for these fantastic interviews! It's been a great give-away, and a great experience for me. And thank you for all those who entered. You guys are the best.

Jennifer and Annalise from Hummingbird Girls
Aelie from Autumn-Castle

xx Natalie



I'm wearing blue, but I'm not feeling blue because I love wearing vintage

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Vintage blue shirt (very similar here)
Cashmere leather skirt (very similar here)
Indian silk scarf (similar here)
Gold cuff (similar here)

Hi all! Thank you so much for every sweet comment, I loved them all. I am still visiting back all blogs to leave many thank you messages and gratitude for the support.

My first giveaway has now ended, and the winner has been generated. But I won't reveal that until my next post, as I am waiting on the lucky girl, plus three others to send me some information. 

Tonight, I'm wearing a bold and beautiful outfit, and to be honest, I was inspired by Atlantic-Pacific's older outfits, where she was bold enough to do one colour palette! Bee has been a great inspiration to me, but I definitely can't wear some of her outfits head to toe, because it just isn't my style. That's the fun of fashion - picking and choosing your items and mixing it up to create outfits of your own.

I like to toughen up my looks, so I paired it with a leather mini skirt and a beautiful Lita boots, and added some gold chains for a point of focus.

It's Saturday evening here, and I'm ready to hit the town. Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

xx Natalie

Style Diary September 2011 - A collection of my favourite looks

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hi all! Hope all is well. Here is my monthly post where I reflect what I have worn in the last month, and in this case, September 2011. 
After reflecting, I've noticed I've started to become more brave in my color and layering choices, and how fun! 

Which was your favourite look?

A great quote I picked up on twitter: "Always dress like you're going to see your enemy" and I think this is a great thing to have in mind when you're in your wardrobes thinking up your daily outfit. The bolder the better I say, just picture your enemy's face, grr!

And remember, there are only just under 8 hours until my giveaway ends! If you haven't yet entered, enter here. Good luck for all! And remember my 2nd prize in which I will feature three awesome blogs in my next post. Until next time~

xx Natalie

P.S loving this pretty Asos dress!

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