Birthday Roadtrip Part 1: Ophir Reserve Camping Grounds

Sunday, June 26, 2016
Ophir Reserve Camping Site Roadtrip Orange NSW
Ophir Reserve Camping Site Roadtrip Orange NSW
Ophir Reserve Camping Site Roadtrip Orange NSW
Ophir Reserve Camping Site Roadtrip Orange NSW
Ophir Reserve Camping Site Roadtrip Orange NSW
Ophir Reserve Camping Site Roadtrip Orange NSW
Ophir Reserve Camping Site Roadtrip Orange NSW
Ophir Reserve Camping Site Roadtrip Orange NSW
Ophir Reserve Camping Site Roadtrip Orange NSW
Ophir Reserve Camping Site Roadtrip Orange NSW
Ophir Reserve Camping Site Roadtrip Orange NSW Jeep Wrangler
Ophir Reserve Camping Site Roadtrip Orange NSW Gold Mines

Ophir Camping Reserve, Lewis Ponds Creek. Photos taken by myself and Hai using Canon 70D DSLR

Some of the amazing things Hai does for me makes me feel really lucky. For my 29th birthday, he took the same annual leave as me so we can escape to regional NSW. We planned a two day trip through Orange to Capertee in his Jeep Wrangler, stopping at Ophir, Turons Gate, Hills End, Sofala and the Glow Worm Tunnel. We packed our clothes, snacks, instant ramen noodles, sleeping bags, torches, iPod and portable phone chargers and left Sydney at 5am.
Although it only took two hours to reach Orange, it felt like a world away. Phone reception was nowhere to be found and soon tar roads turned into dirt roads and houses were replaced with cows, sheep and rolling hills.

And that was amazing. Me and Hai rolled down our windows and listened to Taylor Swift and held hands while we drove. No other cars in sight and no operating shops and contact with the outside world. We stopped to pet miniature horses and admire grazing cows and sleeping sheep. I was already loving the trip before I set my eyes upon our first pit stop - Ophir Reserve.

Ophir Reserve is a peaceful camping site with basic facilities such as toilets and BBQ sites. Camping fees are paid through an Honesty box (you can pay what you believe the fee is for using the facilities). Although we didn't camp here overnight I still admired the majestic tree that stood on the edge of Lewis Ponds Creek and Summers Creek. Ducks and Geese grazed behind us and the river flowed quietly.
Ophir Reserve marks where gold was first discovered in NSW back in 1851. Around the camp grounds are old relics of gold mines and walking trails however it is warned to be careful not to fall into the open mine shafts!
From here, me and Hai went onwards to Capertee and I will share those adventures through a series of future blog posts.
Below is a map of where I estimated the site to be based on my research - site is situated right next to big pool of water along Lower Lewis Ponds Road. It isn't hard to navigate to as there is only one road that leads to Ophir Reserve however do email me if you have any questions.
It is well worth the trip.

Fitness Goals with Mambo x Anya Rock

Wednesday, June 1, 2016
Mambo x Anya Geo Tank Blogger Fashion
Mambo x Anya Geo Capri Pants
Mambo x Anya Geo Capri Pants Nike Shoes
Mambo x Anya Geo Capri Pants Geo Tank
Mambo x Anya Geo Tank

I've been keeping my fitness goals private in the last few months.
One day, I weighed myself after working a year at my Costco office job and had the shock of my life. I had gained seven whole kilograms. SEVEN. This was the heaviest I had ever been - and it was at 66 kilograms.

In my shorter height of 162cm, I realized that 66 kilograms did not look good on me. Although I did figure out my clothes didn't fit me anymore and I jiggled when I walked, I've been ignoring my body and avoiding mirrors. I was quietly losing my confidence.
 So I forced myself to survey my stomach, back, thighs and arms and found that my once strong muscles was covered in a layer of fat. At that moment I put down my bag of chips and reflected on my past year.

True, I ate bigger portions then I should've. My idea of healthy snacks were things like hot chips, biscuits, a sugary yoghurt or half a coconut bun. I enjoyed the occasional can of coke and lots of jasmine rice and white toast. I didn't walk or run anywhere anymore. I had not used my gym membership in eight months and I added sugar into my teas and coffees. I got lazy in my nine to five office job.

So I did my research. I changed my breakfasts to Greek yoghurt with flax seed and abit of honey. I cut out sugary drinks and switched to almond and soy milk. I reduced my processed carbohydrates and added more steamed vegetables and protein. My snacks are now some fruit, some tuna or a handful of almonds. I drink only water and green tea.

I went back to the gym to lift heavy weights four days a week, and trained myself to like running on a treadmill and running outdoors.

In those last four months, I had lost five kilograms and 3% body fat and I'm still going. I can the definition forming around my arms, thighs and core, and I'm not as jiggly.
My energy levels are up and I am proud of myself. I felt confident again to be in front of the camera.

It was great timing that I came across this outfit from Mambo x Anya. While on my now frequent visits to my local park, I wore my Geo Tank and Geo Capri to run around in.
There's no better way to celebrate fitness goals then to run around in clothing that make you feel good and make you look good.

I'm still on my fitness journey - my goal is to reduce my body fat and gain more muscle (especially in the core). With the help of Mambo x Anya, hopefully I will be able to show off some rock-hard abs in a few months.

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