It's great to laugh in stripes, polka dots and pink

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What I wore today: Lovelygirl Stripe top (find item here), Unknown polka dot dress (gift from friend), Topshop batwing cardigan (find similar item here), Ebay stockings, Jeffrey Campbell boots (find item here), DIY necklace, MAC lipstick shade #14
My friend wore: H&M tan boots (sold out....)

I have great friends. They are so sweet and they always make me laugh. My friend gave me this dress, which I wore as a skirt. She really thought it was my style and she was right :)
It's pink, (check) its puffy (check), its girly (check, double check)!
You guys should really visit her blog as well - she writes an excellent food blog called Betty's bites, and I swear you can gain calories just by looking at her delicious pictures. Click here for the link!

My friend, also my talented co-worker, took my pretty pictures today as well. I appreciate all her help, she really has helped me make my blog as it is today. All my co-workers make me laugh, we all have our inside jokes going on and we stick with each other through and through. And they all also have wicked style, look at my friends boots! They are beautiful!
I will steal them when she isn't watching.. hopefully she won't notice.. hehe

Remember to check out my friend's food blog here ;)

xx Natalie

Zara: One two three, red, yellow, green!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What I wore today: Zara stripe shirt (find item here), Topshop cupro shorts (find similar item here), Bardot boots (find similar item here), Electric Avenue bow (find similar item here), Sportsgirls bag, Diva bracelets, Topshop dog chain necklace, Yellowgoat "Perfect Match" necklace (find item here), MAC St Germain lipstick (find item here )

Hi all, this is me practicing to be an awesome soccer mom one day. See how I got the standing stance all ready and everything, and I got my bold coloured stripe shirt on so my little kids can see me in the crowd. Haha jokes. I took a walk around the park in the beautiful sun (did you guys know that Sydney is is WINTER?), and enjoyed the peace and quiet.

As much as I love H&M, I also love Zara, Australia just recently got its first ZARA store recently, and it was a massive event, the opening night! I remember seeing people lining up for metres and metres. It was so crazy we even had security guards up at the front with a clicker letting in some people at a time. Just like a famous nightclub. Well who can blame the people, when ZARA produces awesome striped shirts such as mine?

When I have kids one day, they better appreciate ZARA as much as I do. Maybe I should keep all my clothes in great condition so I pass it on to them? How awesome would that be? I'd be the greatest (soccer) mom in the world! Do you love Zara too?

I wear my hearts on my legs and mesh dress

Sunday, June 26, 2011

What I wore today: Luka mesh dress (find similar item here) , Into Fashion Blazer (find similar item here), Sportsgirl stockings (find item here), Mollini nude shoes (find similar item here), Diva Bangles, Fossil Watch (find item here), Asos socks

I'm quite a romantic at heart, even though I wear it rarely to express it. I get all fuzzy and warm watching romantic comedies - my favourite movie is Love Actually. My dreams as a kid, were to be able to dance like Michael Jackson (failed poorly, but I do express my inner MJ at my gym session of Zumba), and second, was to fall in love.

I did fall in love, multiple times - with bad boys, nerdy boys, gangsta boys, sweet boys, you name it. In the end I found my boyfriend Hughie and he's a sweetheart. I also fell in love with fashion and all the trends, even the one-off ones - puffy shoulders, bushy eyebrows, the epic failed microfibre flare pants.. but one fashion trend that has never failed me is a good old waistcut dress. I have a small waist so I love dresses cinched at the waist, its become a little bit like my signature dress. That's one love in my life I can always count on!

What style of dresses do you love?

You've just gotta love CAPITAL H & M

Friday, June 24, 2011

What I wore today: H&M lace dress (find similar H&M item here), Asos Cardigan (find similar Asos item here), Ebay socks (find similar item here), Novu shoes (find similar item here), Lancel bag (find similar item here), Chanel sunglasses (find item here), feather earrings (find similar item here), MAC 'cyber' lipstick (find item here), Fossil watch (find item here)

I love H&M, I cannot stress how much. I first discovered H&M when I visited France a couple of years ago. Compared to the shops in Sydney, it was a clothing wonderland. I have never seen so many beautiful products under the same label in one place at the same time. My poor credit card, it got the biggest work out!

Here is me showing some public display of affection (PDA hehe) with the CAPITAL H&M. Look how much I love it, and look how much it loves me. Today I take my innocent lace dress and wear it with some of my edginess. Dark lipstick, dark socks, dark shoes, just the way I like it. Tell me how much you love H&M and link your favourite H&M look below! I'll love to see it!
Oh and also, aren't you guys excited about the collaboration with Versace?!

xx Natalie

I think my cherry red lipstick steals the spotlight from my Litas

Thursday, June 23, 2011

What I wore today: Lovelygirl knit jumper & scarf (find similar item here), American Apparel skirt (find item here), Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots (find item here), Diva feather headband (find similar item here), Fossil Watch (find item here), Topshop bag (find similar item here), Christian Dior shade "999" lipstick (find similar item here)

Hi all! I had a massive fight with my laptop last night because it wouldn't allow me to upload my pictures from yesterday onto the website. Even though I threatened to Jackie Chan kick it, my uploader still wouldn't budge. So now I'm on another computer quickly blogging away. My laptop won -.-

This is my latest look, I wanted to showcase my favourite shoes at the moment - my Jeffrey Campbell Lita Boots, but after reviewing my photos, I think I'm more in love with my red lisptick! Look at my lips pop! I'm a big lipstick fan (27 shades and counting...) so I like to play up or complete my looks with them. I recommend everyone go out there and by a few shades of lipstick, (make sure you get a bright red!) and mix and match in front of the mirror. What are your favourites shades?

I've also been getting alot of questions lately about where I buy my clothes and accessories. I've added a few links above so you can find the items I wear. Unfortunately some are not available online so I have tried to show you some items that are similar. Consider me evil because I'm encouraging online shopping hehe. Stop reading if you want to save your credit card. Stop. Reading. NOW. :)

xx Natalie

I was born this way - with blue hair & a blue lightning bolt (LADY GAGA TRIBUTE)

Monday, June 20, 2011
  My entry picture

What I wore today: Topshop leather jacket, CUE feather pads, Paper Scissors T-shirt,  Slash tights (unknown), Jeffrey Campbell boots, Leather gloves (EBAY), MAC 'Cyber' lipstick, Chanel 'Black Pearl' nailpolish

Hello all! A few days ago I mentioned I was entering a Lady Gaga competition - its a contest where people can win 2 x LADY GAGA tickets to her exclusive concert here in Sydney. All you have to do is submit your photo of you as a Lady Gaga Monster, and call up if you're one of the finalists. I hope I win. It will be epic. Absolutely epic. If not.... at least I had some fun :)

To get my blue streaks in my hair, I had an old blue wig lying around, and it was very tangled in some places. I cut strips of pre-sewn hair out of it and bobby pinned streaks into my hair. To achieve my lightning bolt, I used loose blue glitter and mixed it with a tiny amount of moisturizing cream, it creates sort of like a gel. Apply it lightly to your face with a thin flat brush in a lightning bolt shape. Then define the edges with some liquid blue eyeliner. 

You can enter too! If you're in NSW!

xx Natalie

Geek in a striped shirt, win!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

What I wore today: H&M parka, Denim Shirt (vintage), Topshop sleeveless shirt, Forever 21 skirt, Topshop shoes, Topshop bag, Topshop dogtags necklace, Topshop Brighton Rock lipstick

I'm often dragging my boyfriend to the girly movies, hairdressers, clothes shopping, and make him do his nails, makeup and perms... haha jokes :) he wanted to go to SUPANOVA so I went with him. It's basically a comics, anime, cult movies convention, similar to America's Comic-con. I had some fun, bought myself some pretty bows and cat ears (I swear I will use them!!) from those Japanese lolita shops, and we ate junk food and watched cosplay shows. 
Up close, its amazing the detail that goes into the cosplay costumes, the hair, the handmade weapons, the tiny earrings and the shoes! That's dedication I tell you, dedication. All I did was find my most geekiest looking shirt (geeks are hot by the way) and wear it with PRIDE.

That's me and Kakashi (from Naruto) in my last photo by the way. YAY!

Love is the new denim or black (floral shirts)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

What I wore today: Miss Selfridge floral shirt, Lovely girl fur vest, Lee denim shorts, Bardot boots, Paper Scissors headband, Diva/Markets bracelets, Limecrime cosmopop lipstick

 I've been spewing a lot of Lady Gaga's lyrics lately, they just come to my head! And I've been listening to her new album in my car over and over, I love all songs, but the ones that stick with me are "Marry the night" (this post title is a modification of that song), "Hair" and "Scheiße ". Love <3 

What a dream it will be to meet her! This weekend, I'm going to enter the Lady Gaga concert competition that is happening in Sydney. She is coming to have a concert here! I have to send a picture of myself as one of her little monsters. I think it will be time to hack at my blue wig and bring out the glitter...!

Don't tell my mom I own a leather skirt

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What I wore today: Paper Scissors shirt, Scarf (hand-made), Diva headband, H&M leather skirt, Jeffrey Campbell boots
On my table: Sony Vaio laptop, Lady Gaga's 'Born this way' album, Chanel's 'Black Pearl' nailpolish, Pandora bracelet with 3 charms, 7 rings necklace (gift from friend), Yellowgoat's 'Perfect Match' necklace

It's raining today! I cannot go outside to my favourite parks or streets or any awesome locations.. so here are some photos of me in front of my house :) 
I love love love this leather skirt, its such an innocent length, but its made out of leather, so it adds that edgy look. People come up to my skirt and touch it and is surprised how BAD-ASS the fabric feels. I sort of feel like I'm a girl from the 50's but with that bad-ass additude. Haha

On my table, is all my jewellery I wear everyday. My favourite is the 'Perfect Match' necklace, its handmade, and my boyfriend gave it to me for Valentine's Day. My Pandora bracelet is special too, my boyfriend has pledged to buy me a new charm everytime there is a special occasion. 
Inside my colourful room on this depressing day, I sit and blog and visit other blogs and watch some HIMYM or Community. What a nice way to spend the day :)

The hills are alive, and so is this floral dress

Monday, June 13, 2011

What I wore today: Asos coat, Miss Cherry dress, belt (from China), Lovelygirl scarf, Dangerfield stockings, Jeffery Campbell Lita Boots, MAC Morange lipstick, Diva ring

The long weekend continues, yay! Here I am in NSW's Blue Mountains because me and my boyfriend decide to visit Sparadise. It's basically Japanese therapeutic spa treatments, featuring a hot bath, hot spa, saunas, and cold baths infused with lots of herbs and spices. Lol jokes. I just meant herbs. 
I was a little skeptical at first, but after 15mins in a hot spa (38 degrees!) I was feeling so relaxed and thinking that I had no worries in the world. We spent 3 hours there, just dipping into the outdoor baths and into the saunas and sleeping every 15mins..and drinking tea and etc etc.

Just google "Japanese Spa baths NSW" and the website will come up. Even if you don't go to Sparadise, visit the Blue Mountains. Look at the beautiful landscapes and the colours! This is truly winter!

I'm going to marry the night and this pleated skirt

Saturday, June 11, 2011

What I wore today: Topshop leather jacket, CUE feather pads, Lovelygirl pleated skirt, Topshop top, Jeffery Campbell boots, Asos Bag, Chanel Black Pearl nailpolish

Beginning of the LONG WEEKEND yay! Thank you to the Queen!
I had some of my boyfriend's relatives visit us from Melbourne so we took them around to the Opera house in Sydney - one of the must-see locations of Australia. The best part of the Opera house I reckon, are the stairs, they bring back childhood memories. When I was 6 years old, me and my sister would run up and down those stairs, playing chase. I didn't even know I was at the Opera house at the time...but that endless staircase is still awesome.

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