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Monday, May 30, 2011

What I wore today: Into Fashions Knit Jumper, Topshop top, Paper Scissors Shorts, Sportsgirls Socks, Bardot Boots, Topshop Bag, Diva/Markets Jewellery

Often, I find myself wishing I wasn't at work and that I was in a park. My office refuses to open the blinds and has no open windows, so I spend my day under fluorescent lighting and breathing air conditioned recycled air.
It's such a wonderful escape to stroll through parks, watch black swans skimming the lakes and to read a good book under the trees. It is a quiet joy.

Midnight to Sunrise

Sunday, May 29, 2011

What I wore today: Topshop top, Lovelygirl Maxi Skirt, Wittner Shoes, White Monk Fur Vest, Diva?Markets Jewelery, Lancome lipstick

 Took some time off to walk through the park before spending the night at the Ivy Pools in Sydney, a very elegant place. I love my new maxi skirt - its so floaty and I feel like a dark Goddess especially teamed with my dark lipstick. Too bad I spent the night freezing (its coming close to Winter) in my little fur vest, but I guess it was worth it in the end.  :)

I feel pretty and witty and bright

Thursday, May 26, 2011

What I wore today: Mink blouse, Vintage leather shorts, Asos Cardigan, belt (from Europe), Grey Socks (Ebay bought), Forever 21 shoes, Diva/Markets Bracelets, Diva Headband, NY Lipstick

I woke up excited to spend the night with my boyfriend, we had a plan to watch the Glee finale, the Oprah finale and to eat in (mainly bad foods). I won't tell you details of the (bad) food we ate, but Glee and Oprah had the best highlights - they both featured the musical Wicked! I love Wicked, especially the songs Unlimited and Defying Gravity, beautiful Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel! I even saw the Australian production twice. Worth every cent!

Anyhoo... I'm totally getting off the subject.. aren't my vintage shorts divine? I love them, I also bought them off Ebay from a very nice Vintage clothes store. Here's the link to the store :)


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What I wore today: Topshop Leather Jacket, Forever 21 t-shirt, Vintage Mens Pants, Belt (from Europe),  Black Scarf (from Markets), Bardot boots, Diva/Markets Jewelry, Necklace (from Markets), Christian Dior Lipstick

Bought these red pants from a Vintage clothes seller on Ebay, love them, they are just so bright! I'm not as tall as I wish I can be (small 162CM) so its hard for me to wear clothing that overwhelm me.. but I find these pants sit and crop nicely where they should on my little legs. 
Today was even EXTRA windy, especially for a Sydney Autumn Day. I wanted to be like Mary Poppins and stand outside with an open umbrella, wishing that the wind will fly me away! Somewhere like sunny Hawaii! :(

Lady in Pink

Monday, May 23, 2011

What I wore today: Forever 21 shirt, Into Fashions blazer, Vintage shorts, Sportgirl socks, Bardot Boots, Handmade scarf, Diva Jewellery

I'm sure if I didn't tell you, you wouldn't have noticed, but those vintage shorts are a size 6 and thus they are way too small for me. But I still wear them because I love them. Beauty is pain!
By the way it was a lovely windy day today, beautiful breeze!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

What I wore today: Topshop dress, Lovelygirl blouse, Zara shoes, Diva Bracelet and Necklace, Diva Headband

After surviving the rapture, I went and took a stroll into the park, into our own little Heaven. And dame, I was kinda looking forward to seeing some pretty lights, and possibly some zombies. :)

Ice Cream vs Zombies

What I wore today: H&M Parka, Forever 21 dress & belt, Bardot boots, Asos Bag, O.P.I 'Hot & Spicy' Nail Polish

Saturday 21st May 2011: The Zombie Apocalypse and Rapture was coming. Ice Cream, saved my day. That is all.


Friday, May 20, 2011

What I wore today: Into Fashions Blazer, H&M Knit dress, Belt (unknown), Stockings (unknown), INCU boots, Diva Necklace and bracelet, Asos bag, Revlon 'Apricot Blaisle' Lipstick

I got given two Westfields Gift cards for my birthday, and I spent the night shopping after work. Now its past midnight, so I'm tired and half asleep. Going to keep this post short before I blog something I'll regret tomorrow morning. Hehe, with my look today I felt it's a perfect Autumn look. I even match the background.
Enjoy :)

Young Blood

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What I wore today: Agent Ninetynine Red Tank, Tempt Mesh Tank, H&M Cardigan, H&M Parka, Necklace (from France), Sportsgirl Wedges, Glasses (from Markets), Lancome Lipstick

I love red lipstick, this is one of my favourites - Lancome shade no. 118. It starts off with the lipstick, then the rest of the outfit falls into place.

The Lazy Song (plus Dior Kimono Pink nail polish!)

Pho Ben (George Street, Parramatta NSW): Crispy Chicken with Rice Noodles Soup

Nailpolishes (from left to right): Christian Dior 'Psychedelic Orange', Christian Dior 'Pink Kimono', O.P.I 'Hot & Spicy', O.P.I 'A Grape Fit', NOX 'Twilight'

What I wore today: Christian Dior's 'Kimono Pink' Nailpolish

I'll tell you the truth, I woke up late and had serious panda eyes. I was so tired I chucked on some mundane clothes and rushed to work with a big coffee in hand...and I didn't want to scare off any readers with my eye bags and tired face.
So...I normally wouldn't blog about food, its not my forte, but I do love this restaurant and I do love their noodle soup. I also like to paint my nails when I'm bored, and for my birthday this year I got a sweet range of nail polish colours. I tried Kimono Pink this week. Looks great against my tanned skin. :)

Of course the best blog to read when it comes to food, is my friend's. Check out Betty's food blog, I'm sure you'll love it!

Also, you can check out Dior's Orange Psychedelic nail polish on my DIY blog: Building Lucy

xx Natalie

Love will Never Do Without You

Monday, May 16, 2011

What I wore today: Lovelygirl Chiffon Blouse, Lovelygirl Pants, Jacket (gift from Mom), Belt (from Europe), Diva Necklace, Diva/Markets Bracelets, Forever 21 Shoes, Christian Dior Lipstick

First day back at work, and still recovering from my hangover from my birthday party. Can you tell...? 
Also, I am trying out my new birthday present Christian Dior 'Rouge Ara' Lipstick. It's so smooth and silky and makes my lips pop. Love it love it love it! Thanks Susan for the lovely gift :)

Beautiful Day

Sunday, May 15, 2011

What I wore today: Sportsgirl hat, Valleygirl strapless top, H&M leather skirt, Red belt (from Europe), Fossil Watch, Diva/Pandora Jewellery, Sportsgirl Wedges

On this day, I was holding my famous joint birthday party. I join it with my boyfriend because our birthdays are only one day apart! But... it's famous because, I make everyone have drinks and then I end up having way too much of a good time with my drinks and friends and music and dancing.. then more drinks..and shots.. and more chocolate cake.. and you know the rest...

Well, I decided to make use of the beautiful day and take a stroll in the local park. It was my moment of peace before the party started.. and the drinking marathon began... :)


What I wore today: Asos Jacket, Chicabooti Cardigan, Something One shoulder top, Zara Skirt, Dangerfield Stockings, Zara Shoes, Asos Bag with Leona Edmiston Scarf, Diva/Pandora Jewelry, MAC St Germain Lipstick

It's my birthday today! I turned a very young (or old?) 24 years today and now I'm starting to feel my life is coming into full circle these days.

Yesterday I mentioned I will have to wear something that screams "BIRTHDAY GIRL" or wear my favourite colour: pink. Well I managed to combine both things and try out the new seasonal trend: Colour Blocking.
Not only did I successfully pull off this colour blocking look, my birthday itself was a very colourful day. I was surprised by my sweet co-workers with a chocolate cake (my fave!), yellow daisies and roses, green tea blondie cakes and we also devoured full sugared coke and a fat juicy burger with chips. I also got a new MAC "goes and goes" purple lipstick which I'm keen to try and giftcards and macaroons.

Thank you all, to my sweet boyfriend, my friends, my family and co-workers for making my day beautiful and full of joy. My phone was going off today with facebook messages, text messages and calls, I feel so loved! *tears

Thanks for all your support with my blog! It means the world to me. xx Natalie :)

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