Food Diary August 2011 - A monthly tribute to food

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

1. My boyfriend's mom made this cake, English isn't her first language, haha
2. China Star Restaurant's Chicken fried noodles in pepper sauce (Parramatta)
3. Max Brennar's waffles and chocolate sauce (Newtown)
4/5. Taste of Shanghai's Steamed bun with fried pork (Market City)
6. Lindt Cafe's Waffle with chocolate sauce and ice cream (Cockle Bay)
7. Home Thai's steamed wontons (Sydney)

Hi all! As I said in my last post, I've been going through everyone's blogs, and WOW I've seen some fantastic posts! I have also been following lots of new bloggers, through Google Connect. However, there seems to be something wrong with my Google Connect, I can't seem to actually follow, there might be an error. So I apologize to all my new blogging friends. If I said I've followed you but you can't see my little thumbnail, please let me know below and I'll fix it asap!

So, that aside, welcome to my monthly food diary post, my last food post proved popular, so now it is permanently here. All photos are taken by me, with my Nikon DSLR Camera, no editing. Hope you enjoy!!

I'm looking forward to reading all your blog posts!

xx Natalie

Sunset skies calls for sunset hues and sunset sunglasses

Monday, August 29, 2011

Miss Selfridge lace jumper
Diva bangles, Baku leather bracelet

Hi all! Thanks again for the lovely comments! I'm enjoying myself in the sun and just about to head out for dinner with my best friends. As all of us Aussies know, its finally the last weekend of Winter! Spring is just around the corner, yes! So I'm rocking my leopard print mini-skirt, and sexy lace top. Using shades of orange, leopard, and black to set the mood.
So, my thought for the week is:

Every blogger has something to say, so I'll be reading your blog post today.

So I don't have much to say for this post, I'm super super busy visiting everyone's blogs! You guys sure are stylish and are interesting people! And I'm following so many awesome blogs now, must catch up on the latest posts!

Have a fantastic week everyone!

xx Natalie

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Time for a casual look, a vintage jumper and some denim

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Vintage knit jumper
Mui Mui sunglasses (similar item here)

Hi all! I hope you've all been well. I've been so stoked reading all the sweet comments from my last post. It was very special post for me and I'm glad you guys were able to see that. Again thanks to Nursadel for the great photography!

Today, I'm in a more laid-back look, as you know I can't dress up all the time! I will freeze to death in the winter here in Sydney, haha. For the past week (of unemployment), I've been a housewife, cleaning and cooking, and looking after my dogs. I spend my nights with my boyfriend, after he finishes work. Its so relaxing, I have to say. For months I was the one working extra hard and my boyfriend being the stay-at-home man, so its so fun to get the roles reversed.

I don't often wear jeans, I'm more of a dress wearing sort of girl, but sometimes you need to just want to walk out the house without the worry of the wind flipping up the hem lines. I love the shades of red I'm rocking as well, great for the winter here.

I leave you with some behind the scenes photos taken by my boyfriend on my last shoot!

xx Natalie

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Special Guest Photographer: Nusardel from Mint Maison

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Paper Scissors crop top
Revlon "Orchid Bleach" lipstick

Hi all! Thank you again and again and again, for all the sweet comments you have left me on my last blog post. Alot of you love my unexpected clash of colours, and embrace me with open arms. Thanks!!
I am now in the process of visiting all of your blogs!

This post, is a very special post. I was contacted by local blogger/photographer Nusardel Oshana, writer of Mint Maison , and he wanted to take some photos of me for my next blog post. I was very much honored so we took to a local pretty hill and he took some stunning photos. Nusardel is a very talented photographer, he knows of things better than I do, and he thinks of details such as lighting and shadows. 

For my outfit, I wore a cropped bodycon top, and wore my favourite maxi skirt. As I wore all black, I added a dash of colour with a bright pink lipstick. Luckily it was windy this day, and the way my maxi skirt floated and swept across the floor really helped give the photos movement and energy. 

Thank you Nusardel for the fantastic photos! Don't forget to check out his blog here, and his Flickr account here.

xx Natalie

To brighten up: bold lipstick, a denim shirt & a mix of colours

Monday, August 22, 2011

Miss Selfridge denim shirt
Lovelygirl pleated skirt
Zara Heels
Sportsgirl belt
MAC 'Girl about town' lipstick

Hi all!  Thanks again to all the sweet comments, it really has made my day. I've been reading alot of comments and visiting everyone's blog. There is great fashion inspiration out there!!

I've been wearing alot of black outfits lately, so I decided to go back to colour today. As a parting gift, one of my close co-workers gave me a new lipstick (yessss!!) to add to my collection. It was a MAC 'Girl about town' shade - its a strong hot pink colour. It was perfect for my skin tone. 

I now have approximately 34 lipsticks sitting on my shelf! If I could get a job using lipsticks to make or break outfits (sort of like a stylist I guess?) I would be so happy, but unfortunately I'm jobless right now.

Do you guys also have a dream job you want?

For my job break, I think I might just blog (alot) and do many errands, like my tax return, getting my green P's, or facebook, or twitter...
And, also, I did a special photo shoot this weekend with a fellow a blogger/photographer Nusardel Oshana, I will post these photos on my next post. For now: a preview!

xx Natalie

Going back to basics: chiffon black dress from my favourite onlnie shop, Ebay

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ebay stockings
Flower Corsage (gift from friend)
Topshop Brighton Rock lipstick

Hi all! Thank you again everyone, for your fantastic comments wishing my friend congratulations on her engagement. She is absolutely gushing at all the nice wishes. And thanks all for the compliments on my DIY skirt. It means so much to me because I made that skirt myself!

Today I'm wearing one my my favorite dress. I bought it off Ebay a few months ago. Unfortunately I forgot the store name, but anyways, I bought it as soon as I saw it online. I'm such a sucker for online shopping.
My poor credit card. I usually am influenced by looking at the shop windows or by other bloggers. If I see a garment that I know that is perfect for my wardrobe, I just have to have it. For example; Atlantic Pacific's pink H&M parka. She has worn it so many times, so I decided to buy it off Ebay (I searched high and low) and now I own one, and wear it with many outfits. It was sold out so it was so rare to find, but I don't regret it !

Do you guys like to shop off Ebay? 

I hope one day to open an online store through Ebay, selling some of the stuff I wear on my blog. Since I am resigning from my fashion buying assistant job and tomorrow is finally my last day, I'll love to keep my foot in the industry by doing this. Watch this space, I may open it soon!

Have a fantastic week everyone ~

xx Natalie

P.S My hair colour has changed, its now a dark blonde. But as we all know, coloured hair fades very easily. With my coloured shampoo, within 2 weeks my hair will be back to my lovely beige blonde!

A beautiful DIY skirt for a beautiful night with the girls

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Valleygirl strapless top
DIY pencil skirt
Mollini heels
Rayban aviators
Fossil watch
Hi all! Thank you again for all you comments. So sweet. And I suddenly hit over 80 comments on my last post. I'm so stoked, love you all!

Today I wear my favourite DIY skirt. I bought the fabric locally because I fell in love with it completely. It had a metallic shine with a rough finish but its certainly unique. And for the skirt block, I followed an old skirt block from my old Fashion Design course, then added a pretty ruffle at the waist. Do you guys like it?

Oh and good news, my best friend just got engaged! I'm so happy for her!

I am also Maid of honour. I'm absolutely looking forward to getting her trashed for her hens night, helping her pick out her wedding dress, and help her stick to her "wedding" diet. The joys of being a Maid of Honour. I also will carry around around some chocolate just in case she gets stressed, haha.

Tonight, I had a nice dinner with girls in the city to celebrate her engagement. I dressed simply but of course I add my own style to it. Did you also notice I did my hair? I am not very happy with it, but I will fix it with my colour shampoo. My pick: De lorenzo 'Rosewood' color shampoo. Makes my blonde hair beige over a few days.  
Have a nice week everyone~ !

xx Natalie

P.S Thanks to Patrick for taking my dear photos!

Orange is the colour of the day, and this maxi skirt has its say

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mink blouse
Rayban aviators
MAC morange lipstick
O.P.I hot & spicy nailpolish

Hi all! Thanks again for all the lovely comments on my previous post. All of you are asking me for where I get this jacket, unfortunately its thrifted, so it may be hard to find!

I will post today about a current trend I love - the maxi skirt. For years I was very stubborn about my skirt length, I was obsessed with knee length or just above the knee skirts. Well now no more, it's maxi skirts this year, baby. I think its the flow of the fabric when you walk with determination, and the way the hem sweeps across the floor when you sit down. There's something about this floor length that is so feminine.
And as you can see, while I stand in the wind, that I'm loving the floaty fabric. But I am also loving the orange colour, its so bold and unique. I pair it today with one of my favorite bright orange lipsticks and wear sandals to show off my orange toenails. Peek-a-boo! Enjoy!

I've created a new Facebook page, please "like" it now. It will mean so much to me. 

Also everyone, follow me on Twitter, my account is @peach_tea_. I have over 700 followers, but I'll love more fashionable bloggers to follow me too. I always follow back!

Please take some time to connect with me, I love to connect with people and visit other blogs :) Please also follow me on Instagram and Lookbook as seen on the side columns!

xx Natalie

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