Loving my Raybans thanks to OPSM in Sydney's beautiful weather!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ray-ban Aviators thanks to OPSM
 Miss Cherry red floral dress
H&M studded cardigan (similar here)
Topshop floral hair tie

Here is me in Sydney after recovering from my Sydney Food Coma. I am finally able to walk around! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and spent it with family and friends and received great gifts. Some of my favorite gifts I received are a pair of (men's) Ray-ban frame-less aviators thanks to Australia's leading optometrist OPSM. They include three shades of lens in which I can mix and match to whatever suits my mood. Today I'm wearing the "gold" tinge lenses and they really go well with the Aussie Sun.

Thanks OPSM for this amazing gift!!
Their Australian Sunsine Tour has been extended for 2012 yay! (Please visit their facebook here for more details or you can check out my blog post here.)

Sydney is really beautiful this time of year, I'm here walking along the Darling Quarter, and there are so many people bustling about - it's school holidays so the kids are out watching movies eating ice cream and frolicking in the playground. 2012 is around the corner so this is my last post - Hope you enjoy your last days of 2011!

Much love~
xx Natalie

Food (Coma!) Diary Christmas 2011 - A collection of photos to make you drool

Monday, December 26, 2011

All photos taken by me, using a Nikon D60 with 50mm 1.4 AF lens (no editing)

Thank you to my friend Anna and her family for making all these Christmas desserts, and our Christmas dinner! Which included rice, turkey, ham, potatoes, salad and apple sauce. The desserts included a home made Tiramisu, home made Chocolate Macadamia Brownies, home made Eggnog, Nectarines, Chocolates, Macaroons and many more!
I certainly had a sugar hangover the next day!
Thanks Anna <3
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

Much love~
Natalie xx

Merry Christmas from Sydney and Lucy and The Runaways!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Thank you for all the support in 2011!

Have a safe and cheery holiday, I took some photos of Sydney and it's beautiful when it's Christmas! I just wanted to share some of its beauty :)

Much love~
xx Natalie

Like a fox in my Topshop leather jacket (My most favourite item in my wardrobe!)

Friday, December 23, 2011

D&L Animal Print Chiffon Jacket (similar here)
H&M chiffon dress (similar here)
Sportsgirl wedges (similar here)

Happy Christmas! 
How is everyone this time of year? I am buzzing at the moment because my boyfriend is about to take me out to buy a new Pandora charm for my Christmas present. I'm thinking I will choose either a Star pendent or a "H" (for his name) pendent! It has to be special because it will be my last charm I receive for 2011, and 2011 has been a year of many changes for me!

Leaving my job late September to take on proper fashion blogging has probably been the most scariest and exciting decision of my life. I was constantly in tears all the time at my old job, just heading to the bathroom and sitting on the floor wailing... it was definitely a dark time but now I have hope for 2012. 

I hope you've had a good 2011 and have found some great resolutions for 2012 (but that's for NYE). Actually, we should be concentrating on being merry and enjoying time with family and friends.

I'm totally going off topic here, so now I will talk about fashion. Wearing my favorite piece in my wardrobe - my Topshop leather jacket. Most of the time I buy new clothing I always tend to picture in my head if it will look good with this jacket. I just spent $250 on ASOS just then so I hope all my new garments go well with this jacket (fingers crossed).

Have a safe and wonderful Christmas!
Much love~
xx Natalie

Style Diary November 2011 - A collection of my favourite looks

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I am sorry for the lack of posts, so I give you a Style Diary from the November collection of my looks. Mother Nature is confused this year, because she thinks its Winter in Sydney when it should be Summer! We are experiencing storms rains and clouds, so I couldn't risk the camera out these days. 

Just a quick note to wish you all a HAPPY CHRISTMAS! I hope everyone will have a good one for 2011 and I hope we all spend it with friends, family and partners. I, myself hope to have good food (I love Christmas desserts!) and to have a good laugh with my friends. I also need to watch the movie 'Love Actually' again, it's one of my favourite movies of all time!  

And another note, if you like to tumble, I have recently launched my Lucy and the Runaways tumblr. As the author of The Man Repeller goes, "watch me duplicate my content". 
Click below if you prefer tumblr over blogspot !

Also, Morgan Joanel's blog competition is still going on and going strong, you can enter still! The grand prize includes One Teaspoon, Azuki, Sony, Tony Bianco, Stylestalker and many more! 


Much love !
xx Natalie~

I love Ray-ban and Ray-ban loves me; so I rock out with it at the OPSM Sunshine Tour!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

OPSM Sunshine Tour (wearing Ray-bans, D&G sunglasses)

On the 15th Thursday December, I was fortunate to be invited to be a stylist/advocate for the OPSM Sunshine Tour. 
OPSM was founded in 1932 and stocks an extensive range of quality, fashion forward frames and sunglasses from the worlds most stylish and innovative fashion houses, sports brands and their own wholesale labels.
OPSM have been touring Australia in an awesome Ice cream truck and setting up in various locations, giving away ice creams and giving such spot-on fun advice about the perfect sunglasses for you. If you go to their OPSM facebook page, you can see all the photos they have been taking of their visitors. OPSM has an amazing competition right now where you can be the face of OPSM!

My favourite brand are of course Ray-bans, but I've been converted, I picked up these amazing D&G purple sunglasses Product #336786 (I'm wearing them in the photo) and I love the fun colour and tints!  I also met up with Aprilia from ApriliaLove. 
I was loving Aprilia's yellow boots!
If you're in Sydney, Manley on Sunday the 18th December, OPSM will be there with their Ice cream truck ready to rock out with their sunnies! I love Summer!

Much love~
xx Natalie

Insert witty S&TC quote here; because I'm really loving my new Name Necklace!

Friday, December 16, 2011

My personalized Name Necklace (courtesy of Mynamenecklace.com)
Portmans Button up dress (My sister's)(similar here)
Into Fashions blazer
Wittner Shoes
Sportsgirls Floral Corsage
Forever 21 belt

I love Christmas, its a cheery time and everyone is eating good food and listening to uplifting music. But of course, my favorite things of all are giving and getting presents!

I was fortunate enough to receive a beautiful personalized necklace from My Name Necklace
online store. It had such speedy delivery and so many options (including personalized name bracelets!) to choose from. After I received this necklace, I went online and bought 3 more gifts for my friends. The prices are fantastic and it didn't break my budget at all.
Wearing this necklace made me feel like Carrie from Sex and the City (S&TC) so I decided to wear my heels that were inspired by the first S&TC movie. How do I look?

Also, I have composed a list of the 5 things I want for Christmas!!
1. Season 1 & 2 of Community on DVD
2. A new soft flash for my DSLR Nikon D60
3. A new MAC lipstick, like a light red (you can never have too many lipsticks!)
  4. A new IPOD classic
5. An unlimited gift-card to ASOS.com 

What's on your list for Christmas? 

Have a fantastic week everyone!
Much love~
xx Natalie 

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