A Series: And That's Who I Am (Part 2)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Series: And That's Who I Am (Part 2)

As part of a 'define who I am' project I've been trying to keep going since May, I've collected some pretty images that best represents the type of person I am. In the first post of these series (view here), I defined things I love the most in a materialistic way (stars, TV sitcoms, books, CDs).
 In this second instalment I'm defining my personality better, or what makes me, me.
I love to look out plane windows although it freaks me out at the same due to my extreme fear of flying (think hyperventilating and panic attacks). But for some reason staring out a window knowing I am flying over a foreign country and the idea of arriving at a new destination for a new start, soothes me.
I'm a home buddy, whenever I'm having a bad day all I can think about is being in bed reading a book or watching movies. If my mom would allow it I would absolutely build a blanket fort (the type that is a cave) with sheets. I can't so I compensate with big fluffy pillows and plenty of fairy lights hung up on the curtain behind my bed.
I'm also a summer person. I dress for summer, I tan, I take coastal road trips, eat too much ice cream, I love the beach, I rather sweat than freeze, and wear denim shorts over denim jeans. And lastly, I take my friendships seriously - I'm there for my friends, maintaining my loyalty and kindness. I am quietly there in the background waiting to help even when they don't ask for it.

Comfy Natalie in Stonemen Underwear

Tuesday, June 25, 2013
Stonemen Underwear Briefs Ducks Womens Mens
Stonemen Underwear Briefs Ducks Womens Mens

Wearing: Stonemen Briefs in Ducks Print thanks to Stonemen; Sistaco Ice Ring (cream/silver)c thanks to Sistao

Hmmmm, it's been raining lately here in Sydney and I'm always wishing I could laze around and play Animal Crossing on my 3DS all day.  Whatever I'm doing, I'm also fantasizing myself being snuggled up in bed with a loved one drinking cups of tea and we both hold hands while we read books and listen to old school music (think Frank Sinatra, Something Corporate or Red Hot Chili Peppers). This is how corny I think my life should be. To accompany my lazy and comfortable lifestyle during the depths of Winter I'm also on the lookout for comfy wear for those days in bed. I looked to Stonemen Underwear to fulfil this specific need.
I fell head over heels for the Stonemen range (view it here). I mean, how can anyone not love the snuggly boyleg shape? The Stonemen range brings us unique prints inspired by natural landscapes, earthy hues and images that create a sense of freedom with a retro twist. I'm wearing the Ducks printed brief and it's clearly my favourite for the season. Its safe too say you guys are so very lucky to see me in these because I'm just too darn comfortable being in bed and playing blanket fort and playing Animal Crossing! I dragged myself out just for these photos. And now they are done and uploaded, I'll see you when Winter is over! (haha, jokes....)

A Campaign: Introducing Stonemen Underwear

Friday, June 21, 2013
Stonemen Underwear Australia Campaign
Stonemen Underwear Australia Campaign  Group
Stonemen Underwear Australia Campaign
Stonemen Underwear Australia Campaign HorsesStonemen Underwear Australia Campaign
Stonemen Underwear Australia Campaign
Stonemen Underwear Australia Campaign Stonemen Underwear Australia Campaign DucksStonemen Underwear Australia Campaign

A Campaign: Introducing Stonemen Underwear

I've taken a liking lately to under garments and fully understanding the power they have over your self confidence. What you wear underneath your clothing is like a little cheeky secret only you and (maybe) a loved one will know about. I've grown accustomed to wearing just plain black underwear over the years (not a cheeky secret anymore, I guess...) but recently I've outgrown that and started incorporating lacey complicated sheer (why does my butt  have to be visible?) fabric underwear for special occasions.
But no matter what, I always, always opt for comfort. When I saw this campaign for Stonemen, I just knew they were some damned comfy underwear with beautiful landscape images printed on them. The two factors combined makes me so excited so I had to share these cheeky images with my readers. 

Launched in 2007, Stonemen started as a hobby for Fashion Photographer Marc Debnam. He and a small design team find beautiful images of nature and landscape and incorporate them in a full 360 degree print for the underwear. Their best sellers the Horses, Ducks and Red Sunset collections (my favourite being the Ducks and Horses prints). 

To know more about the designer, Marc Debnam I've included an exclusive interview: 

1.  Where can Stonemen be purchased?
We mainly sell online through our online store www.stonemen.com and also through The Iconic, Young Republic and Hard to Find.
We are in a select few small boutique stores in Sydney, Hobart and Perth.

2. How was the concept of Stonemen underwear born?
It started as a hobby for Marc Debnam who was working as a Fashion Photographer at the time. There was plenty of brands doing imagery on underwear, hot dogs, robots etc but no one creating beautiful underwear with great images. So he set out to create something a bit different, but also technically very hard to make due to the registration of the image as it moves through the panels. “It’s been a long road of trial and error and the cost of a 1 bedder in Bondi, but we now have an incredibly beautiful, comfortable pair of undies”. The women’s came shortly after and has also been a great success.

3.  Your designs are done in house, but you also run competitions for the public to submit their designs. Is supporting local talent something that was important to the brand?
This will be one of our main focuses moving forward. The idea is to create a community and platform for photographers, illustrators, designers and typographers to have fun with a panoramic format and to gain exposure globally through the brand.

4. What’s in store for 2013?
Mainly expanding the range of men’s and women’s underwear and stream-lining the buyer experience with online and retail. And a few other little concepts we are working on but still to early to tell.

Enjoying a little MeeMee in my Life

Thursday, June 20, 2013
MeeMee Electric Cut Out Blue Dress
Taara Jewelry Moshi Ring
Wewood Date Watch Black Beige
MeeMee Electric Cut Out Blue Dress

Wearing: MeeMee Vintage Electric Cut Shift Dress thanks to MeeMee; Taara Jewelry Moshi Ring thanks to Taara Jewelry; Wewood Date Watch (black/beige); Urge Footwear Sonia Boots (tan)

As a blogger part time and working from home its sometimes so darn hard to just separate work and play. Especially since when you're at home all you want to is Play.
I've been reading one of my first self-help books (the horror haha) called 'The Happiness Project' by Gretchen Rubin and although I'm only a couple of chapters into it I've found some useful information.
Even though I called myself a blogger, I don't think I treated it like it was a proper job. Blogging to me was what I did in between my shift work. I would jump on the computer while still in bed after I've just woken up (and played a few phone games) to  check my emails. I didn't even brush my teeth or wash my face until I finished a blog post.
So as you can see I started to incorporate what I should consider my job into my play and rest time. Keeping all my blogging essentials in my bedroom meant my bedroom wasn't a place for peace anymore but more like a working and sleeping trap.
Gretchin mentioned it was important to move work out of the bedroom to ensure you can properly seperate work and play.
And those points really resonated with me. These past weeks I found I couldn't sleep in my bed. I'd wake up in the middle of the night and see my laptop light still blinking at me although its on sleep mode and when I get out of bed I fall into my massive pile of clothes to photograph and empty parcel boxes. I felt the need to check emails as soon as I wake up and just before I sleep.  It was a quietly escalating chaotic situation and I couldn't find the peace.

So I've been experimenting lately on moving out my laptop, clothing and parcel boxes permanently to my never used work desk in the house. Then when I wake up, I get ready like I'm starting at 9am for an office job (makeup, hair and clothes all donned) and I walk a couple of meters out to my laptop.
So far, I've noticed good results, I can concentrate so much better and sleep so more peacefully. I now work listening to The Beatles and The XX and that soothes my soul.

And with a more peaceful sleep, here I am wearing a pretty MeeMee dress. This is one of those rare opportunities now where I will wear a dress in Winter without stockings. But I love the cut-out shoulders and although it is chilly I just can't help but show off. Restful sleep and a beautiful dress to wear out makes for a very happy Natalie indeed.

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