A Finders Keepers Romper

Wednesday, June 5, 2013
Finders Keepers Romper Jumpsuit 2013
Finders Keepers Romper Jumpsuit 2013
Finders Keepers Romper Jumpsuit 2013
Finders Keepers Romper Jumpsuit 2013

Wearing: Finders Keepers Romper (c/o Tailormaid PR); Beginning Boutique Armour Cuff; Steve Madden Bag thanks to Steve Madden

It's been a while since I've worn something so beautiful. This romper is from Finders Keepers, a Melbourne label  born right here in Australia. It's a pink/orange pastel, a romper and have a beautiful floral design.
It's a nice change to feel pretty again, since I've been having a mice war in my bedroom. Little armies of Mice have forced its way under my doors and into my food drawers and shoes. I clutch my heart in fear when I hear the scurrying of their feet and dread opening draws to find mice jumping out. Eeeek!
My boyfriend lied to me the first night I discovered a mouse in my room. It was 2am and I was web surfing as you do when, I spotted a little grey mice staring at me from the floor. I called Hughie instantly and wailed. He said: "Shhh don't worry I deal with mice all the time, just get your dog to sleep in your room". I squeaked "Can mice climb beds and cabinets?" (as a mouse in my bed is a big fear) and he calmly assured me no, they cannot.
Then a few days later I discovered lollies left on my very high cabinet were half chewed with tiny bite marks on them. I confronted Hughie: "Did you LIE to me? I think mice have been on my cabinet!" He laughed and said "OF COURSE. DUH. I needed to calm you down quickly at 2am in the morning! I've had my own battle with mice in the past too, babe."
So yes. It's true. Mice can climb everything and anything and I was naive enough not to google this first before listening to my boyfriend.
So now, I'm on a mission to get rid of these mice. I will be donning my old granny clothes and gloves for this battle. But for now, as I'm safely outside of my bedroom, I will settle to be calm and put-together for this pretty Finders Keepers Outing.


  1. Take care of those pesky rodents as best as you can, Natalie. As for the romper/playsuit, it looks very nice on you. Both the color and the pattern are charming to compliment this romper. The handbag and the cuff are nice touches to compliment the outfit. Your hair and face both look nice as well.


  2. Une très jolie petite tenue...
    gros bisous

  3. lol!@ your mice story, I'm personally terrified of them and cannot stand them.

    I really love your romper, beautiful colour and I like the accent of the blue bag against the pink, great look!


  4. such a cute jumpsuit, and the pictures are amazing!


  5. Hehe that's pretty funny! Bet it took you a long while to get back to sleep though!
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  6. Nice romper and I love your hair. :)

  7. LOOVING THIS POST! amazing styling!

  8. I love the romper and what you styled it with! And your hair color! I love it!
    Check out my blog?

  9. Love the Steve Madden's bag!


    XX Dila



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