A Campaign: Introducing Stonemen Underwear

Friday, June 21, 2013
Stonemen Underwear Australia Campaign
Stonemen Underwear Australia Campaign  Group
Stonemen Underwear Australia Campaign
Stonemen Underwear Australia Campaign HorsesStonemen Underwear Australia Campaign
Stonemen Underwear Australia Campaign
Stonemen Underwear Australia Campaign Stonemen Underwear Australia Campaign DucksStonemen Underwear Australia Campaign

A Campaign: Introducing Stonemen Underwear

I've taken a liking lately to under garments and fully understanding the power they have over your self confidence. What you wear underneath your clothing is like a little cheeky secret only you and (maybe) a loved one will know about. I've grown accustomed to wearing just plain black underwear over the years (not a cheeky secret anymore, I guess...) but recently I've outgrown that and started incorporating lacey complicated sheer (why does my butt  have to be visible?) fabric underwear for special occasions.
But no matter what, I always, always opt for comfort. When I saw this campaign for Stonemen, I just knew they were some damned comfy underwear with beautiful landscape images printed on them. The two factors combined makes me so excited so I had to share these cheeky images with my readers. 

Launched in 2007, Stonemen started as a hobby for Fashion Photographer Marc Debnam. He and a small design team find beautiful images of nature and landscape and incorporate them in a full 360 degree print for the underwear. Their best sellers the Horses, Ducks and Red Sunset collections (my favourite being the Ducks and Horses prints). 

To know more about the designer, Marc Debnam I've included an exclusive interview: 

1.  Where can Stonemen be purchased?
We mainly sell online through our online store www.stonemen.com and also through The Iconic, Young Republic and Hard to Find.
We are in a select few small boutique stores in Sydney, Hobart and Perth.

2. How was the concept of Stonemen underwear born?
It started as a hobby for Marc Debnam who was working as a Fashion Photographer at the time. There was plenty of brands doing imagery on underwear, hot dogs, robots etc but no one creating beautiful underwear with great images. So he set out to create something a bit different, but also technically very hard to make due to the registration of the image as it moves through the panels. “It’s been a long road of trial and error and the cost of a 1 bedder in Bondi, but we now have an incredibly beautiful, comfortable pair of undies”. The women’s came shortly after and has also been a great success.

3.  Your designs are done in house, but you also run competitions for the public to submit their designs. Is supporting local talent something that was important to the brand?
This will be one of our main focuses moving forward. The idea is to create a community and platform for photographers, illustrators, designers and typographers to have fun with a panoramic format and to gain exposure globally through the brand.

4. What’s in store for 2013?
Mainly expanding the range of men’s and women’s underwear and stream-lining the buyer experience with online and retail. And a few other little concepts we are working on but still to early to tell.


  1. I love the prints on them! They're so cute. Thanks for sharing this...I've never heard of them before. But now I want buy some lol.

    xo Azu


  2. great collection!

  3. Loving the one with the palm and the one with the bird print :)

  4. Intense, hot, beautiful. Great campaign. Love them all.


  5. Sexy campaign! Nice designs :)
    Keep in touch dear!
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