A Day With Balloons: by guest photographer Maxi from Maxi Huynh Photography

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Photos by: Maxi Huyhn from Maxi Huynh Photography

Wearing: 'Love that lilac' skirt from Beginning Boutique; Mustard Pony Belt from Beginning Boutique; Pleated dress (I cut into a top) from New Look; Ankle Socks from Asos (similar here); Forever 21 clogs; Topshop 'Brighton Rock' lipstick

As I sit here thinking about what to write, I find I have writers block because I just can't find the words to justify the beauty of these photos - So I'll let the images speak for themselves. I used to pretend I was at high tea with my friends when I was a kid, so that's my inspiration behind the outfit. I'm sure I wasn't very glamorous back then but today, Maxi Huynh made balloons, a field, the sun and a mere blogger like me look absolutely stunning.
So all I can say is: Maxi Huynh is a really, really, REALLY talented photographer. 

Special thanks to Maxi Huynh. Speechless.

xx Natalie

A fashion event: Boohoo makes a splash in Australia at Pinksalt

Friday, April 27, 2012
Gift box with name tag
Shoe Vase with flowers
Cheese stuffed zucchini 

UK Online Retailer Boohoo's media party at Sydney's Pink Salt Restaurant

Wow, what a night. As soon as I walked through the doors I was greeted by the lovely Mary who escorted me into the party of bloggers, media and photographers in the reception area. I had a glass of watermelon cocktail in hand, ready to mingle.
I met Roxanne, the social media manager and she talked us through how UK's online retailer Boohoo is expanding their global success into Australia and how they wish to get bloggers like me involved. 
Boohoo was launched in 2006 and is a leader in affordable and trendy fashion housing over 8,000 styles, they have become the fastest growing online clothing business in the UK and Europe. It's very exciting now for me especially because Boohoo has also announced free shipping to Australia, which means I can get rid of that tiny fear of shipping rates when I shop online (And I like to shop alot).
The best parts of the evening were meeting Jess for the first time, such an awesome girl; the pink cupcakes; photobooths (seen as below) and the cute clothing we got to play with.

Thankyou Boohoo and Parkavenue PR for hosting such an amazing event.

xx Natalie

Pops of Colour: Chalked hair, Steve Madden Blues and Wish's Hues

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wish Mania leather shorts (thanks to Wish); Chalked hair DIY (my tutorial post here); Beginning Boutique Fortune Collar shirt; Sportsgirl  Navy Velvet Blazer; Betsey Johnson for Steve Madden shoes (Thanks to Steve Madden); Asos belt; Illamasqua 'Flare' lipstick 

As well as my chalked hair, I have become quite attached to my Mania leather shorts, thanks to Wish. It arrived in the mail with such softness and in beautiful detail, I think I've worn these shorts in almost every outfit over the past two weeks. 
Everytime I wear leather I feel sexy so I teamed it up with the most sexiest shoes in my closet, thanks to Steve Madden. The pop of colour with a hint of sexy along the back heel really makes for an eye catching shoe and as I walked around Sydney my feet got all the attention. Betsey Johnson and Steve Madden = Geniuses. 

xx Natalie

A Fashion Showing: Wish's Mistaken For Strangers Summer 2012

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wish Clothing Summer 2012 range: Mistaken for Strangers, at The Star's Marquee VIP Room
Wish's Goodie Bag: (from left to right): Goldwell's Diamond Gloss Spray, Schwarzkopf's Colour Freeze, KMS, Hair Play, Skin-Inject Skin Renewal Treatment, Cosmedics Triple Defense Cream, Skinstitut's Enzymatic Micro peel, Elusyion Cocktail Bling Illuminator, Famous Names's nail treatment

I was lucky enough to be invited to a 5-star intimate showing of Wish's new summer range: Mistaken for Strangers. I escorted my boyfriend to The Star's VIP room in The Marquee - where the likes of Paris Hilton, LMFAO and Will.I.Am have partied in. It's also, usually a celebrity-only $10,000 minimum spend to privately hire the room over the weekend!.
So on that note, while sipping on specially made sour cocktails, I admired the new Wish collection and it was beautiful - full of crisp colours, delicate laces, wools, fur, and silks. The cuts were feminine in the dresses and shirts, and structured in the coats and vests. Colours really excite me, so stroking the chiffon dresses and fur vests (as seen in the photos) made me feel like this collection belonged to me, it was bold, bright, feminine and delicate. 

xx Natalie

Chalking my Balayage Hair, a DIY tutorial with Pastel Chalks

Sunday, April 22, 2012
Balayage Hair: Before chalking
Munovo Soft Pastel Chalks
Twisting my hair as I go
Applying the pastel chalk in a downwards motion
Finished style, curled with a hot iron and some hairspray to hold it

What I used for my balayage hair: Munovo Soft Pastel Chalks Pack of 24; curling iron; light hairspray. (Water is only needed if your hair is dark, or you want to make colour brighter)

Chalking my Balayage hair: I was looking for a quick and temporary hair colour change for the upcoming Wish fashion showing I was attending. Chalked hair was a fantastic alternative to using my usual fudge - because it washes out straight away. 
  • To start, you will need to purchase some soft pastel chalks (do not get mixed up with oil pastels - too sticky! or normal chalk - won't release pigment easily). Soft pastel chalks releases good pigment and washes away with water.
  • If you have light hair such as mine, you can apply the pastel chalk straight to separate strands of hair.  DO NOT NEED TO ADD WATER. Twist your hair as you go, because the friction releases more pigments. 
  • Apply in a downwards motion, not in an up and down motion as so you do not get your hair tangled and ratty. It also helps to move in the natural direction of your hair.
  • Mix two colours on the one strand of hair for more fun, it can give a tie-dyed effect!
  • If you want a more intense and brighter colour to your hair, you can add some water as you apply (please note this can cause staining and can stay in your hair for longer than one wash because the powder is now more like a dye).
  • If your hair is dark, you will need to add water anyways for the colour to show
  • After chalking, you can use a hot curling iron to curl your hair or just to 'set' the colours into your hair. Finish off with hairspray if needed.
  • Please note the chalking powder may come off during the night - try to wear dark colours or same colours as hair to avoid the stains showing.
  • Be careful of wet weather! Rain will make the chalk run, and you definitely do not want that happening. Use gloves and towels to avoid getting the chalk everywhere as you apply.
I found a great beauty tutorial here on The Beauty Department. This article comes with some very helpful tips! I used 5 colours - pastel pinks, dark purples, greens and blues. I applied to the front layers of my hair. But you can use your imagination and use as many colours as you like.
After I shampooed, I used my Goldwell conditioning treatment to treat my ends, I won't lie, the chalking really dried out my hair. So I won't do it often, but I love it still.
Happy Chalking!

xx Natalie

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